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  1. I have discovered guides on a druid build that allows you to heal and tank in raids as well as solo farm Dire Maul. Short version - Druid it is. Sooooooo can't wait.
  2. We've gone from having teo players at our local club a few months ago to having eight either with minis now or an order on the way. The new rules are really hitting the right chords. As for the time, that was my first game in six weeks. Rl comes first, so i enjoy what games i can get when i do. Also, I'm painting stephanie seagull from Wolsung as a standing for a model that isn't released yet. https://imgur.com/a/8DMpzIZ
  3. Then you're in luck! Malifaux 3rd ed comes out on the 29th. It's been streamlined, the models balanced, and made much more accessible to new players. The core rules woll be free, and if you have some proxies all you need is a standard deck of cards to play.
  4. lol, the myminireport app is awesome.
  5. Latest game of m3e tonight: sonnia versus Von Schill. First time I'd played against Outcasts and this opponent, so everything was totally new. I took sonnia, sameal, a Handler, a thrall, two stalkers, a peacekeeper and and the purifying flame, with 6 stones. My opponent took von schill, some big dude with a classical Greek sounding name, a powered suit guy, a librarian, a trapper, two freikorps rifle dudes, the luggage, a few upgrades and 4 stones. Strat was Cursed idols, schemes were harness the ley lines, deliver a message, breakthrough, and two others which didn't come into it. The first turn was the usual jockeying for position. The big hill in the middle stopped us from much, and the first idol dropped on the far right flank, leaving my stalker and one of my opponents riflemen to run after it. In turn two i would pitch it over the line fir one point as another fell in the same spot, but he would be sniped off before i could anything with it. The main action was in the middle. In turn two the Thrall moved up with the Handlers push, then charged into von schill and two shotted him into paste. This was not what i wanted, given i picked Deliver a Message. But it happened, and i can't say it didn't help. What followed my me pouring righteous fire from Sonnia and Sam into the Outcast lines. The Librarian fell pretty quickly, followed in the preceding turns by a rifleman, the luggage, and the big dude who, to rub salt in, was used to summon another thrall. While this 2as happening i managed to drop 3 scheme markers from the stalker, handler and peacekeeper to score from Leylines, while my opponent got another point sending the strong arm suit over my line to Deliver a Message to Sonnia. In the last two turns the Idols dropped almost on top of my models, allowing me to score again, while my opponent did the same on the far right flank with his lone rifleman. And it came down to Sonnia in melee with the strong arm suit in the middle. She managed to disengage with only a weak damage, allowing her ti reach the middle and drop the last scheme marker to let me score one more time on leylines when the strong arm followed her, delivering a second message. Final score: four each and one hell of a game. My opponent only had three models left on the table at the end, and o ly one of them uninjured. He did one hell of a job coming back fro. A horrendous second turn.
  6. Oceania? Now if I only had an active account..... Good to hear you cna download it, though. Release date is the day I go on a two week holiday, so at least it will eb ready to play when I get back. And hopefully with the starting zones emptier. Thinking bakc on classic AV, I think my favourite was when, as a lowly lvl 54 prot warrior, purposfully luring and then kiting a lvl 59 warrior into the big NPC attack that had been triggered. He was so salty he made a note of my name, search the forums, found my server and created an alt just to harass me
  7. New overwatch character news: Short version - Talon-themed tank. Looks like will have some kind of movable shield and can duel-weild two machine guns. This is from the short story the character is pulled from, no idea how it will be used in game.
  8. Disguised positive reinforcement is just one of the many se3rvuces i provide. Seriously though, looks awesome.
  9. I made the mistake of trying out a shaman. I'm not wavering from decision definitely play warlock or druid.
  10. Looks shit. I'd strip it then take a long hard look if you think you ahve the chops to paint minis.
  11. AV is open for testing in the beta as of today: https://eu.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/wow-classic-beta-alterac-valley-test-info/55462/2 No news yet on what version it is as far as I know. I miss the old AV, where I could play for an hour int he morning, go to work, come back and the same game would be ongoing.
  12. I'm excited. Doubly so a focus on the Bene Gesserit will see women ordering big warrior men about. That should be good for a few mannerisms among the MRAs.
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