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  1. 99%... I've had to restart the download so many flipping times AND IT'S DONE! I CAN PLAY UNO FOR FIVE MINUTES BEFORE I NEED TO SLEEP!
  2. Their excitement of their conferences seems reflective of how exciting the games are. Sony were boring and drab, oh look! So are the games. Microsoft were enthusiastic but in a tech-geek kind of way, their games showed to be really promising and pushing technology forward. Nintendo seemed bonkers, their games look wicked cool, E3 and Japan is theirs.
  3. THAT'S the game I was trying to think of last night! They did a triple pack or at least had one in development for the Dreamcast, literally bundling together three arcade games (no extras, hence three games instead of one) for the price of one - it was Emergency Call 911, some fire engine game putting out fires, and Jambo Safari. I really wanted to play it.
  4. The second level is a world better than the first, I got stuck with a big cavern hole thing in the floor in the first level and died, the second level I died in some big boss room where it was all kicking off.
  5. It makes it morally bad... No, it makes it pointless - what's the point in it when the other console (360) is already out with a load of games, Halo, and GTA4 on the way? All it has is MGS. Xbox 360 has pushed online gaming forward immensely, and Sony are trying to take credit. I'm saying they shouldn't copy Microsoft, but try and do something original, or at least SLIGHTLY different to what's being offered by Microsoft would be a starter. Sony have done NOTHING innovative with the PS3.
  6. Just added? So, wait a moment. Phil Cockface Garrison said he thought the DS was DEFINITELY a knee-jerk reaction to the PSP (and is kicking it's arse), so the PS3's controller is a knee-jerk reaction to Nintendos?
  7. Yeah, that was supoib. This is merely good in comparison.
  8. And I'm not the only one that can't get along with it. So what about the tilt sensor? I really couldn't give a monkeys about their 'innovation'. They said the PS2 was a success in the online domain, hardly promising if they're using that as their comparison. With the PS3 they're offering the exact same plan as the 360's Live.
  9. FINALLY getting a download on this, a damn slow one, but getting one.
  10. Nothing wrong with a bit of enthusiasm.
  11. The rest of the post does, the stuff you 'ignored'. Old news he can't seem to grasp.
  12. They didn't say when, they put an estimate down so people had a rough idea of when to expect it. Bungie never put a date out, they said it'd be ready when it's ready (that's almost exactly what they said). Microsoft own them, but putting swearies in doesn't make your point anymore right. The publisher didn't delay it, they simply didn't know the date originally. angel didn't prove anything. lololers
  13. Bungie never said that - they never gave a date, some monkey put an estimated date on the Microsoft website, big deal.
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