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  1. I just discovered I can level up my perks. I`m at level 8 now, still a teen. Alligators are still pretty hard but I managed to kill two at the same time.
  2. Fucking legend. Time to break out the old Christopher Guest collection. I think the last thing I saw him in was as the organ player in "I think you should leave now". https://youtu.be/T7f9xTPI9eo
  3. Man, these jumping "puzzles", you can fucking keep it. Lost tree extra lives on this particularly stupid one. I switched it off.
  4. Shit, you're right. I didn't even think about that.
  5. I agree, it's just so damn "playable", always something to do, new gear to acquire. It looks even better now with the Manhattan map. Simply stunning at times.
  6. Never played the original, but this was pretty awesome. Definitely interested.
  7. Any good versions of Arkanoid yet?
  8. I did too. Love both TFA and TLJ. It never occurred to me they could fuck up the last film. Sadly, in my opinion they did. I'm not really angry about it, just surprised.
  9. Goddammit, JLM nails it. What an absolute footnote of a movie.
  10. It was legendary Amy Sedaris Although I hate the prequels with a passion I enjoyed her pit-droid posse.
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