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  1. So below are the list of games included in the next poll with some info pics and consoles/systems they are released on. I'd say this is a very tough month as I can see a lot of these appealing to everyone involved. 1. Action in New York aka S.C.A.T. aka Final Mission (1990-92) NES S.C.A.T.: Special Cybernetic Attack Team, also known as Final Mission (ファイナルミッション, Fainaru Misshon) in Japan and Action in New York in Europe and Australia,[1] is a science fiction side-view shoot-'em-up produced by Natsume for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Within PAL-A[permanent dead link] regions, the game was only released in the UK.[2] It was released in Japan in 1990, in North America in 1991, and in the PAL region in 1992. It was also later released on the Virtual Console in the PAL region on February 4, 2011, in North America on February 7, 2011 for the Wii and in the PAL region on December 4, 2014 for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. Essentially this looks like Gradius meets Contra. It also returns for a second stab at the polls. 2. Megaman X (1993) SNES Megaman X needs no real introduction. The X series began on the SNES releasing right at the end of 1993 and is the classic run and gun action game which forces you to work out the best way to progress by giving you the option to choose your own levels. @Sprite Machine recently went through this and made a comment on how this could be one of the hardest final boss moments he's played ever. 3. Super Star Wars (SNES) 1992 Based on the 1977 film Star Wars this was the first entry into the SNES trilogy of Star Wars titles which are all action "run and gun" platformers. It was released in 1992. 4. Super Mario World (1990-91) SNES & GBA One of the most well known platformers ever originating on the SNES and apparently includes a GBA port which I learned about last month. This one returns again for a second wind. 5. Rod-Land (1990) Arcade, Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, Commodore 64, Game Boy, NES, ZX Spectrum, iOS This is one of those proper ancient gems and one I remember playing as a kid on the Atari ST, originating back on the arcade in 1990 and released 91 on the home computers. It's very much a style of game similar to that of Bubble Bobble and the like and has a lot of charm. Doesn't get spoken about nowhere near as much as it should these days. 6. Pop 'n Twinbee (1993) SNES Another one that doesn't get brought up that often, but it's a very well regarded game that fits somewhere in the Parodious world but is a cutesy scrolling vertical shooter. This was one I used to play on my SNES and is probably my favourite shooter of its type just down to the charm. I preferred this over Parodius itself. Time to chose one! There seems to be some sort of bug stopping me from deleting the images below.
  2. Yeah I suppose I was lucky on that one as it dropped straight away and I spotted it. The other one was literally found at the very last moment as I’d finished searching every remaining accessible area (bar the bit you are trying to get to by collecting the item which I tried once and sustained loads of damage but wondered if it was possible with potions), and as I was about to leave realising I now had no idea where to go next, I suddenly tried something out and found it. At that moment I knew this would be an easy miss. I’d seen the chest too somewhere else and tried for like 15 mins to get to it but couldn’t. It hides it a bit too well for an essential item. I was reading up generally about the game after I’d finished it all and trying to get the platinum and it was apparently made with the intention socially discussing findings online. The portal to the final section was one of those penny drops moments when I realised I had a memory of a place that reminded me of the boss fight area. I was stuck there for a while. I remember seeing that place for the first time and think It looked cool as it was unexpected, but being a dark castle in a demonic environment anything goes.
  3. I got that far in and thought , yeah fuck off.
  4. I was going to leave the poll until tomorrow but I’m working from 7 - 11 so won’t get chance so I’ll likely do it later today. Anyone still wanting to drop in a suggestion who hasn’t yet posted please do soon.
  5. @TheShend I remember getting stuck during the same bit. I read up what the trophy was you should have just received recently (likely the last one you got) and the way it was written confused me. It wasn’t until I worked something out a while later that I then understood what the trophy meant...Then I got lost again for a while...
  6. That was the other given title that’s here to stay @Ninja Doctor I’m going to add Mega Man X as I’ve not played many of the MM games despite wanting to get into them more. Think I’ve only ever been through MM2 on the game boy and MM Legends. Oh and I did play through Mighty No9 to completion as well.
  7. Before the next poll goes up, put your nominations in here. All last month’s suggestions will be added to the list automatically. @bum presume you’re going to want Super Star Wars again?
  8. Ah Bumble track. I meant the intro one I’d just listened to on that other thread linked to this one.
  9. That track (from 97) must have been inspired by this. I can hear some similarities there.
  10. Bloodstained. This was my latest game to finish and it seems to have something about it which makes you want to do everything, enough so it was my first ever platinum effort (bar the standard one you get in Batman Telltale for finishing it). There's more involved than just your standard level, but collecting shards which come as random drops from every enemy and give you unique special abilities, then once you have these, they can be further dropped which acts as levelling up. Then you have levelling familiars and getting loot in general. It just makes you want to ensure you regularly kill enemies as there are numerous gains from doing so.
  11. I’ve got the physical version too but I haven’t yet played it. I think I made the decision to get it after reading someone’s write up about it in the games completed thread last year. Big fan of Contra on the SNES.
  12. I was just looking at the Last of us 2 thread and was reminded of something in this game that I thought was cool (something to with a theme for the PS altering depending on time). Nothing new but did anyone notice the way that alchemy guy (forgotten his name) would often say "Staying up late tonight are we". I didn't clock on for a while until I noticed it was only ever when I was playing at night and so must have been synch'd up with the PS4 clock.
  13. @dumpster Yeah I suppose that helps but I personally don’t like having to replay a game a second time if I’ve gone over about the 20 hour mark on the initial play through. I did get into it and by the end you can quickly zip around very easily with the accelerator boost shard and jump infinitely (which I never noticed for ages) by pressing the back step button while in the air. It was good though and for the time it took, it was alright as I’ve played lots of games that clock up more than 50 hours.
  14. That is mental. It obviously has a strange feel to it when considering they merge old 3D material with live footage, but some of those close ups are incredible.
  15. I've just been reading the last 5 or 6 pages or so as I've not really wanted to spoil much until now and kind of agree with the way it sucks you in and has this effect of making you want to do everything. I'm not sure if it's the fact that it didn't feel too difficult for me to get 100% of the map and shows up lots of different %'s for various other stats. I think also having a false ending then going on to do the proper one makes you feel like you've already committed yourself a little followed by the 100% map completion. Then of course it's onto the shards and before you know it, you're thinking well I may as well. The bit that really became a chore though was trying to finish off all the remaining food crafting items and then finally for me, getting the last of the equipable items. It surprised me by just how high the % figures are on the trophies though as a whole. Like the Platinum itself is something like 17% which to me is crazy. It might be because I'm used to seeing a lot of PS+ games which lower the figures drastically, but generally for a game like this, I'd have expected it to be much lower considering the grind. I finished it on about 37 hours then spent another 15 or so mopping everything else up. I panicked a bit when trying to do the last trophy which involved drop kicking an enemy and the one I saw used as an example on a video (to get it done quickly because by this point I just wanted the platinum so bad) I realised my power was too high to involved 10 downward kicks in a row. Fortunately this is easily remedied messing with items and equipping a particular ring.
  16. 52 hours in and I finally got the platinum.
  17. I tried putting a DC list together of 20 without using sequels as additional entries. Dreamcast Soul Calibre Jet Set Radio Power Stone Sonic Adventure Resident Evil Code Veronica Crazy Taxi Rez Shen Mue virtul fighter 3tb Street Fighter Third Strike Marvel Vs Capcom 2 Skies of Arcadia House of the Dead Space Channel 5 Phantasy Star Online Ikaruga Chu chu rocket Grandia 2 Capcom vs Snk Dynamite Cop
  18. So I take it this was one that a lot of you played originally in the arcade? Nobody mentioned the NES conversion which surprised me but then we had more computer conversions and master system owners in the UK. Going to assume that’s the reason maybe. I shudder at the thought of returning to a platform with up for jump.
  19. I never ended up getting chance to play Shadow Dancer as I’ve been hooked on Bloodstained most of Jan so decided to not take part. Might try and get the NES version of this though.
  20. I've no idea how on earth to remove the content at the bottom of the spoiler. It's like I can't select it at all.
  21. This month is quite special because it marks a whole year that the Retro Game Club thing has existed right back when @Ninja Doctor kick off with the first thread with Link's Awakening. I thought I'd see if I could try and continue it on each month and hopefully many of you have enjoyed taking part, even if it's only for some of the month's selections. To commemorate the progress of the year, I've linked back to every thread over the previous 11 months so. Green Beret This time it looks like we had quite a mix in decisions across the board and while I initially was planning to choose Mario, I decided to vote for something I didn't know much about (Action in New York) although that turned out to be the only game with no other votes other than myself. Anyway the winning game Green Beret was chosen and was going to by my second choice so I'm happy to see it make it through. I tried to insert an image of the poll but the forum wasn't for having it. 17 voted and of those, 5 voted the winning game. Now I personally know nothing about it, and have only ever heart the title mentioned in here a few times in the past but it's a multi-platform run and gun style action game. I'm going to assume most people know the NES game or the C64 title. There are plenty of options with this one and after quickly looking at the Arcade earlier, I thought the NES game across better as far as the sound goes. So who's playing this month then? Retro Game Club Historic Threads
  22. I'm just getting the new thread together now.
  23. I'm very close to getting the platinum trophy on this, something I never do and haven't ever gone for in any game before aside from some shorter one's which don't have platinums. There's a bit of tedious crafting and searching about in menus for things at this point as there are so many items to get. I had an annoying bug which left me at 99% shard collection completion rate where the actual shard I needed, I'd already collected and had a shard sign against the enemy who dropped it. I even remember having it but it wasn't in my list and never counted. Gaining it a second time fixed the problem. Seemed to read up someone else had a very similar situation. Highly annoying. Must have spent about 51 hours or so on this now and just have about 4 weapons to craft and one other trophy to get.
  24. Just a heads up that the poll will end in 3 hours so if you haven't voted yet now is the best time.
  25. Yeah Cosmic Smash does look cool. I'd probably have to emulate it if there's no other way of getting it. I'm not sure what to go for yet myself but I'm kinda toying between Green Beret and Action in New York.
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