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  1. Fucking Vanya.."I ended the world...twice". Badass.
  2. Pretty good two first episodes. I really liked Ewan(duh) and the inquisiting people.
  3. "Cloudy with a chance of raptors". I'm in. I'd better be able to tear down a skyscraper though.
  4. Nah, I think it looks great. She's a big green woman, I've no problem in suspending my disbelief.
  5. I'm really beginning to get proficient playing Henrietta and crew. I'm level 18 now and managed to wipe two fairly good groups in a row. I almost felt sorry for the bastards as I swallowed their souls.
  6. The only complaint so far is that the first single player mission is hard as nails and I haven't been able to beat it yet.
  7. Punching a skeleton makes the appropriate sound of a smashing a dinner plate.
  8. Just played a game with some random PC-players, we were really bad and didn't manage to find a single map-piece, but it was great fun. I'm sure the demon was enjoying himself.
  9. Playing the demons is a lot of fun. I managed to jumpscare all four survivors at once (with the R1-ability). I then possessed their car and drove it off a cliff.
  10. We're definitely having sloppy steaks tomorrow.
  11. Yup, me too. Fuck them.
  12. Rockstar making the laziest choices possible. It's become pretty much a given these days.
  13. I played from midnight until 7 in the morning, managed to beat that fucker Margit in the end. This game will definitely consume my soul. Astrologer on PS5 btw.
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