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  1. The more i experience WoW downtime, the more i appreciate what i had in EQ2.
  2. I've had a few real life friday night/ saturday morning incidents like this.
  3. Nice one, cheers mate
  4. Thanks for the advice guys Just one more question, though, is WoW a PC/Mac hybrid like Warcraft 3?
  5. Mikes

    Everquest 2

    EQ2 is the mutt's nuts, the bees knees, the cats pyjamas and various bits of other animals too. Having played a fair bit of WoW and shitloads of EQ2, i have to go for EQ. WoW just feels like roleplaying lite. You have a goal of leveling and that's it, whereas Norath can feel like a home. A home which i've missed for 2 months as my PC winds it's way from Yorkshire to Australia I'll be looking to set up a new character when i'm back on, so if anyone's starting up a guild, or is reqruiting, pm me in about 3 weeks.
  6. Ouch. I probably won't. EQ2 does it enough for me, and if i want straight up D&D i'll just hold on for Neverwinter Nights 2 and Baldur's Gate 3.
  7. Lo, all So i moved to Australia not too long ago and im bored out my skull. There's only so many kangaroos to tie down and Auss tv sucks. I still have about 4 weeks before my PC arrives, so i thought i'd get a game for my missus' mac. So my question is: will WoW work on a mac with a 10.3.4 operating system and 256mb of ram when the recommended is an OS of 10.3.5 and 512mb of ram? Ta, in advance!
  8. It's ok, don't panick, i saw your mistake and corrected it. The way the server system works is OK in individual games, but when you play clan games against a clan in the US it always gives the yank team the server, meaning they have an advantage. Hell, the Aussies have their own own server, so why not europe?
  9. Mikes

    Steam Update

    Wooh! I've been waiting for a decent Kalt remake. It's a testament to the original map that the remakes currently available on DoDS can be dire compared to the original yet still be fun.
  10. OK, so it's been out for a while now, what are peoples experiances? Still a sniper fest? Worth getting or waiting for the 360 version?
  11. I'm wonder why Edge decided to review True Crime New York. It was going to be crap. Everyone knew it was going to be crap, so why bother?
  12. Mikes


    I used to live in Vancouver so when i play against my friends from there we meet midway, usually on east coast or mid-western US servers and everytime i do, 2 things strike me: 1 ) More people have/use headsets 2 ) They're mainly used to insult other players By comparison, UK servers are a bastion of friendly competition.
  13. Mikes


    The only problem i have with it is that they took away the uotomatic rifle for the axis and they only released it with 4 maps But the mods are`already coming thick and fast and more maps are on the way! Now if i could only the get the hang of the german rifle.....
  14. Mikes

    New-look Steam

    I preferred the original, but as i'm only on there long enough to clock on either DoD or CS i hardly see it anyway.
  15. Mikes

    Getting Points

    Yep, medic is always a good choice, engineer less so. There's less vehicles that need mending than people. I agree with Dreams about the support in city maps, there's no place for tanks to hide, but i find helicopters are too easily destroyed. Because of the whole gun-ho attitude of most players, it's also a good idea to hang back and defend spawn points close to where the action is, picking up those defend points that others are missing out on, so either spec ops or assault, with their grenade launchers, are both good at this. Bascially, just keep playing till you find out what you like and
  16. I'm not part of the clan, but i'd be up for it.
  17. Mikes


    Best news of the year!
  18. Mikes


    I just want an SAS skin, i'm sick of having to choose between three evils.
  19. saw this a few months ago. I don't martial arts films, but i loved this. Go see this.
  20. This looks like the kind of game i'd go nuts over. Any mailing list i can put my name on to get notification of release?
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