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  1. Season 2 finished, gutted to realise there was only 8 episodes after the fact. Completely brilliant stuff
  2. Album from 2020 that I've only listened to in 2022 but it's great and Katy has a new album soon, so guess it fits thread title!
  3. Pekoe


    Thanks I'll probably have another dip in and see what I discover, but likely my time with it is done. Shame, it's a very good game, I just found the latter part quite frustrating.
  4. Pekoe


    I was enjoying this game up until the cathedral and dealing with it! So I turned on no fail to get past the mini boss rushes, did the hero stuff and on again for the final boss. Had no chance otherwise. And this end section has left slightly soured experience. I've finished with 5 pages of the manual missing. So I'm going to need walkthrough to complete I imagine. Is there much reward Vs time/effort to pursue this?
  5. That's what I'm assuming, they've listed season 1 as a boxset. So expect season 2 will be dropped in complete.
  6. Daily Crosswordle 40: 2m 59s https://crosswordle.vercel.app/?daily=1 More random words to fit!
  7. Daily Crosswordle 39: 4m 26s https://crosswordle.vercel.app/?daily=1 Getting used to thinking of filling in the coloured squares first. At least on the last couple of games, middle lines are fixed answers. @TehStu
  8. Daily Crosswordle 36: 6m 23s https://crosswordle.vercel.app/?daily=1 I like it, prefer it to the crossword one.
  9. https://linktr.ee/kavinsky 25th March
  10. I played and completed it on the PlayStation One. Later levels struggled so much it was like moving through treacle watching a cartoon flip book.
  11. I think there needs to be sub classification. So : Vintage retro for Atari 2600, home computers etc. Classic retro for SNES, master system, ps one etc. Modern/Neo retro for PS2, Dreamcast, GameCube etc
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