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  1. I’ve fired up my ps2 for the first time in about 7 years or so last night and been playing Siren for the first time. It’s hard slow and clunky but it’s quite the survival horror game indeed. I remember my official pad pad giving me me jip before and had the fun of playing a game like this while occasional random button presses interfered like a poltergeist. Tried talking it apart to look but I can’t really see what’s wrong with it. I have another pad but that one is an unofficial one which works ok but some of the buttons are a bit sticky on action and aren’t reliable unless press
  2. I didn't get the PS3 till late 2011 so I missed out on the first 4 or 5 years or so but I think it was a good time because by this point a lot of content had become available and lots more was coming out. It was still during the lifetime of the system itself so I wouldn't really use that as a proper example in response to this thread. A few I can think of have also been discussed on here. Back in 2010 or so I think it was I ended up being given a Dreamcast by a mate and I just went down the swap disc method of trying stuff out. It really was a decent console and loved Code Veronic
  3. I actually have a different view to the linear scaling as you go through a game. I often don't mind the changes because it can be used to create an artificial fear that it's going to be harder after just fighting a really tough battle only to find the relief upon realising the boss after was actually a bit easier. This has sometimes also been used on final boss battles where the final form appears right after the hardest moment and you are thinking to yourself "oh fuck off" but then it's a breeze. Generally though I've liked never to have known what to expect as that's what I enjo
  4. I watched a video on why you don’t see many mirrors being used in games and it was down to the whole rendering two rooms at the same time. Also DN must have been the first. What about the first game where you could flush a toilet or use a sink? Would that have been Duke as well?
  5. I always assumed Fear Effect was the first. It was the first time I’d seen this sort of thing anyway but looking at the dates, both games came out 2000. Had a quick look on the wiki and It does mention it’s one of the first. Also I’m sure I remember coming across that bullet time style thing on this when I saw it trailered upon release. I know as far as bullet time goes, Max Payne was all over popularizing this one as the first but I’m sure it’s seen visually on Fear Effect somewhere. The cover has that Matrix look about it with the way the female protagonist is holding her gun.
  6. There's a guy in he trade folder who's currently selling a massive list of stuff that was given to him recently from a friend/family member who passed away. I've seen Metal Slug 5 on his list and afaik I don't think anyone has asked for it yet. I myself have just bought a couple of PS2 titles from him and haven't gotten anything on that console for quite a few years now. He was selling Siren and Siren 2 for the PS2 and those are one's I've always wondered about but know next to little around them. I've actually got a few other games on the PS2 I haven't touched and haven't really fired it up i
  7. I remember seeing that chest when i was around the tower area trying to figure out how to get to it and spent a good 15 mins or so trying to work out how to get to it as it was so close yet so far. It was only after giving up and leaving the area that it clicked and took me by surprise. It surprised me even more when I realised what the item was as I knew it could have been easily missed.
  8. I saw it on LRG the other day and noticed the collectors editions were like $200. There were two separate volumes too which I’ve noticed has become more of a thing to spread out the cost to make more not to mention the millions of variations of editions like the rerelease or Super Turrican 2 on a snes cartridge. Its a cool game series but ive only really a limited experience with it. I did used to the play old ones on the ST years ago and had both SNES games in my wildcard. Super Turrican I got as far as a stage with a train on and lost all my lives and every continue on that one
  9. I just watched a YT video of someone reviewing that episode after reading you're comment @Dig Dug. It's quite hilarious his depiction when he eventually appears as a giant head (with a jesus like look but also quite like BM himself) and claims to have the universe record when finding out his world record has been beaten.
  10. I haven’t yet played this either aside from the demo of the first game when it was getting released. Always wanted to get it and missed it. Because I’d the nature of me wanting to play them in order stopped me from getting any others, I haven’t touched a single one.
  11. Or equally add another one next to the existing one.
  12. I was quite pleased to see the advantage I gained through one of their inadequacies when I realised the other week that all my PS3 ps+ titles (not that I have many) still work fine despite cancelling my account with them 18 months ago. I’m happy I can still go back to my digital copy of Tokyo Jungle again whenever I want with no padlock sign taunting me.
  13. I do almost decided to buy that game at the time because despite not even owning a wii u, it was def a game I’d be interested in owning and knew it only had a physical release over here and not in the us. Project Zero that is.
  14. I thought this was going to be a post of AVGN’s new Crash Test Dummies vid he posted yesterday.
  15. I dislike knowing how far I am though a game. I dislike seeing predictable patterns that tell me as well like I know I need one more slot or there’s only two space left in the list of chapters. I much prefer it to be less predictable.
  16. For about two mins I read the title as Hyper Scrape, think yeah that really is weird as fuck name. So when it came to realising what it really is called, it wasn’t quite as bad.
  17. I think there’s a difference between starting a game again from scratch, often on another platform entirely and returning to the same game file you originally started. For instance I can say I still haven’t finished Secret of Mana as I got to the last boss but didn’t beat it as I wasn’t sure at the time to to damage it and then lost my save file due to how I used a wildcard and saving on the system itself which was temporary. I now have a SNES mini and at somebody point I’ll likely have another pop at it making it at least about 25 years. Dragon Quest VIII took me about 2 years be
  18. Hahah I just spent 2 mins starting at that before continuing to scroll getting angry myself at how annoyingly shit that photo looks. I’m into graphics design and art as well so it obviously is going to irk me. It’s a mess.
  19. That’s really cool. @Qazimod it needs to be refined as a process and that’s an example of fine tuning something that may seem super insignificant, but really useful to know and sticks we me in a lot of games. A friend of mine is playing Star Ocean 5 atm as I decided to buy it based on him getting it so we could have a discussion over it like it was new or something. So he doesn’t work and has a lot of time to sink where as I tend to be busy so I get 5 hours in and tell him where I’m up to and he laughs and tells me his characters have reached level 33 and he’s now 120 hours into t
  20. This feature I mention I wouldn’t say is a massively important one for the majority but it bugs me personally. Currently I’m playing an older game, Star Ocean 5 from about a decade ago and I’m sure it’s not the only one like this but I hate not being able to pause the game & having the in-game clock pause too. What’s more with this game is that if you reset and put it back on an hour later say after making tea, then there’s a bonus board you can build up during encounter fights to achieve additional bonuses like exp which disappears and needs to be started from scratch again
  21. 100% agree. Loved the game and got the platinum trophy for it and cannot be arsed with any of this DLC. Would much prefer a new game.
  22. If this is ok then I’m also playing a 12 year old game from 2008 too. Just recently started up Star Ocean : The Last Hope (correction 11 years, 2009 - the original thread on here is from 2008) Haven’t played enough to properly make my mind up with it but I’ve literally only just started battling with over 3 hour on the clock gone. It looks a bit ropey graphically compared to the few other JRP’s I’ve been through on the PS3. Acting is horrendous and I’m thinking of switching to Japanese voices and usually I have a high tolerance to this sort of thing. I did try to resur
  23. Rise again... I’ve just bought the original international version a few days ago and just started playing. Not even bothered with the remastered version as I wanted a physical copy. A mate of mine told me he’d ordered it to start and it’s been on my “to-play-one-day” list so I thought I might just start it at the same time he does. It’s been a while since I played SO, probably around 2005 when I went through Till the End of Time on the PS2. I personally got really into that game but it was also one of the first ps2 games I played so you tend to remember those fondly.
  24. I was recently looking into Trails of Cold Steel as I was thinking about picking up a new JRPG soon (turns out I’ve today gone for Star Ocean The last Hope on PS3 anyway) and it’s kind of intrigued me because I know there are a few like 4 of them or something. Also the PS3 games are both on the PS4 as well, enhanced. Now about two weeks ago I started watching a video on YT where some guy talks about “Why you should play all the other trails games first and points out an order and extensive lore”. I heard that the best version to play of Trails in the Sky is the PC port which came
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