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    Playing games both new and old, making music particularly DnB, recording the Ban Hammer Podcast gaming show with Levi. The hardcore nature of being in the army, Pizza's always nice too.

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  1. Was a toss up between Dragon’s Fury, Mega Man X and Doom for. Decided to go for Mega Man X in the end as I didn’t vote for it last month despite originally nominating it.
  2. Well another really tricky month as this lot all seems like a great choice to go for. I'm drawn to Dragon's Fury as I've been playing pinball recently over on Surrogate.tv that Wizcat posted. Doom would be great to return back to, especially for me the PS1 version as I'd love to listen to that music again. I played the Saturn version originally but the frame rate is awful. Rainbow Islands I haven't played since the Atari ST days and it's such a great game. Kuru Kuru Kururin sounds really intriguing and it was only recently I was watching Irritating Stick being played on a speed run and I had this urge to try it out. Wondering if this would be similar in some ways. Megaman X was one of the ones I nominated last month and I've been after playing this having never checked it out before. Finally Super Mario World is on my SNES Mini and easy for me to quickly get on, and at the same time is one I haven't been back to since the 90's. I'm going to sit on it for a bit I think.
  3. The six games picked at random this time are as follows (in order of being selected) :- 1. Rainbow Islands 1987 (Various 8bit systems and Arcade) The classic vertical jumper platform that everyone here knows and loves. 2. Dragon's Fury (Megadrive/Genesis) Aka Devil's Crush on PC Engine/Turbo Gfx) 1990/92 I once played the SNES game Jaki Crush and had forgotten what Dragon's Fury actually was until I saw the screen shots today. Really interesting pinball game from the beginning of the 90's which originally came out as Devil's Crush (Crash in Japan) on the PC Engine/Turbo Gfx and was later ported to the Megadrive and renamed to Dragon's Fury. 3. Mega Man X (SNES) 1993 Returns again for a second wind in the polls. Everyone know's what this is. 4. Kuru Kuru Kururin (GBA) 2001 A game about guiding a rotating stick through a maze without it touching the sides. Kind of reminds me of Irritating stick on the PS1 from the sounds of things. I've never played it myself so don't know enough to comment on it. It's finally made it to the poll though after being nominated several times. 5. Super Mario World (SNES) 1990 I think this game has come up three times in a row now consecutively in the polls. It's certainly keen to hang on there anyway. Possibly for the last time too?!? 6. Doom (every device with a screen) 1993 Good to see this classic come through, nominated originally last month but never made it to the polls until now. It's a good flexible choice if we're talking about playing a game that spans multiple platforms, even a printer iirc. So there you go, choose the one you wish to see the most win April's RGC title.
  4. It's not in the poll fortunately/unfortunately. I have the 6 and just adding them to the thread now.
  5. Ok looking at the total nomination's we've got Doom, Super Star Wars, Kuku Kuku Kururin, Bomb Jack, Megaman X, Super Mario World, Dragon's Fury - March Nominations all returning. Mystical Ninja, Metro-Cross, Rainbow Islands, Momotaro Katsugeki, Skies of Arcadia and Kuru Kuru Kururin (appearing again) - April Nominations. Six of these will end up in the poll.
  6. Well I don't see any harm in adding it to the list anyway. I'll try and get the poll up today if I can but I'm at work all day.
  7. Probably, it took me 12 months to get Celeste.
  8. Oh right, I had no idea it started back then, but generally the one people remember is the SNES game. With those translations of the later SNES games and the thread you started made me want to try it out again. I've only ever played or attempted to play the Japanese version of the original back when I got hold of it on the SNES in the 90's. Couldn't get very far as I felt I needed to know what was going. It's one of those classics though I definitely want to check out at some point. @DeDeDe
  9. @Tomcat Are we going with Starwars again? What happened to the "Bum" alias? I get a proper head fuck when names are changed on here.
  10. @DeDeDe The first game then on the SNES unless I'm missing something? And yeah, re-nominate Kuru Kuru Kururin if you like as it will only mean it's got more chance of getting selected with it having last month's entry and this month's together as two nominations of the same game. Surprised I haven't yet heard Super Starwars come up again.
  11. I'd actually love to play Skies of Arcadia but probably have to resort to emulation as my DC doesn't load up games anymore. Still annoys me to this day because it happened after lending the console to someone who then never told me it had stopped working until I was around his house and asked if he was using it still. I've tried to mess with the speed thing for the spindle and didn't ever get any success. Would love to get that working somehow. Oh and after looking up the game on ebay just out of curiosity, I spot a photo that would probably fit nicely in Ridiculously Unjustified Prices thread. £3000 because it's signed. @Ninja Doctor
  12. Very oddly this game crossed my mind (no pun intended) as I was thinking of games I used to play pre-SNES days when I owned an Atari St. I haven’t really been bothered about going back to them but when Rodland came up last time, I thought I’d probably be up for checking that again then remembered quite a few others even if they were ridiculously hard. @ulala Rainbow Islands sounds good and I’m surprised it hasn’t been mentioned already. I don’t think Bubble Bobble has either although I might be wrong. @Camel Intrigued to find out more on what this one’s about as I’ve never heard of it before.
  13. I think I want to go for the original Mystical Ninja for my next nomination.
  14. I think it's about that time to put up some suggestions for the next poll as this month comes to a close. As usual there's a few already reserved from last month, just add some new ideas to the mix and of course if you wish, you can re-nominate an existing previous choice you had gone for before (unless it's already won a poll). Six chosen at random for the poll.
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