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  1. I have a sudden and newfound respect for GW. Enough so I think I mayhave to make a purchase. Zero feths were given.
  2. GW is now bigger than Centrica, who own British Gas. I'm sure at least part of that success is having stupidly short lifespans on their game editions.
  3. It's only been three years. That's ridiculous.
  4. That was am amazingly thorough and well presented guide, thanks, JoeK! I hope Mike includes it in on the Twilight website. Also, I just put an order in for my own Twilight models, because I want to see me do crappier versions of your paint jobs.
  5. Ah, one of those "I've never painted minis before" posts that make those of us who have been doing it for years wish death and/or blindness on someone we've never met.... Great work, mate.
  6. Tell me about it. I've started painting up an old SM tactical squad I had laying around to test how long it takes me and if there's a market for such things.
  7. Yes, eyeballs, that was my first thought too, ahem.
  8. I'm think I'm playing my Warlock wrong. I have a 16 slot soulshard bag, and it's always full. I'll summon a voidwalker, create a health and soul stone, soul drain to top bakc up to 16 shards, but then that's the way it stays until I hit a problem and need to use the health stone or the soul stone runs out. Why would I ever need 16 soul stones? I feel like I'm doing something wrong.
  9. Awesome to know, thank you. I still have a bunch of old chapter transfers lying around and I was wondering if I'd be ale to use them on pimaris marines.
  10. Hey Felt, quick question - those transfers you have the shoulder there, are they the old SM ones or did you need special Primaris sized ones? Great job by the way.
  11. Yep, totally on board with selling primaris, but I have a tactical squad ready to go, so no outlay just for testing the water. Ongoing I was planning on scouring the local Buy Sell Swap forums for unwanted primaris if it seems viable. Thing with Australia is the player pool, and as such potential buyer pool, is much smaller than than the UK or US. I suppose at least we're not New Zealand.
  12. It does, thanks Felt. I've been looking on ebay and looking ta what's up there at the moment non primaris squads that are 'pro painted' look like this and go for around $120au: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Warhammer-Space-Marine-Iron-Hands-30k-Tactical-Squad-Pro-Painted/263346368771?hash=item3d50aab103:g:l7gAAOSw5dlaR~fb&fbclid=IwAR0_EjvtBnHXOGXJoZ5VQx1vTLGy7YyrKHvqGKeZLQ2_0EaHuHYCOReiMYI I'd class that as 'easy as' and would do much better for less then 8 hours work. However it seems that Primaris marines fetch a much higher premium (although sourcing the models woudl also b
  13. Hey all. This is perhaps not the best place to ask this, but i know little about the subject so I'll take any advicr i can. Basically, I'm looking for information on where to sell painted miniatures. I've only ever sold one set of painted minis on ebay, listing them as "well painted" and made a decent sale on them i think (around double the cost of the minis themselves). With the lockdown going on i was thinking about doing something similar to see how it would go and using the money to fund hobby purchases. I have a space parine squad lying around and i was going to paint
  14. Ha, love the fish! On another note, loving this video on an Arcworld solo play.
  15. Cool, it turns out the guy who runs my local gaming club (Viv, who also runs Knights of Dice), is a keen player and set up the Twilight webstore and facebook fan group. Well, this project just got a lot more certain. I just have to wait for the covid thing to settle down so my job's a little more secure and I can get ordering.
  16. Just finished watching the interview with Mike about Twilight with my middle son and now he wants to jump in and also write and model his own game.
  17. Looks like he lost a battle with a bottle of Simple Green. Also, finally got something done, and trying something new. I'm trying some fast painting with grey scaling. I primed some minins and drybrushed them white before trying thing washes over the top. It's giving a dirty look which is hiding many of the imperfections so I don't have to stop and correct as much. Should get these done in quick time for me.
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