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  1. I bought a 55" Phillips 854OLED a couple of months ago and it's bloody gorgeous. The black-levels make all the difference. Also, I don't think I can ever go back to a TV without Ambilight, so I'm probably Phillips for life now.
  2. Hypothetically speaking, I'm sure.
  3. It has to do something right. My 14 year old son who only plays COD and other multiplayer games is utterly hooked by this. He's well on his way to chapter 3.
  4. I've been playing in the Kurosawa mode for a while, so atmospheric.
  5. https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=efdswXXjnBA Stop fighting and listen to this.
  6. To be honest, I've had similar thoughts about dumb shit like Mad Max:Fury Road-Black & Chrome edition.
  7. Regardless of your job as a professional game-decolourizer, I'd expect the effect to be quite different on a YouTube-video and my home setup. Edit:And what a weird hangup to have, anyway.
  8. Probably, I will fuck around with it but l expect the gorgeous colours will look amazing in HDR on my Oled. Maybe on a second playthrough.
  9. I think I read that "Kurosawa-mode" adds some scratches and dust to the screen, more wind and a narrower soundscape in addition to the black and white.
  10. Sounds great. The main point against it seems to be "open-world fatigue" which I've never subscribed to personally. Will preorder the digital version when I'm back from work.
  11. I jumped into a pretty early save in Infamous SS this weekend. It was probably five years since I last played it. I went to eyes bleary-eyed early next morning unable to put the fucking game down. I remember experiencing the same with the earlier Infamous games. Sucker Punch's open-world games have so far always been fine tuned to my brain. Here's hoping for the same with Ghost of Tsushima.
  12. If I recall correctly, Morricone did most of it. Carpenter just instructed him to "use fewer notes". Carpenter himself wrote a lot of the shorter cues in-between. The main theme that sounds like classic Carpenter is actually written by Morricone.
  13. Absolute legend. I love how he merged his style with Carpenter's on The Thing.
  14. Loved Hamilton. I've listened to the cast album I don't know how many times but I was not prepared for how brilliant the stage production was. Just bloody lovely.
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