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    Playing games both new and old, making music particularly DnB, recording the Ban Hammer Podcast gaming show with Levi. The hardcore nature of being in the army, Pizza's always nice too.

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  1. Valfaris Valhalla Valheim Is there some subconscious trend going on here? I know they are entirely diffeeent games but still. We need a 90’s run and gun now called ValKillner Oh and I think I’m gonna pick both this up and Huntdown with all the talk on both lately over here.
  2. Yeah definitely, while I do enjoy the modern combinations of old skool and new ideas like that, there’s a place for well made authentic looking arcade action. I wanna see a Sunset Riders sequel in this style.
  3. I don’t think they need to use the whole “arcade” thing are they aren’t arcade games at all but SNES console titles. It just makes it more look like intentional misleading when it doesn’t need to be. It’s not a big issue though obviously. Ironically I was quick to click on here because I was scratching my head trying to work out what “arcade” games Blizzard could have made when I saw the thread title. Ive played all three of these and they aren’t too bad but not sure i’d Want to go back again. Maybe Rock n Roll Racing as I loved the music and it played great and is a good co-op g
  4. I’d forgotten I’d already seen this thread as I’d already posted the OP. Huntdown got mentioned in another thread recently when discussing authentic pixel art games. Id probably wanna get this as a physical copy id if it does happen one day on a limited run. I have the Blazing Chrome one already.
  5. Hadn't realised I'd made a Metroid thread until I saw this. Bloody hell it's an old one. Don't think I went back to the original Metroid after, however a couple of years back or so I did finally get to re-visit Super Metroid via my SNES Mini and it instantly elevated even above Zelda LttP for me which I previously rated the other way around. I loved it so much and what interested me is how I noticed a strong connection with the original Residen Evil as in I can see things in this game that were influenced by Super Metroid. The plant boss music is so alike one of the sound tracks on RE that the
  6. February 3. Celeste (PS4) - Farewell DLC 10/02/2021 This is another I've finally managed to get back to and finish off after deciding to take a break for a long while as it's so intense and far more difficult than the main game. Just to get proper access to the DLC you are required to do all the b-sides and collect all the hearts from every chapter prior to it, and that's not easy to do at all. I know it's possible to change the difficulty by tweaking settings but I was very reluctant to do so and in the end refrained completely. I thought I was actually quite close to
  7. February 2. - Forbidden Siren 2 (PS2) 02/02/2021 I've started creating a backlog of completed games to write up so I've got a few, but the main game I finished a few weeks ago was the PS2 game (on the console itself) Siren 2. In fact I'll talk a bit about both Siren 1 & 2 because I went through that later on last year but never updated the thread. Siren is quite an obscure, in fact very obscure and forward thinking survival horror title that's mostly forgotten about or unknown generally, however is in some respects an amazing series, but at the sam
  8. Soulstar


    Yeah I had a massive break between returning back to it a week ago or so and hadn’t touched it in at least 7 or 8 months or so. With it being the DLC and the massive build up to simply gain access to it in the first place with everything you have to do before hand made it more important for me to want to get to the end. With the C side stuff the pressure isn’t there anymore. I decided to pick up Limbo yesterday for something of a completely different pace.
  9. Soulstar


    @Sabreman it finally happened, yesterday I managed to do it and finish Farewell!! Funnily enough I got so comfortable with that last screen that I went back later and did it again within a few mins. My finishing time was around 93 hours or so with 20800 deaths so very very similar to yours. I did end up with almost 10k on farewell alone and 37 hours towards it. Earlier I loaded it back up and had a bit of a play around with C-Side and have done the first two of those (getting two yellow hearts) although unsure if I’ll bother doing it all as I really wanted to get the D
  10. Unofficial projects like the Metroid 2 remake in a SM stylistic presentation. Streets of Rage Remix, that famously bastard hard modded Mario game, many mods and the whole mod scene. Even the translation scene and games that just never got it done eg Aeon Genesis. The home brew scene. Those games you see @Unofficial Who post up in the Retro section that nobody has heard of but look awesome.
  11. Soulstar


    I think I’m very very close now. I’ve got to the looooong as f**k screen with the parachute and electricity. Spent a while trying to do all the first bits then it takes you up and round past the stars and fish and after hitting a switch I’ve dropped down and got close to a feather.
  12. Siren is a good one for atmosphere and was made I think by the person who did SH1. It's hard to get your head around but I've just been through the first two games very recently. There's a PS3 version but I've yet to check that one out. It has SH vibes about it definitely but it's also very unique however does take a lot of patience.
  13. Soulstar


    It really never seems to end this game. I got past that screen thinking the musical blocks were the final point but no another sub chapter awaited throwing everything from previous stages at you this time flying that bird and hitting elective boxes. I’ve done loads of these screens now but one I’m at is testing me badly. It’s one where you have to do lots of wave dashes and there are falling columns of stone and it’s super hard to get to the end but the final one the bird drops you off and I never get the extra dash and never make the gap. I hate wave dash with a passion. I’ve gotten so much b
  14. Soulstar


    I went back again a few days back and got past that screen which led to a bunch of other insanely difficult ones including one with wave dashing across multiple platforms against the wind and the bloody spring boards right after. I thought I’d was closer to the end than I actually was but I’ve not long started the final bit doing the clock ticking coloured platforms bit. There’s one that requires a couple of wave dashes at the beginning and then some other ridiculous maneuvers that I’ve struggled on massively. I considered the whole getting another controller to see if it helps th
  15. Nice I wasn’t aware of Huntdown.
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