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  1. Oh dude, you have no idea.... If it catches you you're doomed to foever searching for shelf space and worrying about a growing backlog of unpainted minis. Your post actually amde me take another look at Killteam - and now Necromunda. One of my sons has gotten a taste of minis and he lieks the primaris, so we're painting up some together. We were going to play 40k with them, but the number we have is more suited to Killteam, but I know there're homebrew rules for marines in Necromunda, so I might check that out too. While I was never taken by 40k or Killteam, Necromunda was always fun.
  2. Oh, there's also Necromunda. Probably less popular than Killteam, but still up there. It's gameplay is more granular with some heavy rolepay/campaign mechanics, but with the added benefit of being a self containde game in a single box (scenery and all) if you don't want o branch out further. (no space marines here, though)
  3. I'm actually warming to this. Ben playing tank and working my way up the rankings. I'm in teams of full plats and golds, and it so different to the players in the bronze / silver I get dumped with in support. Just the attitude and communication. Maybe I'm a tank player and never realised it.
  4. This voice interaction made me laugh.
  5. Project Gemini (2022) Russian film that pulled a Wild Wild West with a spectacular trailer and a film I gave up on midway through. A mish mash of Alien, Sphere, and Sunshine that apparently went through no script or story critique. Basic story elements such as: "This mission is humanity's last chance at survival - should we check the mental health of the crew to make sure they can handle the most basic of stress first?" "Nah" "It's a scientific mission to a planet we have no reason to suspect has any life, so you know what we need?" "Half a crew of untrained soldiers with rocket launchers?" "Damn straight.' "Power isn't an issue, so let's ake sure every walkway outside of the main habitats are barely lit and painted black." "Good thing OHS was banned in 2045." And for some reason they decided to mouth the lines in English then dub over the top. My god that was distracting. 1 blob of grey goo out of 5
  6. League of Legends Wild Rift. Can't. Stop. Playing.
  7. Shit yes! I actually picked it up again two years or so back. It's still going strong and surprisingly fun.
  8. I just checked - i built it to play Star Wars The Old Republic - released in late 2011.
  9. Fair enough. Well I'm not expert, but KT is certainly faster and simpler than a game fo 40k, and cheaper too considering the number of models you need to make a viable force. Another plus is 40k remains the biggest overall gaming system, and Kill Team is also quite well supported. However, local metas can vary. Before you make a final decision i'd check around where you think you'd be playing and joining the various discords / facebook groups to see what's getting regular play. Many gaming groups are usually welcoming to new players, so you may be able to get an intro game from people who can provide everything you'd need to try it all out. They're also a good source of info to find out which force you may want to collect. For the rules themselves, there are plenty of how to play videos out there. I found this one quiet interesting:
  10. Any particular reason it has to be a GW game? There are much better rulesets out there.
  11. My last pc was built sometime before 2014. Is potato.
  12. I have finally bought a new PC. I would be lying if OW2 wasn't a contributing factor.
  13. Played a comp game yesterday where a tank from each team left. Felt like we were living in the future.
  14. It's no secret a lot of people are dissapointed OW2 feels like OW1 would have been had Bliz just kept up with the updates rather than stpoping everything to work on OW1. Which is a good thing, IMO. The game needed to evolve, not be built again from the ground up. Then it would just be another game. I could imagine OW2 (and I am a little salty someone who hasn't played for years got an invite while I'M STILL RIGHT HERE, BLIZZARD) would still be finding its feet as everyone tries new things out. Also updates are coming weekly. Things will probably settle down playwise when the character balance is more stable. One thing I've been wondering about - and I've seen some people playing the beta comment on - is how the OW1 maps can feel a bit out of place with a 5v5 match up, designed as they were with 6v6 and mostly 2 tanks in mind. On the other hand reports are it plays quite differently, more free flowing and less static gieven there's now only sheild to hide behind and often not even that. Brig is one of those heroes who are going to need some serious tweaking in OW2, IMO. In the right comp she's an easy carry, but that's with two nearby brawler tanks in play. Take one tank away and add the mor espread out play and her healing would probbaly be....meh. Several other heroes who rely on the current set up - like Sym -have been seriously tweaked to fit in. I'm surprised She hasn't yet.
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