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  1. I just backed the *&% out of this.
  2. No need to point, we can see it.
  3. I also added 'Mongolian Heavy Metal' to things I didn't know I needed in my life.
  4. A clip of this got shared on Twitter yesterday, and it frankly bangs. Indian metal is awesome. I bought a few tracks, and in my research saw their last tour was called Raj Against the Machine
  5. Thanks for that, I'll give it a go. I have no idea how cameras work so any pointers are welcome. For the yellow though, the armour was actually the quickest aspect of those models. Two quick passes the with the AB and done. In all I clocked in just over 9 hours from base coat to finish, and I reckon I can get that down a few hours with repetition. I have two squads of Primaris coming, one fo which I'm going to paint Imperial Fists again to keep the momentum going.
  6. OK, think I have it. Still need to try the light positioning though.
  7. Holy crap! What settings did you use to do that? And thanks. The yellow i just citadel contrast iyanden yellow over a white base. I used an airbrush and learned a few tings in the process - one being to use several *very* thin layers in a pass. It's very easy for it to pool and become orange. It's hard to tell in the image above as I arranged the minis to hide that, but you can see one example on the lead leg of the central figure in the front row. But even without the contrast yellow isn't hard to do, you just have to use several thin coats over a light surface.
  8. I do have a couple of better lamps. I tried a different set up, took the below, then the wife told me I had the aperture or something set too low, so I need to try again.
  9. Hmm, need to sort out my lighting situation.
  10. Thankyoukindly. I know what you mean. I'm not taking the steps on a new career here, but I am exploring the possibility of a new source of, while not income, then grocery money. So I approached this a little like a business decision, choosing SMs because they're much easier to paint than, say, Blood Bowl, and sticking to the popular chapters (next is Blood Angels). Also it seems the bottom is falling out of painted regular space marines and the market has moved onto Primaris, which is good in one way as they can sell as much for a group of three to five as a whole squad of ten regular SMs, so the cost is often offset on the number while the amount of time painting is much reduced. On top of that, I'll be testing out ways that deliver eyecatching effects that require the minimum amount of time in application. So, for example, battle damage adds as much visual impact as edge highlighting but requires much less time to apply, and has the added bonus of hiding some painting mistakes that came before it. Cocky's work has been instructive in adding contract, and while it's not obvious here it's something I'm planning to apply more going on. I've got a spread sheet where I'm going to be recording how much time I spent on things, how mcuh they sold for and the like. While these took 9 hours, I think I can get it much lower down with practice and if I can get more dedicated painting time. Having to set up and pack away adds time. And while, as I said I'm not looking at a career move here, I was prompted by the possibility of having reduced hours or a redundancy due to Covid. My wife's work is secure, luckily, and something that does factor in to the maths is if I am made redundant and this is something that will factor into house finances, I don't have to make what I was earning in my day job for it make a real impact. Not having to put my kids in after school care and child care due to working from home means we'd save an significant weekly cost, so making up the shortfall wouldn't be outside of the realms of imagination. Anyway, just me thinking out loud and giving my thought process. I ordered some primaris... uh, I can't remember their names, the ones with the plasma guns. They're a hot ticket item right now and they go in squads of five, so that should be easy enough. I have a couple of easy Blood Angels guides to follow for those.
  11. Crappy squad i paid $10 and am practicing sn economic way to sell them on ebay test run almost complete. About 9 hours spread across 20 minute chunks worth of time.
  12. Man i miss those rogue trader games.....
  13. They have put out limited re releases of some 2nd ed characters, but they were by and large more expensive than ebay. I'm a member of a 2nd ed facebook buy sell swap groups and honestly hit those up. The community supports itself and the prices there are lower than ebay as people are just happy to keep the game going and aren't looking to make megabucks from sales.
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