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  1. Doh, so it is.... I've been away from this game too long. Can't stop but did stop. I just checked through the patch notes and saw she got one hell of a nerf to her healing. Because, you know, what Overwatch always needed was less incentive to play healers. I also saw the big nerf to shields. Looks like I'll be spending more time on Sym too.
  2. Is the 2/2/2 role queue still a thing? Did it get enforced in casual matches too?
  3. The flesh is weak. so I'm reinstalling Overwatch. I've missed my girl Moira. Disappointed it seems there's been no new characters or maps in the intervening time.
  4. As mentioned, lots of places do. GW don't, and fomr someone outside looking in it could seem that GW are the only miniature company. When I got back into the hobby I didn't like the idea of plastic miniatures, but now as someone who plays regularly I really appreciate them. They level of detail allowed in plastic is exceeds metal, the way the miniatures can be put together allow for more dynamic poses, they don't have a tendency to chip, and they don't weigh a tone when you're trying to carry them in a bag. Also, if you ahve classic 80s metal GW stuff, some of those scultps can be worth quite a bit. It's worth checking out the Old Hammer trading sites and ebay to see how much you could get for them. You, er, don't have any wood elves do you?
  5. The Hordes / age of magic project conitnues: I am reminded just how much I hate painting units. Skirmish games FTW.
  6. My "year of getting it done not getting it right" continues:
  7. I'm on holiday atm, and as per usual the urge to get on ebay and find some bargains overcame me. I managed to get some models to plug gaps in my Warmahordes Cygnar and circle forces to use in SAGA: Age of Magic, and in the meantime also rekindled my interest in Warmachine. Lovely.
  8. Following on Cocky's advice about contrast over blending, i tried tosme quick skin on some Hordes models I'm going to use for Age of Magic using the idea of checking from a distance rather than up close.
  9. Made some more progress on my Fremen-themed Haqqislam for Infinity.
  10. So my middle son has really been enjoying our games of Lord of the Rings, but we can't play when his little oddelr brother is around because, well, toddler stngeth and miniatures dont go together. So I thought I'd get him something more self contained for Christmas. I showed him some pictures of Blood Bowl and he's so excited at the prospect I went out the next day and got - as far as i can tell - the last box in melbourne. I don't know who's more excited, him or me. Anyway, last night he came up to me and said, 'Daddy, when we get the football fighty game can you teach me how to paint?' My heart broke. Honestly right now his two brothers have to fight it out for second place.
  11. I got bitten by the nostalgia/oldhammer/midhammer bug recently, and got the urge to pull out my old WHFB stuff i picked up when I started getting back into the hobby 10 years ago. You know, because I didn't have enough in my paint queue. Can you guess which my kids were practicing on? Not old hammer, but it's a solid base to start on. I downloaded a copy of 3rd ed rule book and Warhammer Armie. Next stop is to keep my eyes on the Oldhammer trading sites.
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