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  1. Some great work on the last page. Knocking it out of the park, guys. I've managed a bit more progress on this ogre for my part. My goal is to finish it before christmas.
  2. Well this sounds interesting. Potential new change in the works to give priority pass tokens that will put you in a faster queue for roles with long wait time s (IE,damage). You get these by joining a flex queue that will match you with games that need a roles at the time, with winning giving you more tokens. ATM they have the ability to bank 40 tokens at a time - which is stressed could change. I like how this sounds.
  3. New mini event from out of nowhere.
  4. When the queues are long I'd be happy to jump onto a cross play with cannon fodder console players. I do agree it shoudln't be the default, but at least having the option.
  5. I'm gutted cross platform play isn't a thing, then I could play with my kids at the same time. More cross platform accessibliilty is apparently a thing for OW2, which everyone's expecting to appear early 2021, so mabe the skins and unlocks will be included there. The thing with Brig as she stands is she's pretty balanced in that she's good if you're good at her, which is how it should. I'm pretty good with Moira, but played on a game this morning where I just couldn't out-heal the Brig on the team. It does very much down to team make up. You need a brawly team so you can get stuck in and
  6. She was always classed as support, but it sounds like when you were playing was pre initial nerf when she was godlike and her personal healing was such that she was lmost a tank. Since then they've really gone to work on her armour, health, sheild health, ult and healing. She's a pale imitation of what she once was. And as per my post above, they've just given her an extra 25 health, which was great, and are now taking away, which is bad.
  7. New largish patch on the test realm, which is surprising as I thought this would be it until OW 2. These are: Mei can now cancel her ice wall while dead Ditto Sym with her teleport station Ditto Torb's turret Ana's bionade will no longer impact full health friendlies and will instead pass through them Hanzo can cancel his storm arrow manually Pharah can now accelerate down by crouching Brig's health reverted from 175 back to 150 The Mei, Sym, Torb and Hanzo ones are neither here nor there IMO. A few places where they'll be
  8. Also just bought a load of P3 paints from a trade forum. 53 paints and inks for $50au, most of the barely touched, a few unopened. Score.
  9. I think I sorted out the GREEN problem I was having with a few heavy washes of P3 Rucksack Tan.
  10. I got this from Aldi on one of their rotating specials: http://offers.kd2.org/en/au/aldi/pcePs/ Paid $40 Aus for it, so about 55 quid. Really quite good.
  11. You're the second person to suggest that. Might be a goer. I'll take Cocky's suggestion and finish the rest then might give this a go. Agrax is already all over it
  12. Probably the best advice, but I'm super duper impatient.
  13. I mixed up a colour for the goblin's skin that was pretty close to that. A wash of this might be the way to go.
  14. I could, but apart from trying to stick to the studio scheme, it would really make the whole model very beige and mid tone brown. Let's call this my fall back position.
  15. Guys I need your help - painting green. Ive never been good at it, and having never played orcs never really had to, but I'm following he studio scheme for this ogre and the blanket and loincloth on this guy is just way too vibrant for what I'm after. I tried toning it down with heavy washes of dark tone and highlighting up using light brown/yellow on the base colour, but it's still so vibrant to draws the eye in a bad way. How do you guys paint muted/cloth green that blends into the background?
  16. It's a Cadwallon Ogre ffor Confrontation from Rackham. Sadly long defunct.
  17. Lots of canges on the test realm: Bap is my favourite healer, so not liking the idea of his lweered healing shot rate, but the amp matrix size could make it actually useful.
  18. Tried oil paint? Ridiculously easy to tidy up with a bit of mineral spirits on a thin brush.
  19. This looks interesting: https://gamefound.com/projects/draft/xahtfnckfodcu92agtxy299y2gm#/section/project-story
  20. This video allowed me to understand how to blend effectively.
  21. Right, I'm going to finish this one, I promise.
  22. Literally added two days ago. Before that he had spread, where every bullet after the first three would hit further away from the reticule. I've gotten some reps in with the new soldier now and have some thoughts. Overall, it's a step back IMO. For the pros, he's much better at range and taking out the squishie. EG Ana, who would be sitting at the back with a small hit box, is now easier to take down. Likewaise Pharah is much easier to counter. But for the cons, he's now worse against the tanks and shields thanks tot he bullet damage nerf, and much easier to
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