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  1. BT Shop have got stock in of series x but only in a bundle with an extra controller
  2. Just to pimp my trading thread, may be of interest if anyone has missed it.
  3. Also available currently through BT Shop if you have a BT account - access code shows in your offers, just bundles available now
  4. @SqueakyG this is in stock at Argos at the moment
  5. Pekoe

    Bioshock 4

    It certainly offered up better tactical options, something that infinite seemed to get wrong with its similar arena based sieges.
  6. I probably should rewatch the relevant bits but was the period of time very small, and just during the night of the murder, where
  7. Do you play the game using a mirror?
  8. https://magazine.ferrari.com/en/passion/2021/04/29/news/charlotte-de-witte-live-on-track-mugello-99790/amp/ PURE DURGE
  9. Panzer Dragoon Saga.
  10. https://www.thelineofbestfit.com/reviews/albums/manchester-orchestra-the-million-masks-of-god-album-review
  11. I've never really understood why in the games collector's market, promo games are seen as having significantly less value than the retail version even though it's rarer, yet usually promo versions of music - cd/vinyl are worth more than the retail version because it is rarer.
  12. Thanks. It's my partner that's wanting, and we still seem to be in a minefield of best options over compromise. Looks like zoom to get decent bird photos is becoming the priority, so without compromising image quality suggests that a bridge camera is going to be better. So any suggestions of a non bulky, easy to grab out of a backpack and not complex to point type arrangement. Thinking a Nikon Coolpix 900, 950?
  13. It's still down for Spring 2021 with C4. So hopefully not too long.
  14. I thought I'd give this a look, but episode 1 just hangs on iPlayer. Episode 2 streams okay
  15. Isn't it just. It's amazing to think how your abilities have changed from the very beginning when you were this bumbling idiot being asked to move an office chair and press a switch to just being able to boss the whole station without fear. The whole game is a triumph in level design, setting objectives and character progression all done without obvious joins and jarring 'game' choices.
  16. Any recommendations for a compact camera with optical zoom and fast shutter speed and viewfinder for taking photos of wildlife etc whilst on walks. Ideally not massively expensive but interested in best bang for buck so to speak.
  17. Guess this Radiohead thread will do as any. Teaser from XL?
  18. They were for collection at stores only, so presume each store was being allocated a certain amount. Reckon they might have been available for at least 30 mins plus
  19. X in stock at Argos at the moment
  20. Series s is in stock at Curry's at moment, looks like the x was too earlier https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/gaming/console-gaming/consoles/microsoft-xbox-series-s-3-month-game-pass-ultimate-bundle-512-gb-ssd-10221027-pdt.html
  21. Gamepass for me has provided a huge saving and also that I've played more games than if I'd bought them. Previously I amassed huge game collections because I would get the latest thing, or it was on sale or likely be difficult to get later on. End result was I would get a game, have a quick look and then never get around to playing it because something else shiny and new was on the pile. Then when I considered playing it properly it would feel old or I'd have to play through the same start again to remember what to do/how to play. With gamepass I have a selection of games available, which I'm finding easier to prioritise and sort the type of game I next fancy playing, a big storyline single player adventure or a short 3-4 hr innovative indie gem. Works for me.
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