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    Playing games both new and old, making music particularly DnB, recording the Ban Hammer Podcast gaming show with Levi. The hardcore nature of being in the army, Pizza's always nice too.

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  1. Been listening to the FFVII episode to.
  2. Been age since I listened to an episode. Was drawn to the title because I too thought it was unexpectedly on its last episode, thinking oh no! Anyway good show. Good luck on the gaming challenge.
  3. Dark Ciders Explore the darker side of this refreshing alcoholic beverage made from evil apples tainted by the demons of the underworld and grown on twisted apple trees. Go on the ultimate quest to find the apple which did it all and condemned humanity, the one in the garden of Eden and brew it into a dark cider. Whatever you do though, watch out for that crafty snake.
  4. If I’m not too tired after work tonight I’ll make a start on it. Was playing The Evil Within 2 and just finished that last night so I’m ready to focus on this now.
  5. Nice write up. You wrote “bunches” instead of punches on one bit about the attack types. Never tried this one out in the end as I was away anyway for half of the month but got sucked into ESWAT.
  6. Yeah fair enough, def no point in spending money on it if you know you’re not going to benefit at all.
  7. You can change the control system on the remasters though can't you? I know you can with REmake as I ended up doing that after so long of becoming frustrated with the tank controls. It make it so much easier to play. @Nathan Wind
  8. I’ve just ordered the Origins collection on eBay for the PS4 new for £11.99.
  9. It’s officially the next game in release order that I’ve yet to play so I’ve literally never played 4 or any RE game since. The traditional flick screen approach I’ve always been a massive fan of even if it is to the detriment of controls being a bit awkward. Last year I played the REmake Remaster on the PS4 for the first time and I thought it was brilliant.
  10. But then no one else can enter the second month which makes it inaccessible for others wanting to join in the second time round. Why don’t we just simply increase the number of titles in a poll. Do the same u as now but put more poll options increasing the chances of a game being chosen and keeping it simple? I Seem to have accidentally posted a reply and hid it before responding. An options button appears but doesn’t do anything.
  11. It’s come to that time again where we get to introduce another new game to the Retro Game Club for everyone to play, discuss and read about. This time the polls were neck and neck, a first since RGC began, however the random picker chose Resident Evil Zero over Super Castlevania IV. Ive personally never played this before having not owned a Game Cube, but picking it up these days is quite accessible on the PS4. Has this been released anywhere else? Also what’s GC emulation like these days? Someone might wish to add some info here which may be of use. It’s also come to the attention of some that the polls have dropped in participation over the months with the highest being around 32 votes to just 10 in total this time. @bum had suggested that changes could be made but we need you lot to help with any suggestions. @wev made the suggestion which helped form the condensed poll option currently being used. I’m personally open to anything really and any input would help for future upcoming months. As I’ve mentioned already, the current system is based around picking 3 randomly chosen games from everyone’s single nominations which end up in the list the following month before being removed. Hope we have an interesting fun month taking down zombies. I’ll definitely be actively playing through this one soon.
  12. I’m open to suggestions for anything as the current method was a previous suggestion adopted by someone on here. We should get a few people’s opinions over the month about what to do regarding the next poll. I wanted to keep it to the beginning of each month so I’d rather not mess with this current poll and extend it further but like in the past I used to use 7 choices then it went to 3. I just like the mystery of it all personally but if it’s affecting the potential number of people joining in then yeah we can alter things a bit. For now though the choice for Nov has been answered by the gods. I have a screenshot. The next game is... Resident Evil 0 So I’ll be purchasing the collection for PS4 I think very soon.
  13. Definitely like the idea of the Phon coast in FFXII or indeed the world of..what's it called, Ivalice. FFX would be another one too.
  14. Haha It's all going to come down to the random picker. I've been wanting this to happen since we started doing the polls. I'll wait till I'm back from work.
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