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  1. Why am I watching this? It's totally putting me off gaming.
  2. This is so expertly plotted and acted, despite having played through it before, I'm all in with Ellie's hate-tour at the beginning.
  3. Of course I have to New game+ this now, already in Seattle day 1. Enjoying the calm before shit gets all too real..
  4. Playing on my PS5, this is pretty awesome. I played it originally on the 360 and this is even better than my fallible brain remembers it. It just plays really great, the loadtimes are neglible, the graphics hold up and the design is still awesome. Being back in the Mass Effect universe again is just what I needed with one week left before submitting my final paper in my bachelor's degree.
  5. After watching 15 minutes of this, I have one question; Did Covid 19 kill all the "beard-techs" in the industry? Duhamel's beard in this is hilariously unconvincing.
  6. Get it on PC. In their quest to make the PS4 at least playable they've made it play worse on PS5. More pop-in, weird stuttering and the loadtimes are bloody horrendous. When I played it at release it loaded a savegame in 10-15 seconds, now it's more like 50.
  7. Yeah, this looks nuts. Never seen anything like it.
  8. I decided to finally buy Nier: Automata for just £19 instead of Returnal (which also looks good, to be fair). Man, Nier is something special isn't it?
  9. Demon's Souls is still £74 after six months.
  10. It's too much for me the way I consume games these days. I like to buy cheap and and play in short stints. Sony's efforts so far have left me pretty unimpressed, I'm pretty sure an Xbox with gamepass is in my future. These fuckers, Demon's Souls remake still hasn't had a price drop.
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