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  1. Ive not played that but Odin Sphere has been making me hungry as of late. Crafting recipes....bloody churros when they come out on a plate and the chocolate covered ones. Then the detailed animations of the main characters eating the food at a table.
  2. Is that real??? That’s so horrendous, that’s a true example of a ridiculous idea.
  3. Most often if it’s about returning to a game then it’s usually about playing something I enjoyed but far enough in the past that it has both nostalgic feels at the same time as a complete fresh perspective. It’s cool seeing things that you can’t remember or things that you completely forgot about but remembered only as you returned to a specific area of a game. Super Metroid was one of my favourite games to return to and Zelda was a decent experience too. These are on my SNES Mini and I’ve still got a few to go back and replay on there at some point. I’m planning on one day playing FF VI again and the Mario titles, however I fear I’ve lost interest in Mario. Tried to play Mario RPG on there for the first time and quickly lost interest after putting it down for a bit. DKC is something I’ve played more than once but haven’t fully played to completion since the 90’s and as that’s also on my Mini, I want to go back again. Definitely want to play Resident Evil 2 at some point as I’ve not been back to that since the 90’s and haven’t yet played the Remake either but would rather check the original out first. Also Silent Hill 1 would probably be something I’d be up for revisiting as I’ve only ever played it once when it first got released. The thing about these games though is that they aren’t overly long, unlike a high number of JRPG’s I’ve played since pretty much after the ps1 era. Generally I enjoy playing older titles I’ve missed entirely and want to experience for the first time. This is even more prevalent since the PS5 has arrived.
  4. I’ve been playing Ion Fury very recently despite the backlash it got from all that controversy around a homophobic joke (which really astonishes me now someone thought it’d actually a) be acceptable and b) come across anything more than ridiculously childish), but it’s a game I’ve been after checking out for a while. Putting aside the crass humour, it’s actually got me proper sucked in with its 90’s Duke Nukem style gameplay. Im also a couple of stories through Odin Sphere (remake PS4 version) which I’m really enjoying and it looks fantastic but fancied a break so started the above.
  5. Will he controlled by repeatedly tapping the same cube button over and over and over and over and over.
  6. Bloody ell you know I’m now going to have to get this if they do sort out more. I’ll have a look at this link soon.
  7. @gizmo1990 I know what you mean by the price if you’re the kind that wants that sort of thing. As I mentioned earlier, I was toying with the idea but ultimately decided against spending $100 or close to that inc the postage. It does look cool but I’m after the small simple box versions of things for the most part. It ran out anyway. I don’t understand why they don’t just keep an open pre-order for those like they usually do for a certain time frame.
  8. its a repeated question that we already know the answer to. Some collect others aren’t fussed. I’m the former and strongly like getting the physical media. It’s nice to have a solid physical version that’s going to work and can be taken with you wherever and in most cases will hold its value. Its the postage that I find the most annoying bit though on LRG as it often bumps up the price just enough that I find it a bit too pricey. I’ve only ever used LRG though twice in the past. There should have been more than 900 of those collectors editions for each system. I was toying with the idea but I didn’t wanna spend that much and deal with a large box. I’m also not yet attached enough to the product just hyper curious because of all the attention on here and the fact I previously bought Blazing Chrome on there. I’ll definitely be interested in getting this standard edition once it’s out.
  9. https://www.clearrivergames.com/lesson/huntdown/ Found this so it looks like it is coming out as a standard edition via Clear River Games.
  10. I was trying to work that out last night. Decided to have a quick check on LRG site and was surprised to see this listed but was put off by the collectors only edition. Thought I’d check to see if there was another physical version but so far there isn’t, but it does suggest there may be one to come.
  11. Thought I’d post in here as I’ve been on a bit of a spending spree but more so on PS3 games mainly. Part of it is because some games I’ve been after have shot up. It wasn’t long ago I was playing my copy of Drakengard 2 that I got late last year for about £28 and that’s like almost £90 now. The first one I have is also really high too, but Drakengard 3 has gone over £100 just about and I bit the bullet and forked just over £80 on it. Also picked up Siren on the PS3 and Folklore which were pricey, oh and Nier but that was about £25 the lowest of the lot. Rinsed about £200. I’m happy I’ve got all the siren games and Drakengard games though now. It’s mental the price change of some of these games. Drakengard 3 was annoyingly about £30 for the longest time until very recently and I passed on it because I thought ah well it’s not too bad and I’ll just get it when I’m ready. This whole PS3 store definitely had an impact on the whole thing though.
  12. I recently picked this up myself and it’s sitting on my shelf ready to be played. No idea what to expect really as I’ve avoided live footage of it but the idea of having pinball mechanics with a platformer intrigues me.
  13. I think that has won this thread for me.
  14. Bio Sock Little jimmy hasn’t washed his socks in so long that they have developed their own legs and walked off to take matters into their own hands...or feet rather. You must hunt them down before they can destroy the world.
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