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  1. Painting in the time of coronvirus is slooooow.
  2. Bap is my second choice healer also. His splash healing makes him more effective then Ana IMO, and his jump and regen burst makes him more survivable to dives. Being fair, it's a damage nerf all around rather than a Sym nerf. Mcree, Phara, Junk, Ana and Widow all had their DPS hit in this test patch. If all these changes go through I could see Sombra being more prevelent on the field as hacked packs become more important and her own DPS becomes more on par.
  3. All these changes (bar the narrowed cone of attachement on her biotic graps) are out. And ditto, she's by go to and these changes would have killed her for me. BUt the changes I posted above are acurrently what's on the change realm and I reckon they;kk go through It's an understandable and decent change, IMO. It adds more skill on her resource management. Not sure if the fade changes are still in though.
  4. My bad, I got this wrong, her ammo capacity is going UP from 30 to 35, but the increase in ammo per shot means she's still hotting two shots less per full clip scoped in. Te range drop off though is a loooooong way. I've been watching some videos and basically there're only a few maps or sections of maps that this is going to be noticed in. Yeah I haven't played orisa since that change went through for this reason, but in the change realm today there was another change I missued, which was the range is being increased a little. It was originally a 7 met
  5. More changes on the test realm, including yet another set of changes to Moira. Shorter version: Beam weapon damage to armour reduced by a further 10%. Ana ammo reduced from 14 to 12. Which is used to be a while back for anyone keeping track. Ash's ammo reduced from 15 to 12, aiming down sights damage reduced from 85 to 80. Baptiste healing ammo reduced from 12 to 10, regen burst healing reduced from 150 to 75 but duobles self healing. Junkrat impact damage reduced from 50 to 40.
  6. EVeryone's knocking it out of the park on this page. Well done all.
  7. The Cicero trilogy by Robert Harris, starting with Imperium, is one of the best series I've read regardless of genre.
  8. These balls are small, those are far away.
  9. Finished the Aeronaught's Winldess by Jim Butcher. Meh. It was OK. Wouldn't recommend it over almost any other steampunk novel. I don't think I'll be carrying on with the series. Now I'm onto M John Harrison's The Sunken Lands Rise Again.
  10. A white guy with an interest in vikings and swastikas?
  11. Complete about turn on this. I love it, it just took getting use to the new timings.
  12. Changes to the Moira rework, and they all look terrible. The change to damage orb can't be seen as anything other than a straight nerf to an already low level damage ability, and stopping fade getting you out of grav and flux to be able to heal you team as you can do now sounds much more useful than being stuck in those ults and trying to fade shift you team out. Baptiste already has a save like that, we don't need another. Moira's my go to character out of all of them and none of these changes would improve her ability to heal or make her more fun.
  13. And last batch of 2nd ed space wolves arrived: I need to source some weapon sprues and sort out Bjorn's missing lightning claw, but that will happen. Now all I need are a pack of grey hunters and Gnarl and I'm set. Also, when you get second hand minis and find out a bit more about the seller than you really needed to know.
  14. Not a fan of the hog changes. The shooting speed now is painful.
  15. Well the nerf to Sigma and Orisa will definitely help with that. Or at least Sigma, anyway. And to be fair he did need it. Sigma just wrecks face with minimal support. Although I see me taking Orisa less without Halt shenanigans. The effect will be a slight side nerf for Sym though as well, given her spot as the best shield breaker in the game (IMO). Thing is I think Overwatch is the first FPS that's enabled melee combat right and made it fun. Seeing Brig get the nerf bat this way feels like a step int he wrog direction. I think they could have sorted some the issues with her by
  16. Watching videos of people playing the nerfed Brig on test realms is depressing. There is no reason to take her anymore
  17. I can't speak for Xbox, but OW is very much a team game and benefits from communication. Competitive matches, when you get there, almost require it to win.
  18. Reading Lavondyss by Robert Holdstock on dead tree. Book two of the Mythago cycle. The first, Mythago Wood, really grabbed me so I'm hoping this does the same. Only just started it so can't comment yet. And I'm listening to The Aeronauts Windlass by Jim Butcher, the first in a new series from him. It's steampunkish in what appears to be far future post apoc earth where the surface is uninhabitable and everyone lives in massive spires. So far it's OK. Competently delivered as you'd expect from someone of Butcher's ability, but there's little in the story to actually grab
  19. yeah, just for the test server. I could see the Sym and Pharah changes changes going through. Sym is just so much of a glass cannon, she goes down so easily. Giving her a bit more punch allows her to potentially stay up longer. And Pharah is one of the most easily countered heroes. Giving her more mobility will be huge.
  20. Mahoosive nerf on the way for Brig's healing in exhcnge for a bit more self sustain. Big nerf to Sigma's shield and absorption, but he probably needed it. Big boost to Road hog's damage capability (looking forward to this one). Boost for Pharah's mobility (also looking forward to this one). Boost to Sym's damage capability too (this will be fun). And Oris's Halt nerfed to the point they may as well just take it out of the game.
  21. Wrecking can be as annoying as Mei was back in the day, but that you don't see him in many wrecking (ha!) matchups shows he's pretty balanced IMO. The way he plays - running in and disrupting then getting our - is annoying, but it deprives the the team of one tank. Sure, if the player is skilled with him it can swing a game, but you can say that about any character. My onlt issue with Wrecking Ball is how his roll destroys Junk's traps.
  22. Did someone say Wolf Guard Terminators? Can't wait to get these stripped and painted.
  23. AMA with the devs over the weekend. Highlights (for me) were: - The talks of an Overwatch series with Netflix - Looking into cross platform play for OW2 And there was a lot of talk around playing around with character roles and team roles. It seems they're very much open to trying everything out. Jeff Kaplan said they'd thought around brining back the 'offensive DPS' and 'defensive' dps roles and only allowing you to choose from each applicable pool when attacking or defending. This would allow them to further refine a specific character's abilities to that role, r
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