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  1. Don't worry, turns out the most Googled word of 2022 is "Wordle", which probably represents the amount of cheating that goes on - rather than trying to access the site BBC News - Wordle: The most Googled word globally and in the US in 2022 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-63895493 Wordle 537 X/6
  2. I don't think I did, but can't be certain. I've not enjoyed a Spain match since Espana 82 when England played them in the 2nd group stage - was a frustrating watch - as an 11 year old my lasting memory was they were dirty trick players. They are now just boring as hell
  3. Based on performance I guess rather than the amount of goals.
  4. I always check Twitter for this sort of stuff, to check you are not alone with the issue I had an issue with the MW2019 game on PS4 - couldn't get connected for a week as the update looped
  5. Looking like a Brazil vs Portugal final - although it has been a bit like the FA Cup rather than the World Cup so anything could happen https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/world-cup/schedule
  6. On the subject of the core old school multiplayer modes and menus here, updates/patches are not really happening at a great frequency - it's still rough as hell, like a beta - not something at £70. All the menus I see are fucked, overlays all over the place, no idea who is in the lobby, missing graphics and glitches I guess priorities have shifted (as always) to the F2P Warzone and dressing up stupid content to sell - rather than getting out a polished title that took 3 years into any decent-ish state.
  7. Physical disc price is already under £55 on Amazon (PS5 anyway)
  8. They have been here before, they won't change
  9. Fucking brilliant, the most boring team are OUT
  10. Deliberately avoided most of this game, cant stand watching them play and try to walk the ball into the goal
  11. Did you see Brazil yesterday? Edit sorry misread your post as WINS the final.
  12. "Asks the question" a lot - it could be a new drinking game
  13. It's a shame Japan are out - but those penalties were piss
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