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  1. Yikes indeed. Thankfully, Microsoft has all those awesome exclusives coming any day now.
  2. The hype has pretty much plummeted for me. The reviews would have to be absolutely stellar for me to bother playing this before the next-gen versions drop next year.
  3. I had a main mission checkpoint two fjords over in Norway, and I love the fact that instead of taking the longboat I could climb a huge mountain (plenty of secrets on the way) and trek across the landscape.
  4. Almost did a raid on power-level 150 while being only level 15 myself. Was on my third try and feeling god. Suddenly this fucking giant of a man with a huge mace slammed me face down in the mud and stepped on my head. Bastards, I'll be back. I love how frantic and chaotic the raids feel, people running all over the place, the air gradually getting thicker with the smoke from burning buildings. I almost feel I have to apologize on behalf of my ancestors.
  5. Played a few hours on the PS4 Pro last night and it looks promising. I especially love people reacting to arrow-kills, it looks really nasty.
  6. I think I'll try the "let Ubi decide"-mode.
  7. The load times are fine. I'm fast-travelling all over the place and haven't had any problems. There's some loading when swapping between members, but you're not actually hotswapping them constantly.
  8. Nah, it's good fun. Apart from the stupid decision to have the cars drive on the left.. I mean wtf?
  9. Yeah, I watched Brad from Giant Bomb stream the PC-version and compared to the PS4-Pro version it just looks lifeless and drab. Random hitching and stuttering too.
  10. Really disappointed at this. I was at least expecting the equivalent of the pc-version at high settings. Might go for Demons Souls or Miles Morales instead now.
  11. It seems that team-members can get knocked out and get arrested and fall of buildings and get hospitalized even on permadeath but that gunfights almost always lead to deaths.
  12. Can my team-members still get arrested if I play with permadeath? So far they’ve all died. Which really sucks when you lose a member plus the woman you’re trying to recruit gets pissed off because you botched it. It’s such a kick in the balls.
  13. Well yeah, I've been there. There's always that nagging feeling that it should and maybe could run better and you end up with spending most of your time in and out of the options-menu. But I don't want to turn the thread into a consoles vs PC thread. Sorry.
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