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  1. englishbob


    Hopefully under £200
  2. englishbob


    Following on from the 1999 boxset, expected to be annouced officially on his birthday in June, prepare your savings, book that meeting with the financial adviser, remortgage your home...
  3. With the toxic waste dump of humanity that play this game, I'm still shocked to be honest that all 3 of these words aren't blocked/starred out on the chat window. I'm guessing the makers and the publishers really don't give a toss.
  4. Completely changed my mind on the sense of humour, Cultist Base is just a two alphabetic characters away from what it should be called, I'm sure that's intentional. This should be called Doom Marmite
  5. It doesn't take long, maybe the 2nd mission half way through, where you go from "this is great" to "this is terrible", and from then on in it ying and yangs between both states. I think I lasted 30 minutes play today in mission 3 and turned it off. The game seems to have lost its sense of humour too
  6. It looks like they just don't want any members of the public to actually post anything at Reddit. Clowns
  7. Recently started playing on PS4. The state of the text in this, especially the button contexts, its a joke.
  8. Looks like it. After my last attempt, if I removed any more words it wouldn't have made any sense!
  9. @moosegrinder since you mentioned Reddit I thought I'd give it a go. They shut down the official forums, hardly ever answer their Twitter feed, and when they do its useless bullshit like clearing your cache, but fuck me what the hell do you need to do to get it noticed? I've tried a few times and the instant second I click on POST over at Reddit it is blocked and deleted! Fucking sick of games companies banging on about "the community" - GTFO with your hot air!
  10. Yeah must admit those shit maps are big favourites with the majority
  11. A return of voting between maps would be welcomed back. I know the makers of the game appear to go to great lengths to make things look realistic, but that shatters the instance you see one of those bullshit scope kills that they seem incapable of winning over the fanbase in getting rid of.
  12. I was bored yesterday waiting for this update to download, so I fired up the original MW Remastered for a couple of rounds of FFA. Its amazing how far this game has come, and yet not matter how much it attempts to walk forwards, it ends up hoping one foot forward, while having the other one stuck behind, trapped in some overly complex knot. The sense of weight, sound and movement in the original is so far removed from the running, sliding, triple jumping silliness that todays iterations are known for. Just moving around felt noisy, heavy and weighted. There was a jump button, but it wouldn't do a hell of a lot. You couldn't hear a lot of environment sounds, like someone running up to you, because your kit made a lot of noise (I always thought the ability to run around in complete silence as one of the worst things available, totally daft). I also miss the simplicity of getting a game up and running. The move to playlists of different modes means that starting a new game up always takes a lot longer than it was. In the original, choose a mode (I'm just a FFA player really) and you are in, after the match finishes the lobby of players remains, about 60 seconds later another game starts up. In todays playlist era, as a FFA player, the game ends, the lobby quits, and its off again to matchmake which can take a long time. In today's iteration of MW I think I spend as-long in the searching/lobby/menu screens as I do playing, trying to find a match. Just some observations to pass the time.
  13. I keep scanning the release notes to see if they've bothered capping the framerate on the menus so my console doesn't melt down.
  14. PS4 download is 21.6 Ryans so far, going to take a while. No idea if there is another download after that again just yet that lets you past the menu That's my lunch break fucked
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