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  1. It's rigged so you get a lot of touchy feely Ben and cuddles during the final. Usually after every question that gets answered correctly
  2. This makes too much sense in the world of Cave.
  3. Next week! I'm hoping the menus and text aren't going to be too much of a barrier for enjoyment here. Does the PS5 have enough processing power to run this though, and just what the hell is a PS5 anyway?
  4. Nuketown makes the game run like a shitty janky mess on PS4 (Pro). Stuttering all over the place. They need to sort out the respawning on this game overall. On Nuke last night in FFA another player literally spawned on top of me where I was standing
  5. Yeah good point. Just wondered if this was still a thing, clearly it is. I think the Sony 4K Blu-Ray players play just about any CD sized disc you care to throw into it, but their recent consoles don't. I assumed it was the same drive hardware. I'll have to hang onto my PS3 then for SACDs
  6. I understand that the disc version of the PS5 can't play music CDs ? Seems mad to me if true. I was going to ask if it played SACD but seems pointless if it can't play music CDs
  7. englishbob


    The SOTT Deluxe CD and Vinyl sets on Amazon UK have dropped dramatically in price this week to £99 / £199 respectively. I'm gad there is still a lot of stock going about, as I think the Estate and Warners priced this too high initially, and its good to see it didn't sell out because of it. The Vinyl set probably represents the greatest value per disc I suppose, the CD set still feels to me about £20 too expensive. The huge price IMO was attributed to the book, which I don't think is very good at all, and represents a missed opportunity to make something great (rather than stuffing
  8. I've not really paid attention to the PS5's internals, but reading this...does this mean the internal SSD 825GB drive will always stay at this size (seeing as its at the optimal size by reading between the lines)? Unless there is a major hardware revision later on down the line? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PlayStation_5#Storage_architecture The internal storage of the PlayStation 5 is a custom-built 825 GB SSD (667 GB available)[32] with a 12-channel interface, achieving a raw throughput of 5.5 GB/s. This atypical drive size was found to be optimal for the 12-channel
  9. How many of you got this today that just don't have time until Sunday, or something? versus Those waiting for it and getting mugged off today, with tomorrow booked off?
  10. The only major gripe so far is the same gripe as MW and that is the overheating PS4 Pro on the lobby screens. It's a lot worse here though, as soon as it starts to struggle the menus become very unresponsive and its like navigating through some really old menu system for the PC days of old. "Did I press the back button nothing has happened? I'll press it again, oh fuck now its buffered 2 commands over the space of 10 seconds and now I've quit out of the mode I'm in" I have no idea why they can't fix this bloody fault. The MP is so much faster to get up and running thou
  11. I nearly posted a OPN track at the weekend but forgot to do so. While I don't think he will ever top "Replica", his new album is pretty good. The last album was hard for me to bother with, he has started singing over his music, badly, but I think this album it seems to fit a bit better. This track would be a number 1 if it was recorded by just about anyone else.
  12. Doesn't this always happen on the internet on release ? "Don't buy this shit, the story is any 2 hours long etc." I never believe any of it. My Thursday-sent physical copy from SimplyGames turned up today. Installation from disc took about 35 minutes, then a further 20++ GB v1.05 download and apply. All in then a 2 hour install on PS4, and even when you boot up you find the Campaign hasn't been installed yet! Not to worry, straight into MP. It feels a bit tighter than the beta, and the sound mix does seem to have been improved. For possibility the first time, footstep
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