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  1. I feel like this could be quite plausible as these games would just be plugins so you could buy the licences for a very limited time and then sell them to become available/unavailable in the list. They could even have their own unique price to help cover the cost of the licence. They have all the x-men / marvel games too. I wonder if they have enough for a 3rd collection.
  2. Naa, pretty sure it was £32.99. Which, when there’s 32 games isn’t too bad a price I reckon.
  3. How much per game? I see the full set is still £32.99.
  4. Goemon

    SNES Mini

    This is why Capcom continually try and make moves easier to do. They were much more strict back in the day. Street Fighter V has shortcuts for specials (hitting down/forward twice +p is recognised as a dragon punch motion) and they have characters like Ed and Falke who’s special moves are nothing more than pressing 2 buttons together.
  5. I avoided all the home computers and early Atari machines. There was things flying around with my friends and I wanted a games machine but it was on seeing the NES that I thought to myself “that’s it, that’s what I want.” Actually one of the big sellers for me was the control pad. I saw the controller and had an instant realisation that this was something that would allow me to ‘play games properly’ compared to the likes of keys and joysticks.
  6. Found myself back playing Bionic Commando recently There’s a timed high score table, which I hadn’t really attempted and on having a go; I was no where near the top! It’s 2 loops of the game which already changes things as the 2nd loop has more enemies spawning and is a big pain in the ass. Due to the random nature of the spawning I think it’s really difficult to get a ‘perfect’ run in this and it’s more ‘how well can you compensate when things go wrong.’ Don’t get me wrong there’s still lots of practicing to be had but there are regular points where RnG doesn’t go your way. I actually ended up doing a lot of routing to basically try avoid some awkward crunch points. So after a few weeks of grinding I finally got a run that I was happy with that put me top of the shop. This run wasn’t perfect by any means but it had no significant RnG situations so I can rest easy knowing that there wasn’t an obvious time save.
  7. Use their shadows to workout where they are.
  8. I think this is a fair point. The game is very much a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It’s all cute, bright and colourful but the game is actually a brutal old school shooter, which people won’t really see until they actually play it. I know the original quite well so this just washed off me but as a newcomer I can imagine it as quite a shock to the system.
  9. In this situation you should burn a go by putting as many possible letters as you can into one word. Your word will be wrong but you will be able to disregard 3-4 possibilities (or actually find the remaining letter).
  10. The old mentality was blue was a wider shot but weaker and the orange was powerful but very narrow. Now they’ve thrown in a new green for this game, which I considered a half way house between blue and orange but I’m not 100%. There’s also the variation on the different characters which I think adds another choice. For example I consider Rocky’s spread shot to be pretty lame (actually his green is naff as well!) so will always try and get orange when I use him. If you get to a boss and you have a choice I would personally always choose orange as it really helps wreck the boss quicker, which can be super important as some bosses are tough!
  11. I personally think stage 2 is a bit of a spike. It has 4 mid bosses, a hard as nails final boss and those freakin annoying tengu crows that fly around you. I thought stage 3 was a cake walk in comparison.
  12. The Fire enemies can only be killed using your deflect. Just go near them and start mashing that. There’s a few enemies that require the deflect to kill in the game (the ghosts on stage 3 are another) As @BadgerFarmer has mentioned deflecting is pretty important too. Most enemy bullets can be deflected and is a better option than losing positioning by trying to dodge out of the way of stuff. The classic example of this is the first boss where he spits peas at you. These can all be deflected back just by mashing the button.
  13. I don’t think so, twin stick would change the aesthetic of the game quite a bit. The biggest tip I can give is that it’s a run and gun game but you REALLY shouldn’t run as it will fill the screen with enemies and you’ll get overwhelmed. You need to pace your progress and think about your position as you move forwards. Some things respawn but some don’t, which also dictates how you move. It requires learning too, you couldn’t react your way through a level. I would also say you should be conservative with your bombs, they’re a rare commodity so you have to be really strategic on where best to use them. Stage 2 is actually a bit of a gate keeper. It’s really tough and stages after this don’t have that same difficulty jump again (if any jump at all). I’d probably need to play a bit more but I think stage 2 is harder than some of the stages that follow it, so don’t be put off if you’re struggling on that stage.
  14. Sure. I’m saying that in a game where there’s nothing left to achieve/do, then you’re only playing it for the fun. I personally like to have a mix.
  15. Carrier Airwing It’s basically an Arcade version of Area 88/UN Squardran on the SNES
  16. Mine turned up yesterday and I’ve finished story mode on normal. The game is old school tough but it saves at every check point and has (unlimited?) continues, so it’s fairly straight forward to blast through. The game feels like a directors cut of the original SNES game so if you liked that, you’ll like this. I think my biggest issue right now is the fact that with story mode finished, there’s nothing much else to do. You unlock ‘Free Mode’ for finishing story, which basically just allows you to select any character to play through the game. In this instance I normally turn to trophies to determine things I can do to me keep playing and nearly ALL remaining involve 1CCing the game! Looking now, 7 of the 18 trophies are 1CCs. This is a pretty poor choice I have to say, over a third of the trophies geared towards 1% of the people will play the game. I won’t be going for 1CCs as the game is super tough (I can’t even do stage 2 in a credit, never mind the whole game!) So I’m left wondering why I should keep playing other than for the fun of it.
  17. This is an interesting one. So did you buy stuff based on recognition of the Codemasters name?
  18. I’ve been playing Astyanax on the NES and, well, it’s not great. I watched some YT videos on this and the comments were fairly positive. Basically people playing it as a kid and having fond memories, the game being super tough etc. I don’t believe this game reviewed well, so the people who bought it did so on the strength of the box or had it bought for them. I only did this a couple of times, I bought Section Z on the NES as I was ‘only allowed’ a budget price game and the cover looked cool. I have to say I didn’t really like it as it was far too hard. The other was Megaman 2 and this was based purely of feedback from my friend that the first game was great. This as a fantastic choice and made my a MM fan for life. Anyway after this I started reading Mean Machines and the other games I bought from then on were ones that reviewed well. Just wondered if people regularly bought based on looks, schoolyard feedback, bought for them and not magazine reviews. What were your experiences buying games like this and how long were you doing it for?
  19. I started playing a game called Super Cyborg on the PS4, which when you see it is pretty much Contra. I’m an stage 6 right now and have to say, it’s a spot on rendition of a contra game and great to play. I know there loads and loads of indie games out there and TBH I have no idea what most of them are so thought it would be good to have a thread to highlighted these new(ish) games if you’re looking to play more of an old school type game that you love.
  20. This video popped up in my recommended. I do enjoy LianghuBBB videos (also including regularly using Goemon music for his vids). Anyway the song at the end of this video had be grinning like a fool (song at 3:48).
  21. Pretty interesting video on the Drive Rush mechanic. There seems to be a lot more going on than first thought.
  22. Thanks! I actually did it this morning! Yea, I think always being at the top middle or bottom middle of the screen and jumping between the 2 depending on how he dashes is pretty critical. Outside of this I was actually super optimised! It’s possible to land all 3 jumping supers in 1 opening and it’s possible to taunt charge them by being on his horizontal line when he fires out the circles of flames (quite strict positioning). The other main problem was that I was playing on Gnarly, so the boss health is much higher. The other thing I did is replay through on Chill and as the damage you do is much higher it’s half the amount of times you need to dodge everything before you can beat him. Chuffed to finally have this trophy, now I can just relax and playthrough with the different characters to max them out for the platinum.
  23. Yea, I agree with those niggles. Actually linked to the trophies (and my other annoyance) I’m missing 2, the rank up everyone and beating super shredder without being hit. I now REALLY dislike the beating super shredder trophy. I find this fight too random so essentially luck of the draw, made worse by the fact that you have to kill Krang every time, prior to having a go. I just spent an hour trying and had zero consistency. Nothing worse than spending minutes beating Krang, to last 2 seconds against Shredder because he dashes straight into you. I also think you’re right that their focus was on capturing the original arcade feeling. I know people are saying it doesn’t have the depth of SoR but I don’t think it wants to. It wants to be a modern day version of the classic arcade, which IMO they’ve nailed.
  24. When a game wants you to do something difficult and then it gates that with a mundane section that you’re required to repeat over and over just to get to that difficult point.
  25. Is anyone doing the trophies/achievements for this game? I don’t get too focused on them normally but having them in this game gives you more reasons to play, which is nice. I started opening up my Hard story mode run out to the public and was scaring people off left, right and centre! I imagine it’s the first time they’ve seen a game over as some of the later levels require some careful play otherwise you’ll game over fast. One thing I just can’t figure out…why oh why did they make it so taunting gives you an instant special!? They have this nice juggle system to allow building up your special meter and it’s all negated because you can just taunt to get it. MP is turning into a complete special mash fest with everyone just taunting to max their specials and then using them all in the next wave of enemies. Such a shame as it kills a lot of strategy.
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