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  1. Just installed 1.1.0, the Hot-Crop with Home+Y works very well. Really enjoying this on my livingroom TV, got a ton of Retroarch based systems, but sticking with just to the Amiga games I loved back in the 90s keeps it interesting for me, so far.
  2. I was optimistic for this show, but wasn't sure if it would just be C list celebs going challenges. But with the review and segment, it really did feel like a toned down Consolevania, rather enjoyable. Did get all nostalgic when that intro music kicked in, excellent stuff.
  3. Alien Breed 3D is AGA only (and runs like a dog), so safe to assume the system will be fine for A1200.
  4. I do get a good bit of play from my RG351P with ArkOS, it's my Amiga & C64 machine. I said to myself only load a handful of games at a time, play and enjoy. So far it's worked, with the usual amount of tinkering. For me an upgrade would need to be the screen from the V to fix the resolution scaling issues, built in Wifi to avoid the dongle and slightly faster CPU.
  5. Got me curious, they have a nice Streetview walkthrough on Google Gives a good idea of what games are there.
  6. Fired this up in an emulator on Sunday, very impressive. Would have blown my mind back in the early 90s to have this.
  7. Got these four from a local FB seller for $30 AUD (£17), was actually just an advert for the Super Famicom Mario World, but then he said he had a few more if I was interested. I love the Japanese boxart, looks nice on the shelf!
  8. Never through to check for a demo, shall grab this later. Got the game on my Switch wish list, so this will help me decide. Ta.
  9. Hah, I came in thinking "cool topic" then see my replies from 2005, back in I come!
  10. Bounced off this since the Aus launch, in an attempt to get me back in to it I've added everyone (god damn Nintendo, those codes!). Mines is 7340 6980 117
  11. I'm behind on this thread so need to catch up, just to add I've ordered one of these as I have a Wii U Pro controller and felt cheated that I didn't get much use out of it, so this seemed worth a try. Will report back when it arrives and I've tested it.
  12. Madjock

    SNES Mini

    Unirally does not, when you get a head of the computer player, they appear in the middle of the screen, it's weird. That and Rock & Roll Racing failed for me (black screen with R&R).
  13. Madjock

    SNES Mini

    Ah I see, I've not tried a premade build. I just don't turn it off, leave it sitting on OSMC ready for use (which is daily).
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