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  1. Enjoyed the YouTube shorts, but the TV show version elevates this to something else. Did the lot in one go, excellent
  2. Even with "integrated" the smallest install footprint for either is going to be massive. https://www.pushsquare.com/news/2022/09/call-of-duty-modern-warfare-2-warzone-2-0-to-be-separate-but-integrated-installs
  3. It doesn't bother me that he has different views to anyone else. I think I'd rather go and see Ian Brown than any other of that era's total plums like Ashcroft, Liam and Gillespie though.
  4. Not sure how this was a surprise when it says Ian Brown on the ticket.
  5. There's still time https://charlieintel.com/cod-vanguard-devs-reveal-beta-to-launch-updates-ninja-perk-movement-visibility/144498/ To quote "confirms that Call of Duty: Vanguard will have a Ninja perk added at launch, which allows for silent footsteps all the time in game. This is a change from the beta, which only featured Dead Silence as a Field Upgrade."
  6. It'll be back when WB sets up it's own streaming service. When WB, Universal and Sony do this then services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video will be left as a burnt out shell of a platform. The bigger implications will be that they'll also drag the music from Spotify into their streaming platforms, as they own just about everything now on the music labels and distribution fronts
  7. The new tactic is the belly flop rather than the jump it seems Yep - was banging on about this in the Vanguard thread. When Vanguard first started out as your fired on a jumping prick it would just cut them down and they wouldn't get the opportunity to fire back really. This was patched and bolloxed up eventually however. I've liked what I've played in this rather generous beta test. Visually I don't think its up there with Vanguard, which is very pretty at times, but this has better character animation and the speed seems dialled down a bit - which is better. I also haven't spied the bullshit NINJA perk yet, hopefully this will stay out this time around as it's game breaking IMO. Pre and post launch however there is plenty they can do to fuck this up and start listening to one of the most hostile "communities" that exist in gaming. Vanguard has been in a dire state since December last year - it never recovered - it was pretty good when it started out - for shame.
  8. Lucas to re-edit A New Hope - when Luke swings across with Leia they both say "ohhh shhhiiiiittt". But, don't forget "Jabba Wanka" started it all from dear old Bib I didn't realise this was even a series until I saw it advertised on TV earlier today - this is now 3 series I'm behind on - Fett, Obi Wan and now this. I'm finally over Star Wars, I'm done
  9. PS5 is the only thing that can play Elden Ring at 60fps - granted its using the PS4 version...
  10. I've chosen female characters for a long time now, for the main reason that they end up having better voice acting, apart from JRPGs I can't stand all that "sitrep" macho bullshit in games
  11. Why not try the beta yourself on the 24-26th?
  12. Indeed, at the moment it feels isolated and self contained, but once the "community" starts pissing on it, and the Warzone integration pollutes it, it'll be worse overall. Give it 6 months after launch and you'll be fighting against avatar Kayne Wests, Laurel and Hardys and Dustin Hoffmans
  13. I quite enjoyed what I played in the beta - it feels slower (a good thing). Visually its not up to Vanguard though, but there is still time There is still plenty of time to fuck this up before release - depends on how "feedback" turns this into everything that is wrong with COD today https://charlieintel.com/cod-vanguard-devs-reveal-beta-to-launch-updates-ninja-perk-movement-visibility/144498/
  14. Star Trek - The Bad Robot ones Star Trek 3/5 Star Trek into Darkness 3.5/5 Star Trek Beyond 2/5 It's amazing how badly modern day action blockbuster films date now - and its not the visuals, it's more about the substance within. Cast is pretty good, although I think Keith Urban has Bones' mannerisms down really well (and is underrated in these) - but the rest are more in spirit than anything else. Doubt they'd ever cast an Englishman as a Scotsman again As for the villains - Bana and Idris are wasted in these, and Cumberbatch is a really odd casting choice for number 2 "Beyond" is what I'd imagine Star Trek by Christopher Nolan to be like - but then I think they have outdone him even in this. How complicated was the action in this one ? - mindboggling that anyone actually understands what the fuck is going on. To bemoan its unrealistic is a stupid thing, but you don't need to ramp things up to this level to make an engaging action film.
  15. I bought the Star Trek Original Cast's x6 film collection on 4K Blu-Ray to get me through the Queens death week All of these films are flawed in some way, either storytelling, action sequences and editing, or just the inability to focus the camera properly. Having cast members as directors just doesn't work either, nor does the fact that while some aspects of continuation between films is there - they really had no idea what to do next. Star Trek The Motion Picture Directors Edition I remember my dad taking me to see this in London when it opened - I still have the programme. With that in mind I had good memories of it, and it's probably the most "sci-fi" out of all of them. The downsides with this is in the direction of photography, some really horrible in-focus/out of focus effects going on in the same shot -as a glasses wearer it's an absolute head fuck of grand proportions. When the effect isn't being used though there seems to be a great inability to pull focus properly on some face shots too. It takes a while for the film to start properly, lots of Enterprise flyby porn shots with a bleary eyed Shatner welling up, which believe it or not also happens in the next film too 3/5 The Wrath of Kahn This one is tauter and better as an action film, provided you avoid the ending's complete disproval of the point of the film in the first place (finding a dead planet for Genesis when a spaceship will do). Lots of out of focus shots in this one too at times 4/5 The Search for Spook Some poor action direction here, a missing Klingon that just disappears on the planet, and just a general theme that they are now making it up as they go along. Klingons can't decide either to speak Klingon or English between themselves either, most odd, as was Christopher Lloyds casting here. 2/5 The Voyage Home I remember seeing this at the cinema and feeling it was bollocks. Giant poo log from space comes to find whales, they time travel round the sun to go back in time etc. - what bollocks right? In hindsight, this is the most "fun" to be had in these films, Scotty's computer address goes down in history as superb. They should have ramped the silliness right up rather than try to make an eco message film. 3/5 The Final Frontier The last 2 films I had not seem before, so they are totally new to me. This film is so bad it's unbelieve how it was made. It starts off so silly, Kirk climbing a cliff face and then it comes up "Directed by William Shatner" and then it all makes sense. The ending is embarrassing effects wise, and yet Shatner's direction does have some merit - the flashback sequence with Bones etc. was really well done, a bit of quality in an absolute turkey of a film. 1/5 The Undiscovered Country It's the 23rd century and they have done away with CCTV it seems - and without this they are able to build a whodunit film out of this premise. Nevertheless its a much better finish to the series than the last film would have you believe anyone would bother to come back to it. The Klingons now speak perfect English. 3/5 The whole series' strength works on familiarity with the TV show, the characters mostly. If you don't have that then these could be viewed as a really bad way to spend many hours with very flawed films. The 4K-ness of these films is a real mixed bag - only the true hardcore that have put up with inferior transfers over the decades will be able to measure their worth here. For me owning no prior versions at all, I was expecting something really great from Paramount as they don't normally disappoint, but I think with what they are working with - flawed finished prints from either artistic intent or just plain sloppiness - it's a fine job but nothing incredible.
  16. I can keep up with it a bit - but the end sequence is too bloody confusing for me. The fact that they are all wearing masks when they don't need (the ones going forward) to was just to demonstrate the crew shooting it had no fucking idea what was going on. Wearing a small red or blue thing didn't cut it, nor did them shooting people in buildings etc. that just didn't seem to exist.
  17. I don't know if there is already a thread out there, but I couldn't find it under the usual names, of which there are many. The PlayStation Beta for this starts today for pre-orderers. Not an official tweet but just in case you want to know the timetable
  18. It feels surreal to actually be holding the Blu-Ray today after what was years of speculation, I honestly believed at one point it would never happen. The 2018 remix moniker here is a bit damming in 2022 for the Floyd camp to be honest to get their act together. Doubt it will ever change whilst they are still alive
  19. Glad someone else has finally found this overlooked classic
  20. A dystopian driving game set in, yep you guessed it, generic American countryside. How exciting
  21. Have Sega completely killed off Virtua Fighter??
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