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    Playing games both new and old, making music particularly DnB, recording the Ban Hammer Podcast gaming show with Levi. The hardcore nature of being in the army, Pizza's always nice too.

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  1. Of course, lube is life That fruit in the glass is actually a lemon.
  2. For me I’d say that while the scale of things going on in the background was increased in 3, I was referring more to the 70’s and 80’s sci-fi influence and colour scheme, grittiness and also the music itself which was more synth based vs orchestral, a theme more present In the earlier days of ME. I also loved the mystery of it all at this point with it being so early on. Everything felt overwhelmingly new. I just did a bit of research into ME now and it talks about improvements to the colour scheme from 1 into 2. To Summarise, it talks about how the first one is based around blue and white and the second progresses into golds and reds, but for the exact same reason I prefer the original Deus Ex atmosphere over the newer one, I prefer the blue and white colder look. Having said that, ME2 was also a brilliant experience and totally oozing atmosphere. This isn’t to say that I do not love them all because it’s up there as my favourite gaming experience of all time.
  3. Mass Effect obviously. Why I didn’t add this previously I have no idea but especially the first game. And to this end I’ll add Deus Ex the original to the list.
  4. Omfg you mean it isn’t planetscape? Haha I even thought it was called that too. Granted, I don’t follow it or know anything about it but I’ve seen the game mentioned on here and always thought it was planetscape. You are def not alone there. There was a time where I swear I’d seen someone refer to Theatrhythm as Threatrhythm and I had a moment where my mind was blown in the same way, and it even made more sense as you are playing off the idea that timing is your threat being a rhythm game. Then just recently I was looking on eBay for 3DS games, saw it and realised It was fucking Theatrhythm all along. I even pointed this out what I thought was my mistake originally in the thread at the time and no one commented and even possed me so I really thought I must have been wrong. Is this the Mandela Effect?
  5. @Keyboard Koala for the same reason I didn’t use sp drinks I couldn’t alter the difficulty unless I’d been stuck for so long it was the only option. The great news is that I finally beat the fucker along with every single side battle without ever resorting to sp drinks and avoiding spoilers. In the end I clocked up about 138 hours and have been playing nothing other than this since the end off Feb. All my characters ended up levelling to 99 maxing out but it still is challenging regardless of the level. The last boss was like a 90 minute fight and I was getting close to using up all my reserve potions and elixirs and turbo ethers. Did you experience the mage fight in the final castle with its instant deaths on every turn for all characters? That was an absolute mindfuck to get past. Despite it pissing me off with its difficulty and absolute repetition, it’s also an absolutely excellent game. Someone commented on it feeling like a puzzle and I know what they meant. Oh I very almost didn’t finish it properly as I triggered the false ending right after doing everything on the last chapter. It was only after seeing the bestiary log that I knew I was missing bosses and decided to look up what was going on, then learned that tapping x past the point of no return leads to a different outcome. I actually though this was what you were supposed to do considering the situation with the story. What’s Bravely Second like compared to this?
  6. Time passes by so quickly when you’re in that place.
  7. @Broken Thumbs Did you check that pinball room?
  8. Guess I’ll find out soon enough. I take it you’ve tried it out then. @carlospie?
  9. I definitely thnk you’re right to a certain extent and the fact that it’s super niche anyway, but I’m going to assume this is more likely to be emulated better with it being older vs something like an attempt at a Dreamcast. A lot of people are hoping for the newer 3D consoles to appear as minis but i think that will be the biggest hurdle unless it’s done right. Sega have fullly acknowledged this as a factor, and now I think of it, even AT managed to bring about poor quality for older 2D games consoles so it shows its not limited to the later ones only. My cousin bought one of those AT mega drives and it would suffer from regular crashes here and there. My SNES Mini has been absolutely spot on and never caused a problem once. Oh and I’ve no idea who’s involved with the PC engine mini thing so if it’s M2 then I can imagine that would bode well but from the list of games they want on there, I’m going to assume that isn’t the case as it doesn’t feel properly thought out and more of a quantity of quality cash grab situation.
  10. Soulstar

    Illustration Club

    This thread reminded me of when I created this off the top of my head shortly after playing child of light. It’s a photo of a screen though rather than the actual direct image.
  11. First up this isn’t a brand new update for the game thread before anyone gets excited sorry. Moreso it’s a thread I’ve created simply because I can’t find any info on this here or a thread of its own currently so I thought I’d do one now. I picked it up earlier while browsing for something to get for my 3DS and as it’s not too long ago that I went through FF XII for the first time, thought why not seeing as it’s supposedly a sequel of sorts set shortly after the main game. I know many on here already cherish FF XII and it’s recent ish remaster. I’ve not player it yet but will be taking it while I’m away on holiday to tinker with, and wanted to get a bit of a conversation going on here to see who else has checked it out previously. Maybe it might inspire others to pick it up or return back to it. I know next to nothing about it other than a friend of mine had told me he went through it in the past and enjoyed it.
  12. Super Metroid. SM really got me with its dark atmosphere when I returned to it last year on my SNES Mini. I’ve played the first two prime games and those are equally as excellent but I’ve had Fusion on my GBM and I’ve Just stopped playing it every time I’ve started. SM felt like it got the atmosphere right and the music is excellent. I’d also written up some info on my thoughts in the games completed thread and highlighted a lot of things that this game relates to with Resident Evil and it surprised me how much I noticed that felt Capcom were inspired from. There’s a song in SM which almost fits perfectly over a track in RE when played at the same time. The plant boss one. Yeah both games have plant bosses and snake bosses that do the hiding in holes thing, not to mention doors that become a focus point between areas. SM also has a good sense of isolation from everything else. The sunken ship is one of those great places that gives off a great atmosphere before you hit up the electricity.
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