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  1. This went through with a few changes. Now the recoil will only kick in after the first three or four shots, so if you get a handful of 100% accurate shots. Also the shot damage has been reduced from 20 to 19, but the clip size has increased from 25 to 30. Overall a big buff. Also the Halloween event starts today. Some nice skins in there.
  2. Electronics Noutique will have it in Aus for $300, which is $30 more than the equivalent UK price. For that I could find an original in decent condition.
  3. Very nice. I just started the process of building a garden studio, so I'll have my own space soon, too. In the meantime, most of my hobby stuff is stored in these ikea cupboards int he home office:
  4. New patch on the test realm - basically removing Soldier's fire spread. Instead all his bullets his on the reticule, but the recoil remains. If it goes thought this will really benefit anyone with decent mechanical skills and basically remove Pharah as a viable pick against a any halfway decent Soldier. Personally I don't think it's necessary.
  5. Me and child #2 had our first game fo Mordheim on Saturday, him taking Reikland, me dwarves. Had a lot of fun, enough so I used some birthday money to order some specific scenery.
  6. New on the test realm - the elevators in Hollywood and the one on Volskaya no longer go up and down on their own and are instead on the floor and triggered by walking on them.
  7. ooh, looks like some other stuff I missed. Roadhog's hook now also pulls an extra .5 metres closer, so 3 arther than 3.5 metres, to apparently make up for the change to shotgun spread. This could effect the old 'hook and pull of a platform' trick. Baptitse's ult charge is increased 10%, which makes me happy as his ult usage is one of the achievments I haven't got yet. Ashe's dynamite blast damage has been nerfed from 75 to 50. The burm amount remains the same. And Orisa's fusion driver bullet speed has been increased, which will make it easier to
  8. New patch on the test realm - McCrees roll goes an extra half metre, can be trigger midair, and his flashbang stun increased by .1 second. This is good. The increased shhoting time meany a full fan the hammer couldn't be gotten off but now can, and the extra mobility is welcome too.
  9. Review of the current meta now the balance patch has been in place for a while: Interesting o see the Torb love. I'm not convinced, but maybe I just ahven't faced any good Torb players since.
  10. So finally finished te basing and varnishing on these Inifnity Bagh Maris. And finished the Jotum: All I'm missing is the Squalo for the PanO TAGs.
  11. Always good to see Confrontation on the page.
  12. I agree. This move seems odd, especially as it's a straight up nerf rather than a re-adjustment to the previous values. But then again maybe with OW2 so close they're just changing stuff to see what happens.
  13. New patch on the experimental realm. Bug nerf to hog, reducing each pellet from 16 to 15, which was where it was before the last patch, but with the rwduced ammo capacity and increased recovery rate. Not surprising. Since the patch hes been in almost every match. Torbs shot gun gets a huge buff, each pellet damage increased from 10.5 to 12.5, with a slightly increased releaod time. With the nerf to hit scans and the above hog nerf this could see him becoming more relevent for scrappy fights.
  14. What I do. It's striked... strike? Stroked? Struck? ....I've found it odd for a while that there's a seperate GW thread when, as JoeK says, we all just want to see pretty models. And it's not like either thread moves at lightning speed.
  15. Played the new patch pretty solidly now. The healing rate nerf on Ana and Bap is palpable. And while I have nothing to compare it to, I've been playing Zen and getting some solid numbers in and sometimes gold healing against a main healers. The Moira rework doesn't seem to effect her overall healing. I'm still hitting around my average, but you have to play her much closer to the front line to keep her healing bar up and she's a lot more intensive to play now, but still fun. Perhaps more so. One thing I have noticed are roadhogs being little bitches complaining the heal
  16. Had a quick go on test server last night using Zen, someone I never use as I suck with the orbs, and came out gold, gold and silver dmg after three games. I have no prior experience to put that against so take it as you will. Edit - and apparently since then the patch went through and all the changes fromt he test server with it.
  17. A round up of what the above changes feel like on the test server: Short version - tanks are actually tanks again and the overall damage nerf means people stay on their feet for longer. Fewer one shot kills. Mush of the dmg character have been levelled out (Mcree being comparible to Torbs now, for EG), with some standouts such as Doom and Pharah being ahead of the curve. Support characters have more impact now based on what they bring outside of healing. EG, Zen's damage potential has more of an impact, Lucio's speed buff and boops (because
  18. Also, if you're planning on playing (and you should) the Dead Doxies and the Brutal Emmisary are in seperate factions. This the Emirrsary ofor the Doxies, and he's awesome.
  19. Big 'faux player here. The models are great, second to none on the market in terms of design anf detail. However, be prepared to ask yourse;f "What the fuck?!" several times when you see how the miniatures are put together on the sprue.
  20. Agreed. I think they have let the fade changes go. And given the other changes to Ana and Bap, I think Moira's viability is about to get a proxy boost given her healing really isn't changing. On another note, I'm trying to get all the character achievements before OW2 drops (whenever that may be) so had to learn Wrecking Ball, and oh my god he's so much fun to play. I'm getting serious being a dick vibes, similar to how I felt when playing Mei at launch. Enemy "We are behing our shields, non can get us!" Hammon: "lol, nope."
  21. Thank you. They're just the old second ed Wolf Guard terminators. They came in this box: But these were bought from a second hand page.
  22. Painting in the time of coronvirus is slooooow.
  23. Bap is my second choice healer also. His splash healing makes him more effective then Ana IMO, and his jump and regen burst makes him more survivable to dives. Being fair, it's a damage nerf all around rather than a Sym nerf. Mcree, Phara, Junk, Ana and Widow all had their DPS hit in this test patch. If all these changes go through I could see Sombra being more prevelent on the field as hacked packs become more important and her own DPS becomes more on par.
  24. All these changes (bar the narrowed cone of attachement on her biotic graps) are out. And ditto, she's by go to and these changes would have killed her for me. BUt the changes I posted above are acurrently what's on the change realm and I reckon they;kk go through It's an understandable and decent change, IMO. It adds more skill on her resource management. Not sure if the fade changes are still in though.
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