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  1. Fuck it, it's half off on Steam so I bought the pc-version to play on my Oculus Rift.
  2. I loved his reaction to the rest of the crew when they returned home after their night out. He acted like a confused child seeing their parents drunk for the first time, it was almost a bit sad.
  3. I hate this goat, but absolutely love this show. I have a hard time picking a favorite character, they’re all great.
  4. I couldn't agree more. The film totally lost me when they had to hike all the way to Mordor to bury the bloody cat (complete with Dead Marshes). Pascows makeup is crap compared to the original, they totally rely on the Zelda-flashbacks for any scares. The ending is something right out of SNL. Awful.
  5. Great first episode of the new season. Janis Joplin will never be the same.
  6. I'm on episode 10. Also loving it. Surprise of the year so far for me.
  7. I bought this in a sale on my PS4 a year ago and promptly gave up when I failed to dock in a bloody spacestation. Can anyone point me to a good resource or tutorial (the in-game one was terrible) to help me get going? On paper, this would be right up my alley, but I found it very hard to get into it.
  8. That looks cheap as fuck. Hellboy's makeup by Don Post.
  9. Yeah, the Battlefield V quicklook shows up four different places on my front-page. Ridiculous.
  10. What the hell people! This is out now on the PlayStation Store, go buy it!
  11. After the horrendous redesign of the site, I decided to cancel my subscription. That, and the fact that I can't even be bothered to listen to the Beastcast anymore.
  12. No thanks Ubisoft. Oh, and you found another way to recycle the world map, well done.
  13. I have had no problems with the controls, apart from the quickdraw. It's going to be tough to go back to lesser open-world games.
  14. Approach the mission marker from the north, it’s not actually inside Blackwater. And stay off the roads.
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