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    Playing games both new and old, making music particularly DnB, recording the Ban Hammer Podcast gaming show with Levi. The hardcore nature of being in the army, Pizza's always nice too.

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  1. Soulstar

    Seismic Theory (My Drum & Bass Label)

    @Dimahoo Cheers mate, I’m interested to hear more about what you’ve been making l. Haven’t come across anyone on here yet who makes DnB.
  2. I can confirm that the bass is nice in these tracks as I’ve been using my production monitor speakers which have a good amount of bass on them.
  3. I returned back to the MD version again last night since having a single play through some days prior and it's started to grow on me a little more. I made more progress and I'm also trying to avoid using save states to play it the way it was intended, even if that includes repeating from the beginning each time. Last night I managed to get up to the boss in the last door, the big guy. I think I've gotten all the previous bosses sussed now much better. Looking forward to having another go later today.
  4. I've finally managed to get around to playing this and definitely haven't played it in the past as I don't recognise anything aside from being aware of the title itself. I'm starting with the Genesis/MD version and have had to resort to emulation because I don't own a MD and can't get it on any compilations. Initial thoughts; for a game that came out in 1990 it does look pretty good visually and kind of reminds me a little of the original Rayman, both game-play wise and graphically. I've noticed an obvious connection between this and Sonic and assume this was before that game existed anyway? It's like a much slower version of it but there are features which remind me of Sonic, such as the water parts and the jumping fish, or the moving blue squares and ramps and of course even the bosses, not to mention the noise is the same when you beat one. What I didn't like though is just how slow it feels to play, so much so it can make avoiding enemies often more frustrating than it needs to be. I'll definitely be returning back to it at some point soon, but so far I've made it to the third boss. Took me a few moments to even realise you could bounce off things early on. Overall, I don't think it's my sort of thing really, rather a curiosity and while I remember it from the box art and occasional screen shot, the actual game I don't hold too much nostalgia for having not properly played it back in the day. I'm left to what I think about it right now and it's just OK. I haven't tried the MS version out yet. I'm using a rom on the Kega Fusion emulator with Windows 10 and have managed to quite easily pair up my PS4 pad without too much hassle. Annoyingly whenever I try to put my HDMI out from (2 laptops now) to my TV, it causes jerky movement and screen tearing on the TV but not the laptop. My other consoles including my SNES Mini work fine with the same HDMI cable. I had this issue with an older laptop and assumed it might have been down to that, but this one is a much newer one and a lot better with its own card so I'm not too sure.
  5. I’ll have a read later when I get a moment. Sounds good.
  6. The poll has been decided and 32 people voted in all, which for a retro thread isn’t too bad over about 3 days. The winner with just under a third of the total votes at 9 is Castle of Illusion, a classic Mickey title many will be familiar with from the days of the Megadrive or indeed the Mastersystem and of course the Gamegear. A quick look indicates it came out as a compilation on the Sega Saturn and on Windows too. I’d also forgotten entirely about that modern remake a few years back. For me personally, I don’t think I ever did play this, largely down to not owning a MD. The only Mickey Mouse game I’ve played (aside from Kingdom Hearts) is Magical Quest on the SNES and remember enjoying that at the time. Is this one on any of the modern Sega compilations, PS4 particularly? I just spotted the cover for it as I was seeking out the above artwork.
  7. 32 people have voted and “Castle of Illusion” is the winning choice for May. I’ll put together the thread for it shortly.
  8. OK im going to stick to one. Personally I don’t really care if the conversation slows down either. I just wanted to participate in one game that other people happened to be playing at the same time. I have too many other things on the go to be wanting multiple choices anyway and it just dilutes the experience talking about multiple different unrelated games in the same thread. The comment about the thread dragging after so long didn’t happen until a week in but it only drags when you are stuck somewhere you can’t leave and this isn’t that place, Next time we should maybe try something like Resident Evil 2 original or something with more substance without being overly bloated. Look forward to the ideas anyway from others here. I secretly wanted a tie so I could roll a die and post a video of it happening haha. That would be messing about though so
  9. So what shall we do then? I’ll be back tomorrow. Looks like it’s likely Mickey for the winning spot. Do we go for the top two?
  10. I personally didn’t mind it being the one game as I already previously mentioned this before the current thread. It was the whole keeping the conversation about that one rather than having it convoluted which appealed. I suppose with me not playing as frequent as some of the others on here due to time is another reason why it didn’t bother me. I don’t know if I personally want to be adding a new thread every two weeks. I know it’s not down to me personally, however was surprised I’d never really seen this sort of thing already in existence in retro, then realised that’s because they die off and ppl don’t stick to the routine of continuing it on. Once a month felt quite doable with a bit of breathing space in between, so I was up for trying to keep on top of it.
  11. I think you’re probably right regarding the shorter arcade games vs lengthier ones. I personally chose castle of illusion simply because I’ve never played it at all, so no we haven’t all played it. What shall we do then regarding the current poll. Should we go with the top 3 or so?
  12. If there’s a final tie then I’ll roll a dice or flip a coin.
  13. I’m half tempted to make a post in discussion and link it to this thread to give ignorant more exposure. This being due to the recent talk a few months back about how lots of people don’t see what’s going on because they never bother to visit it. Despite still not having played GA yet, I’ve enjoyed how this whole thing hasn’t been going and quite surprised at the interest.
  14. I’ve added the poll. Might be a good idea to do these a week before each month or so in future months. It’s currently set so you have to narrow it down to the one you want and will automatically end at midday on Wednesday.
  15. Soulstar

    Put Here

    The foam returns and so does a new character.

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