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    Playing games both new and old, making music particularly DnB, recording the Ban Hammer Podcast gaming show with Levi. The hardcore nature of being in the army, Pizza's always nice too.

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  1. Me, sees first post logo: I wonder how long it will be before I see a photoshop edit. Scrolls down about 4 posts. Oh right there it is.
  2. Personally I don’t like the art style straight away. Very cartoony kinda ratchet and clank ish where the original has a darker vibe and looks more Bladerunner in tone ish. Not saying it’s going to be a bad game though. I never actually played the original until about 7 years or so ago. Not too long but great point and click adventure.
  3. I just finished watching Russian Doll yesterday and that is alright and very easy to get through because of the shorter episode lengths. A bit that made me laugh (not intentional) at how ridiculous it was, was the scene where they are discussing the game that Nina or whatever she’s called has made while in that guy’s flat, and he says he has it and pulls off the box from his shelf where he then talks about but being unable to get past an area blaming the developer. Earlier in an episode you see him playing what looks like a typical FPS affair, then me expect it to be this is surprised to see some shitty looking 2d dungeon game which looks like a free browser flash game from 2003. It’s funny to see him playing it again later and getting intensely into it. Clearly a budget thing but I wasn’t expecting it. Made me laugh anyway.
  4. I first read the title of this thread as Pocket Masters, then realised it wasn’t, but was curious as to whether there’d be such a game with that title. Turns out it was a Pokemon rip off game in 2016, and now we have... Pokemon Masters.
  5. I’m intrigued about the Atari ST version because this is what came to mind when I first saw the name ESWAT some years ago from the Sega Compilations. The thing is, I don’t know if I played it on there or if I just saw the name back when I was a kid. It could have even been one of those those coppies that never worked being that I played mainly pirated stuff on there. Along I remember is that it was one of those titles that I’d not heard the name of for many many years before that. Ive since played the MD version but it wasn’t only a brief half hour go or something on a MD collection.
  6. Last month's Daytona went down really well considering I missed out a few days before posting it. The new game for the new month is ESWAT winning by a good stretch. It's one of those that's available on many ports too so should give a good bit of variety. It seems to be essentially two separate games (unless I'm wrong), with most ports being of the original and the MD version being its own thing. It's another one of those with several ports of the same game and can be found on a few systems as previously pointed out by Ulala. "Arcade Amiga Atari ST Amstrad CPC Commodore 64 Mastersystem ZX Spectrum and of course the ESWAT: City Under Siege game on the Mega Drive" Arcade MD/GENESIS Mastersystem So lets get sourcing the ports and shooting some people. I know the Megadrive version is on those Sega collections from the PS3 era as I've played it briefly.
  7. Soulstar

    The Drum & Bass Thread

    New DnB Podcast out in our Dub Cutz series show. It's been ages since our last. Summery DnB Enjoy! 1. Technimatic - Sometimes (Through the Hours Album) [Shogun Audio] 2. Sensum - Chaser [Program] 3. Brookes Brothers - Everyminute [DnB Arena] 4. Dimension - Devotion [Dimension] (WMG) 5. Culture Shock - Renaissance [RAM Records] 6. Technimatic - True Believer (Through the Hours Album) [Shogun Audio] 7. Spy - Breathing Underwater (Dubplate Style Album) [Hospital Records] 8. MEL, Matti - Highs That Never Last [Fleeting Nosh Records] 9. Grafix - Radience [Hospital Records] 10. Smooth - Forever [Technique Recordings] 11. S.P.Y. - Rock Da House [Hospital Records] 12. Skeptical - Mechanism [Exit Records] 13. Wingz - Confined (Optimal Prime & Mavamatics Remix) 14. Break & Total Science - Dogs Dinner [Symmetry Recordings] 15. Adred, Commix, Ant TC1 & DRS - Stuck in a Loop (ft. DRS) 16. Monroe - If Not Now (Bert H Remix) [Liquicity] 17. Kubatko - Yeoman 18. S.P.Y. - Open Your Eyes (Dubplate Style Album) [Hospital Records] 19. Sweet N Sikka - Style [Inna Rhythm] 20. S.P.Y. - Rudeboy Step (Feat. Shadow Child) (Dubplate Style Album) [Hospital Records] 21. Calyx & Teebee - Wardub [RAM Records] 22. Fearbace - Stillness (Origins Compilation) [Glitch Audio] 23. Mohican Sun - Darkest Hour [UKF] 24. Optimal Prime & Mavamatics - Late Night Revision [Mouse Outfit Tribute]
  8. Just came across this randomly. So much wrong here.
  9. In the next thread, I’m going to link back to all the previous months in the first page so they are easily accessible.
  10. I’d assume the majoriity would have to use emulation of some kind if it comes to the spectrum or something. The game rom file appears to exist here on some sort of abandonware page. https://www.myabandonware.com/game/turmoil-7p8
  11. Soulstar

    Dungeon Crawls

    That’s what it’s called...Grimrock. I’d forgotten entirely what it was called but really enjoyed the first one back when I went through it all to end quite a few years ago. I was aware of the sequel but never tried it out. It’s rare I play PC titles though as I don’t feel comfortable sitting playing on the laptop but did at the time because I’d just bought a new laptop and wanted to try something out on it. I remember having Dungeon Master on the ST which my dad and uncle both played but I never really understood it or had patience for that sort of thing as a younger child. Grimrock really clicked though and pulled me right in.
  12. Annoyingly the message I just put together complete with images decided to wipe itself clean. I hate using a phone to do this. So the selector has decided and we have the three chosen games, all of which are more on the quirky side of things and all are platformers of some descript. First up is ESWAT Available on the arcade and also a genesis version which appear to be different games. Classic gun and run...or would that be run and gun? 1989 - 90 era. second we have Drill Dozer A quirky action platformer very much Japanese in vibe and exclusive to the GBA. Came out 2006. Finally we have Turmoil The oldest one of the lot and appeared on the ZX Spectrum in 84, later being ported to the MSX in 86. This one’s more of a classic single screen experience very involving a man a can some oil and arabs. Think about your choice for September. Poll will end on the 1st this Sunday. I’ll add the poll to this thread shortly.
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