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  1. I have a really low bar for liking films, but even I struggle to find anything redeeming in The Predator. About the only thing I'd say it's worth watching for are the fight scenes with the ultimate predator with the fbi agents so you can point to it and say "If they ever make a Warhammer 40k film, that's how the Space Marines should move and fight". Trailer and concept is interesting. Dumb yes, but dumb ideas are not barriers to a great film if it's done right. It's only if you get really anal by saying things like "it's supposed to be a hunt, where's the sport if they're using lasers against arrows?" or "Wait, so Yautja techniology hasn't advanced noticeably in 500 years?", but i refuse to get into neck beardy arguments like that.
  2. Dr Strange and the Multiverse of Madness (2022) It were shit. 1 bonus Sam Raimi Death / 5
  3. Midway through (ep 3) second series, and have to admit I'm enjoying it much less then the first. It's getting very Start Trek, especially:
  4. Stupid Roe v Wade impacting aspects of our lives.
  5. Looks like there was a screening of abortion if the show overnight. Lots of NDAs going around. General consensus is it's being handled well, lots of pimple saying everyone who saw it and said so are being paid. Basically another day on the internet.
  6. The House October Built (2014) Another found footage horror film. Another ig bad meh. Some friends want to tour hounted house attractions across American, hear about a good one, go to track it down... and then I don't know what happened. The filming style made it super hard to follow individual scenes, and apparently the dialogue was mostly ad libbed, and boy can you tell. 1 Juggalo out fo 5
  7. Area 51 (2015) I love me some found footage horror. This isn't it. Made by the guys who made Paranormal Activity, this is.... well technically I movie, I suppose. Two hours, takes 1 hour and 20 before anything interesting happens, which turns out isn't that interesting, and it goes all Twin peaks at the end and not in a good way. 1 Disappointed Scully out of 5.
  8. This video gives an insight into how each character plays in OW2. Keen to try out the Rein fake out.
  9. The old maps will still be in OW2, just not in rotation for comp or quick play games. Paris and Luna were taken out of comp for OW1 a while ago, which pissed me off no end. I loved Luna. And given they weren't releasing anything new, taking existing stuff away seemed stupid, but the OW devs have been adapting OW to please the minority since day 1.
  10. You won't have to. 2cp maps have been taken out of QP and comp rotation. So no Anubis, Paris, or Anamura. Only the escort maps will be there from OW1, with more qe haven't seen yet for launch.
  11. From the reviews I'm seeing it's not. OW 1 was very much about grouping up behind shields while the opposing team shot the shields. From what I'm readin ght game now plays much more free form. The new maps are designed with multiple routes for attack with characters designed to be more self sufficient. I've seen comparisons to COD thrown around, but I don't play COD so I couldn't say. The issue with that approach though is some characters intended for the OW1 style of play are being left behind. Zen and Mercy being two that are brought up alot. Mei would have also been in that list I imagine, but she had a fairly decent rework to make her fit. I'd imagine we'll see some big changes to a few heroes who's style doesn't fit anymore. Zen, Mercy, Rein, and possibly Sym.
  12. The joke is 'this sequal could have been an email', which I tend to agree with. The changes from ow1 were minor enough that the updates the game.missed over two years because this was in development would have probably gotten to game to this state anyway. That being said, the size changes are about you'd expect for a sequal to an FPS. Better graphics, tweaked UI, a few new features, rebalanced classes. Multilayer shooter sequals have to be the same but more, or it's just a different game.
  13. Just had one hell of a game on comp, topping 36k healing. Seems like a nice spot to finish my OW1 competitive career.
  14. You don't always have to use a brush:
  15. Noice. I need to sort a new PC out before I play, even if I get into beta. My current one is from 2015 or so and crashes at the hint of any texture.
  16. Audition (1999) Holy crap what did I just watch and why won't it leave my dreams? 4 missing fingers out of 5
  17. Just finished S1. Holy crap this is amazing! I love it. Also: Ridley Scott when he sees an Android not malfunctioning:
  18. So I had my first game of Maliafux in over year and just my second in two (thanks covid) last night, and I took the opportunity to try a new master and with Shenlong into Dreamer. I painted the faction over lockdown so was keen to try it out. First impressions are Shenlong is a beast. He almost managed to kill Teddy in 2 actions, then did kill Copernicus in two, only taking 1 point of poison damage the whole game. We only managed to get to the end of turn 3, because my first game back and my opponents first game of 3rd Ed, but I'm very much taken by Shen. This was the biggest crew I've ever put on the table with ten models. The crew was entirely in keywork (Shen, totems, Yu, HRM, LRM, 2 x WRM, 2 Thunder Archers). I was a bit disappointed by the LRM's healing output, but I did fluff his roles, which were offset by the amazing flips for Shen and Yu's melee attacks. And the two WRM's did not last long, but that can probably be put down to my poor use. Score at the end of turn3 was 4 points to 3 in my favour. Had we reached turn 5 I think I would have run away with it. My opponant had lost Teddy, Copurnicus, two Stitched Togethers and one of his totems, and there was nothing stopping me from continuing to score my vendetta points and one scheme definitely, and probably both. However I will say my opponent was still new to the edition and was very unfamiliar with his crew, so less patting myself on my back as would otherwise be the case.
  19. Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore (2022) My first trip to the cinema since COVID. What a waste. The story had no direction and tried to push itself as a clever heist movie then proceeded to forget about the clever bit. And Mads Mikkelsen was a fizzer. Complete miscast. Depp in the role would have salvaged something, but it would still have been a terrible film. 1 CGI'd creature out of 5
  20. Bit bummed about 2cp leaving. I enjoyed those maps. Not sure still how I feel about the tank change. We'll see how it goes.
  21. OW2 beta gameplay and info:
  22. Couple more images got released yesterday. On my phone so can't link, buy a quick google will find them. Nothing much to say. They don't reveal much, but if I see "woke" used to describe anything one more time I'm going to declare myself transgendsr.
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