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  1. 13 hours ago, Davros sock drawer said:

    Fair enough! I can see myself getting quite into basing. I've only dabbled with skulls, rocks, and tufts, but it seems like a fairly stress-free way to start getting creative with a bit of kit bashing. 



    Basing can be ahobby in and of itself, definitely. For me though when I get to the base I'm usually completely over the mini and want to get table ready ASAP, so I do the easiest, most straight forward approach possible. I'm a big fan of resin bases for this reason, but appreciate the skill to make a truly great base.


    I did start to make my own on these two warjacks, but they came when I was finishing up playing Warmachine, and they're still in the same state years later. The one ont he left was going to be an upraised section of paving, with paving stones modelled from plumber's putty on top of insulation foam with some thick straws sticking out for broken pipes, the one ont he right was plumber's putty paving stones and bits of old MDF sprues for bricks.



  2. Well this sounds interesting. Potential new change in the works to give priority pass tokens that will put you in a faster queue for roles with long wait time s (IE,damage). You get these by joining a flex queue that will match you with games that need a roles at the time, with winning giving you more tokens. ATM they have the ability to bank 40 tokens at a time - which is stressed could change.  


    I like how this sounds.





  3. I'm gutted cross platform play isn't a thing, then I could play with my kids at the same time.  More cross platform accessibliilty is apparently a thing for OW2, which everyone's expecting to appear early 2021, so mabe the skins and unlocks will be included there.

    The thing with Brig as she stands is she's pretty balanced in that she's good if you're good at her, which is how it should. I'm pretty good with Moira, but played on a game this morning where I just couldn't out-heal the Brig on the team. It does very much down to team make up. You need a brawly team so you can get stuck in and keep your inspire going, so if your tanks are Hammond and Orisa backed up with a Widow and Hanzo you might struggle. She pairs really nice with a Hog or Rein. Also she has a stun, which is gold at the moment.

  4. 7 hours ago, Doctor Shark said:

     Apparently Brigette is a support now? Wasn't she a tank before? How have they changed her? She's my favourite by far.




    She was always classed as support, but it sounds like when you were playing was pre initial nerf when she was godlike and her personal healing was such that she was lmost a tank.


    Since then they've really gone to work on her armour, health, sheild health, ult and healing. She's a pale imitation of what she once was. And as per my post above, they've just given her an extra 25 health, which was great, and are now taking away, which is bad.

  5. New largish patch on the test realm, which is surprising as I thought this would be it until OW 2.


    These are:


    • Mei can now cancel her ice wall while dead
    • Ditto Sym with her teleport station
    • Ditto Torb's turret
    • Ana's bionade will no longer impact full health friendlies and will instead pass through them
    • Hanzo can cancel his storm arrow manually
    • Pharah can now accelerate down by crouching
    • Brig's health reverted from 175 back to 150


    The Mei, Sym, Torb and Hanzo ones are neither here nor there IMO. A few places where they'll be useful, so so few and far between to be insiginifcant.

    The Pharah and Ana changes are huuuuge buffs. Esp Ana. I'm dissapointed by the Brig change, though. This is a change that's only going to impact the upper ranks in that up there she's doing really well, but down with the rest of us plebs she's only good in good hands, which is where she should be.

  6. 21 minutes ago, Davros sock drawer said:

    That does seem a bit like it’s shouting “GREEN!” a bit too loudly.


    Any reason you couldn’t use the same colour that you’ve used on the small storage pouches and his feet - it’s more yellowish so might not be what you had in mind, but it would fit with the overall scheme maybe? 




    I could, but apart from trying to stick to the studio scheme, it would really make the whole model very beige and mid tone brown. Let's call this my fall back position.

  7. Guys I need your help - painting green.


    Ive never been good at it, and having never played orcs never really had to, but I'm following he studio scheme for this ogre and the blanket and loincloth on this guy is just way too vibrant for what I'm after. I tried toning it down with heavy washes of dark tone and highlighting up using light brown/yellow on the base colour, but it's still so vibrant to draws the eye in a bad way.


    How do you guys paint muted/cloth green that blends into the background?







  8. On 21/10/2020 at 08:57, Davros sock drawer said:

    I’m probably coming across more worried than I really am - I think I’m just putting it off because I’ve got most of these models looking pretty sweet and I’m reluctant to make them worse, but you can always repaint. I am having a lot of fun. 


    I tried to freehand a thin blue line on a white cloak the other day and it went hilariously badly. Just...how?! Surely people don’t mask off tiny sections? But how else is this even possible?



    Tried oil paint? Ridiculously easy to tidy up with a bit of mineral spirits on a thin brush.

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