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    Playing games both new and old, making music particularly DnB, recording the Ban Hammer Podcast gaming show with Levi. The hardcore nature of being in the army, Pizza's always nice too.

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  1. Haha this was my exact reaction when I just clicked on the thread.
  2. Soulstar

    Recommend me 'git gud' games!

  3. Soulstar

    Reading Challenge 2018

    1. Ready Player One - Earnest Cline 2. Dark Matter - Blake Crouch 3. Artemis - Andy Weir Certainly not winning any awards with the challenge but can now add another finished book to my super short list. Technically Artemis is the 4th one I’ve been reading as I started Earnest Cline’s Armada but didn’t finish it. Artemis is pretty good and focuses on technical finesse in the science of technology in a way that the guy who wrote the story displays an impressive level of expertise in the field he’s writing about. It’s the same guy who wrote The Martian but I never watched that film or read that book. The story is about an underground rogue operation which goes terribly wrong on a futuristic city on the moon. Andy manages to really visualise the setting in a very realistic manner, and while story itself is pretty good, it’s the way he describes the way things work in great detail that stands out for me. You’ll understand exactly how welding procedures or valve gates work after this. “Attention to detail”as one of the back page quotes puts it.
  4. Soulstar

    What games did you complete? 2018 Edition

    I did the same thing this year too and tried to go through hard for a while, and although it's brutally difficult, I did manage to get to the last boss on one go with it. It's such an excellent game.
  5. Soulstar

    Games that get under your skin

    The Mass Effect Trilogy certainly for me because my cousin had bought the box set for me and had played and banged on about it for a few years before I tested it out. I played through all the games over the course of a year and did all the side missions for the them all. I also enjoyed how I created a custom female shepherd character who looked the part and reminded me of Sigourney Weaver in the Aliens type of outfit. I grew to love the characters and kept with the decisions I made throughout rather than changing anything to keep it organic and flowing as is or as was rather. Deus Ex the original had deep pull on me and got better when I'd talk about it to friends who also played it. Until that point I'd only really played up to a PS1 and the odd N64, but with Deus Ex, it was one of the first few games I played on a PC. Theif was played right before that, and even that was decent. It just blew anything away I'd experienced before. The whole gritty world, the story and the music are excellent. Fallout 3 & 4 Fallout 3 was the first game of the series I played and the first game I played on the PS3. It sucked me in and felt like my own unique experience. FO4 may have had complaints for a lot of people, but for me the reason I got so engrossed this time and enough to say I likely experienced an even better game was largely down to the fact that this was also my first PS4 title I got and I tried it out on survival mode. It was cruel beyond belief at times and I lost at least 100 hours through deaths alone and played and additional 250 hours on the clock of progress making it by far the longest game I'd ever played. Not fast travelling really added to it and only being able to save in specific locations creating moments where the panic was real. I'd say that was better in the earlier half when I was weak and things were far more of a threat. Mines and grenades though would be the bane of deaths until eventually overcoming it all with the ability to not set the mines off, but then that's when the experience changes and isn't as on edge as it was. I also got into the limitations of illnesses and things like insomnia and managing food/water.
  6. Looks cool and something I think I might jump on board with and check out myself. Hope it goes well as you can’t beat a bit of the old physical.
  7. Soulstar

    What games did you complete? 2018 Edition

    October 16. Another World (1991/2011/14) PS4 - 02/10/2018 After a long stint on FFXII it feels good to return to some shorter games with this being the first one I've ticked off. Another World, originally released in 1991 was remastered for ios with the ability to switch between original and polished graphical aesthetic before eventually getting ported to the PS4 in 2014. Despite owning an ST back in the day, I'm pretty sure I never got the chance to play this but I do remember the name. It's possible my uncle owned this but not me as I just cannot remember playing it. Another World was a short but sweet adventure which made me smile, mainly because it just looks great for the time and introduces many little things which keep it fresh and keep you pondering how to get to the next section. Just like many similar style affairs such as Abe's Odyssey or Heart of Darkness, you're constantly figuring out how to make it onward without getting destroyed. Occasionally, the checkpoints can feel a little distant, but most often it's a simple of case of getting back into the action from where you left off once you fail, and fail you will, over and over. I personally played it with no idea of what to expect going into it, and that is what made it feel great as I slowly learned the controls as I went along purely by accident on some occasions. It doesn't get boring as new ideas are always being thrown at you in terms of how to progress, and this keeps it challenging. There were a few moments that seemed impossible only to realise it was something less intuitive like run but don't attempt to jump at any stage and all those lasers flying past won't kill you. The bit with the grenades and the floor explosion was another less obvious moment. It took about 4 hours, but I got through without referring to any guides in the end, which I felt was quite surprising as being a true old skool title, I thought it was going to end up much tougher that it was. I do love though that no matter how helpless the situation can seem, there's always an easy solution to get past. It's about trial and error and playing in different ways and trying new things. I'd played Flashback on the SNES before, but never this and it looks and plays great. I'll tell you what I didn't like though... the new graphical overhaul, which is just as well that they easily allow you to switch it backwards and forwards with the touch of a single button. Granted, some of the screens do add a few nice touches to detail, but a lot of it just felt jarring in a way that reminded me of cheap flash games. There are some areas which outright miss details that are in the original pixelated look and as a result feel emptier, or feel like a bunch of bland shapes. I also kept the whole sound on original too as I wanted that lo-fi sound which matches the original look. Overall this is one of those classic works of art from the past which you just have to appreciate and is perfectly playable to this day, translating very well to the PS4 and its controller. It isn't long but what it does, it does well and has great atmosphere. Definitely recommend. 8/10 17. Beyond Two Souls (2013) PS4 - 15/10/2018 I've only ever played Farenheit of all David Cage's games to date, and whilst some have been quite negative about this particular title, I actually thought it was quite good, but took me a while to get into but picks up as it goes along. I wasn't quite sure whether I liked the chronology or not in terms of the way the original mode plays through its scenes, but realised that it must have been done this way which becomes clear in a particular scene right at the end of the game . Initially I was irritated by a lot of the interactive actions scenes as a lot felt difficult to gauge in the tiny window of opportunity as to just what direction you're supposed to press in order to miss getting battered about. Later though I changed my mind on this, as it makes it more about instant intuition and forces you to think quickly, but makes it less predictable and adds more of a challenge than just telling you what to do each time like all other quick time events. In the end, there's never a wrong decision and the scene will carry on regardless, but by forcing you to act on purely what's going on adds to the adrenaline rush. It isn't too long or too short and at a guess I'm going to say probably took me between 12-15 hours or so to finish. I was also quite satisfied with how it ended and felt there were quite a few interesting moments toward the final sections. There are moments where it feels like you're slowed down and forced to do mundane tasks such as cooking, but parts like the infiltration op in Africa played out quite interestingly. Of course there are some moments which also make you think, why not just do it this way, but the game forces you to do something else. I'm referring to the abilities Aiden has, such as only being able to float through a door, when he can technically float through any object, or why can't I just possess this person to get past and only do it for specific people. It is a game though, and that would make the whole experience boring, so I can understand why there are some restrictions in place, but I can guarantee other people are thinking the same thing. For me though I enjoyed it. 8/10
  8. Soulstar

    Super Nintendo Appreciation Thread

    Very unlikely. I don't remember getting to that section though without having the capability to defeat it. There was a bit I remember getting stuck with for a while until I noticed that one of the corridors could be destroyed as it's made of glass and is underwater. There are so many hidden areas so you have probably missed something.
  9. Soulstar

    Super Nintendo Appreciation Thread

    I never really got into the Adams Family games probably because there were too difficult. The first one I had on the ST and I used to play it with a cheat but I’m pretty sure I’d eventually get stuck having no idea where to go. So long ago I can’t remember a lot. Pugsey’s Scavebger Hunt I played a bit on the SNES as a mate had it but I never got far. What I did get into though was the Adams Family Values game which was more of a Zelda/Action RPG style game. Think I eventually got stuck but got quite far into it. Definitely gonna have to go back to that game one day. DKC looks great and I loved it when last returning back, but was taken back by how good the snow sections look. It’s going to be a bit fuzzy round the edges, especially on a large TV that isn’t crt but it still looks and plays nicely to me and I prefer it over the modern ones.
  10. Soulstar

    Arcade club - Bury

    I just went there again last night and haven’t been for over a year, but this time also got to try out the newer floor they installed for the first time. A few things have been rearranged but it’s certainly looking more impressive than ever. It felt like I was visiting again for the first time and there was so much there I didn’t even see half of the stuff as I got stuck on to playing things. The lower floor has load last of Japanese rhythm games and begins to feel like you’re in Tokyo when you are stood around It all. I’m not really a beat game person but they are quite cool. I noticed that they have a lot more staff now than previously and lots to get in terms of refreshments at decent prices. Both floors have bars which is cool and you can get food from both I think. Even the entrance to the main building has a new reception with a walk in merch and sweets shop replacing the original desk/counter on the top floor. Its also clearly very popular as there were a lot of people on both floors and the whole car park was full when we got there. It’s still £15 for both floors and 10 for the one. BAC is seriously one of the most impressive places in the UK for arcade and gaming in general. I was called the biggest arcade in Europe before that second floor was even created so go figure.
  11. Soulstar

    What games did you complete? 2018 Edition

    September 15. Final Fantasy XII : Zodiac Age (2006/2017) PS4 - 24/09/2018 It's been an age since I last posted a finished game in here and while part of that has been down to starting a new job and having far less time, FFXII has taken up 151 hours of my time before I finally saw the credits roll. I'd been sick of PS+ piling up new stock continually and decided I'd buy something I specifically wanted to try out, which combined with the lack of a solid internet connection, helped me to keep full attention on this one without straying once. For me this was how I used to do games before venturing into the free monthly games thing and I think I'm going to continue with that approach. FFXII happened to be the next title in the main series I'd been ready to start, aside from XI which I've left out for the obvious reason of being an older online only MMO. It must have been a fair few years since FFX and X-2 were finished too, so now felt about right to move onto this. I did once actually buy it on the PS2 but left it unplayed for years, and decided that I'd wait for its eventual re-release which then got announced some years back, meaning that I'd just go straight to Zodiac Age when it came out, and whilst it's been out for a bit now, I just happened to grab it from a fellow on here a few months ago. So...how did I find the experience of FF XII? It's certainly different from any of the others I've played so far, and I would say it took time to grow on me. I also still prefer X to XII overall and felt with that one I was more bound to the story and the character development and general world itself. That isn't to say there's anything wrong with this one, as the general performance is pretty good, but it kind of reminds me of when I went from FFVII to VIII, where things feel a bit less fantasy and more realistic with a bit of a duller story about kingdoms. I'd seen people talk about the shallowness of the characters in terms of exploring their story arcs, and yeah I have to agree there. The main character you start with isn't the main hero like most games, but then that also makes it feel a bit fresh. I'd say it's more about Ashe, but still it doesn't go deep enough. The clear focus on the game is the gameplay itself, and this is reason it took longer for me to get into because I'm all about the involving stories. One of the main things you do in this game is search and find boss fights, many of which are in the form of 45 hunt battles, 44 of which I did until the game decided it would ask me if I wanted to do New Game + and then wipe entirely over my last save which was highly annoying. I felt like in the early moments of the game, I was following more of the story, but as you play more and attempt to do the extra bits and revisit areas, more and more things start to happen. The good thing about these hunts is that they aren't always straight forward to get to and you have to figure out how to coax it out, or work on some additional story element in order to get there. The gambit system took a bit of time to get my head around, but once it's in place then you'll find it's actually a godsend. Yes, it does sometimes feel like it plays itself, but your focus is on fighting the difficult battles and figuring out how best to take them down. There are also other fights like the optional espers which often tend to require some additional though and careful strategy, but they always seemed to mix things up in unexpected ways to keep you on your toes. An example would be the Exodus esper which came out of nowhere after I was exploring a puzzle, trying to work out what a bunch of hot springs did in an area, eventually leading me to this fight on a high mountain. It started out easy enough, but then puts an item ban on your entire party, and when you lose your only two characters who raise people, it gets dangerous quickly. But from this moment, I found the genius plan of using a feature I'd never checked out before which sacrifices one character to bring back another, and this in turn saved my entire party and allowed me to win the 40 min long battle. That was one, but there were many like this with some lasting almost two hours (Gilgamesh second fight being an example). It eventually started to turn the game into what reminded me of Dark Souls, and strangely I have this feeling I've read someone point this out on here a long time ago. That's when the gameplay element of taking down these boss characters became the main focus of the game, and as I went further into the story, I'd find myself revisiting the next story progression less and less often. The game is very large and can feel repetitive at times, but the biggest godsend they added to Zodiac Age for me has been the 4X speed button. I'd originally started without it then moved to the X2 speed before using the fastest one only and very frequently, but it's great for getting to and from places quickly and taking down enemies to build up XP a lot quicker. The fact I've STILL managed to spend 151 hours on it with most but a few bosses to do makes me think how insane it would have been for me on the PS2, and I think it's possible I'd have gotten fed up and left it unfinished. The music grew on me more as I played too and I think the re-mastered orchestral stuff is really well done for the most of it, while some of the original scores are nice to listen to as well. I found myself switching back and forth on occasion just to mix things up and I've also found myself continually humming music from the game in my head over and over for months (annoyingly). FFX Return To Zanarkand is still far better though and much better than the title screen music to this one, although that grew a little as I heard it more. I'd pretty much done the majority of battles in the game aside from about 3 espers of 16 and another hunt, and losing that last save has pissed me off a bit. I do have another one but it's likely a few hours behind and means doing all that stuff where shadowbringer or whatever it's called is located on unknown floor. I did enjoy the fact that I found pretty much everything I did without having to resort to a guide either, and that's probably where the added time came from, as I'd continually discover new things. The plan was to finish it then resort to a guide to find out remaining battles and things I'd missed out on just because I'd managed to do so much already. Overall It's not a bad game at all, and was enjoyable, if not a bit overly long for me, but then again I was attempting to do the extras on my own. I did feel hugely overpowered for the main storyline eventually by going off and fighting these optional bosses, but they were the bits that I gained most satisfaction from anyway. The class system worked out really good for me, as I managed to get every class attached between all 6 characters, but did get a bit confused as to why I couldn't fill in all the spaces on the board. It just got to a point where there were no objects to reveal, despite there clearly being blank squares with details of abilities you could learn from them. Another thing I liked was the way that every character had a detailed story written about them as you fought enemies. It does get tedious after a while, as there are sooooo many of them, but I found myself reading a lot. I'd write more but it's getting quite long as it is so I'll leave it there. I will say though that it was really good to finally get this played and looks very nice overall considering it's from 2006 on the PS2. verdict: 8/10
  12. Shame to see it go but really would I give a fuck...probably not.
  13. Soulstar

    Lord of the Rings PS2 not working

    Most PS2 games are DVD and are the regular ones that aren’t noticeable by the bottom layer colour which shows up as blue on the disc. Can’t imagine that LOtR would be a CD as it’s usually sprite games and things with very little involved like the pinball game I own and the sprite shooters. Ive got the issue with no CD’s playing on my system though no matter which one I chose but DVD’s all play fine (vast majorly of games I own).
  14. Soulstar

    Forgotten bangers

    I was trying to post Rodland the other day but struggled getting the link to work. I do also think this should be posted too.
  15. Soulstar

    Forgotten bangers


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