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  1. Doing level 2 missions in a Mach is quite amusing. Warp in > kill everyting in 30 seconds flat > warp out.
  2. Well I sold the Rorqual. Bought a Mach with the cash and two blops skillbooks.
  3. Just been looking through my inventory and I am genuinly thinking about selling my Roqual. I can't see myself using it again for some time.
  4. Slowly but surely getting my leadership skills sorted out on Xor. I thought it was about time that I maxed them out for mindlinks and such. I have also finally got jump cal 5 done and I was half way through geting jump fuel 5 before deciding i wanted a Mach so I am going gret guns for that on Tsol. Thank god for bonus remaps is all I can say.
  5. Anyone see the thread in Science & Industry regarding some possible up coming changes to Mining Barges? If they do go through they could deffinatly make getting into mining easier (on a skill level). https://forums.eveon...222&find=unread
  6. Balls, I made a large mistake when reasigning my learning skill points. I should have put them in to command skills and such but I put them in to anoying small skills.
  7. I doubt I will be bothering with joining a fight to be honest. hehe
  8. Sounds like you have been having fun in my absense. I have decided to give Eve a go and see if the burnout is still there so one of my mains will be on now and again over the next month. I am curious to see what some of the changes are like since I last played.
  9. May I say thank you to CCP for helping me not cave and resub.
  10. Sorry to hear that man. Just give them a kick in the teeth when you go back.
  11. I see it's pencilled in for June.
  12. Any news on when the tourny will be run this year?
  13. I still can't be arsed to play. seems the burnout is lasting longer than I thought it would. Oh well, might start playing sometime the next expansion is out.
  14. Been busy with life and Minecraft.
  15. I am taking a bit of a break from the game, just burnt out and fucked off after the atlas mess, will probably resub after the xmas update.
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