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  1. Just finished Gleylancer on the MD. I feel like this game has quite a legend tied to it, which unfortunately is greater (for me anyways) than the game itself. It’s fabled as a classic, has a hefty price tag and has had reissues made for it (which also appear to be going up in price!) I think this slightly conflicts with reviews of the game back in the day, which were a bit of mixed bag. UK mags reviews ranged from 48% to 89% although I have to say, some of the negatives I’ve read are absolute nonsense…but that’s a whole other topic The game boasts 11 stages, which is a lot of a shooter from back in the day. However, some stages are quite short and just a bit forgettable TBH. I’d sooner not have them and use the assets/ideas to flush out some of the better levels. This also kinda ties to the game feeling a bit unbalanced. Stage 4 has some tricky sections, where you’ll likely die (I did multiple times in learning it) yet I consistently did stages 5 and 6 without even dying. Again this ties to 4 being a more flushed out level, with more going on. Production wise, it’s great with a neat scene setting story at the start and also interspersed between levels with the penultimate one including a protect mission as the boss, which was very cool. Graphics and sound are generally very good, although again, I feel like some bits were afterthoughts. Stage 1 for example has multi-parallax meteor shower scrolling by with a huge plant scape, it all looks great! Yet, stage 8 has a single, flat backdrop of varying grades of orange and looks bland as hell. It’s definitely a good game, but having finished it, it’s not the dizzy heights of the top shooters on the system.
  2. Graded stuff is a whole other ball game of poison shit. Rife with corruption, it’s all in aid of trying to fleece rich non-gamers out of lots of money.
  3. Interesting subtle gameplay information from some testing at EGX. Obviously it’s all subject to change for the final game.
  4. I was thinking about this, this morning. I was generally in full agreement with the age bracket idea but thinking about it now, I’m not so sure. I’m a self confessed Bargain Hunt addict and watch it regularly. When you look at ‘antiques’ the people buying them have no nostalgia for the item. They’re buying them due to rarity, condition, popularity, maker etc. no one is buying a Victorian silver tea spoon for £100 because they’re nostalgic for it. If the same happens with games, and there’s no reason why not, then it won’t matter if you have nostalgia for the item or not. I still think it will affect prices but there will still be a value there. They also have things like ‘made in the style of’, which I guess you could link to remakes, reproductions etc. which again have a value but not as much as the original.
  5. edit: didn’t read the full thread, beaten to the gag Have to say I really hope this is true. I did love ER but you don’t get the same intimacy of a specifically designed area compared to an open world. Ditch the horse, limit jumping so I can explore at a snails pace and drink it all in. The idea of expanding on the Finishing Hamlet as a basis for a world could be amazing, I’d almost prefer they don’t associate with Dark Souls and have another new IP (although using the name does help give it weight).
  6. The more I listen to this tune the more I think it’s one of the best NES tracks ever.
  7. I actually had the opposite happen recently… I buy from a guy on my FB and recently bought something. Now I swear in my head I remember it arriving, looking at it, and then putting it in the new arrivals pile. However I went to get it the other and I couldn’t find it. I searched a lot and it was no where to be found and I’m now questioning if the thing actually turned up at all.
  8. The real price isn’t necessarily an auction, because it largely depends on who is watching it. I’ve seen things not sell and then on relisting go for more than the starting price because people have spotted it and then bid against each other to get it. Likewise however, just because someone once bought a game for £100 doesn’t mean that’s what it’s worth. Just means that one person was prepared to pay that for it. The scary thing, as mentioned, is people buying stuff up and then artificially inflating the price. Old games ARE a limited quantity and if someone has bought up a load and is trying to sell them for a high price then it’s just f**king everything up as people use eBay as a guide when they price stuff. I was at a retro fair the other week and the main stall was a guy with a tonne of stuff and an iPad. Basically everyone who asked the price of something, the guy looked it up on eBay and gave a relative price. Now this shit, really fcuks me off. I actually watch quite a lot of stuff on eBay as I want to get an idea how good a price is by how fast it sells. In the case of the the original post, £160 for Elemental Master is too much and I personally think it will just sit there (unless someone cracks). I say too much, I would still expect EM to be around the £100 mark, which isn’t exactly cheap.
  9. Just seeing this thread jump to the top makes me want to play PC Engine
  10. Wow, what a haul! You got them all as one purchase?
  11. I’ve been playing Crying on the Megadrive, it was about to get abandoned but then I started playing the Western version Bio-hazard Battle and it’s changed my opinion. I was going to abandon the game for being far too hard, some bits are crazy tough! What I didn’t realise was how much harder the JPN version was…because it has no auto fire. I do feel like the game is balanced for 2 players, with some really tricky sections but these were also compounded by only being able to shoot as fast as I could mash the button. I didn’t think this would be a big deal, but I was completely wrong. I just happened to be reading the English manual on Sega Retro (looking for tips) and it mentioned the A button being rapid fire. I instantly loaded the game, cursing myself for being such a dope and not spotting this, however it isn’t present in the JPN version! Playing the Western version is game changing! All of a sudden things are dying faster and I’m not getting relentlessly overrun. The stage 4 boss, which took like 30 attempts to try and beat once on the JPN version, died on the first go! The difference is huge! I have a whole new zest for the game now. I was quite frustrated playing the JPN version as the game felt good but was just too oppressive to be fun. I actually thought it might make an interesting thread topic. I know a lot of games have regional differences but this was literally a game changing difference. Anyone else know of any games where a difference literally changed the game?
  12. Goemon


    New Summoning Salt video on Megaman 2.
  13. Playing Bio Hazard Battle on the Megadrive at the minute, it’s a shooter that has NO auto fire. This goes for all shooters that do this (there’s a few) but who in the right mind thinks people want to sit and relentlessly press a button to shoot in a shoot em up game? The MD has 3 buttons and in this instance they all shoot. Could have easily made 1 button rapid fire and it would have cost nothing!
  14. There’s 4 characters missing from that roster shot compared to the original leak. Akuma, Ed, Rashid and A.K.I I guess at the time of the original leak they were planning to have these guys included and they’ve slipped in being ready. Slightly annoying as I’d got it into my head that I’d be using A.K.I at the beginning. Not sure where to go next TBH, likely Mimi or Deejay although I always struggle playing old characters as I have a tendency to try and play them like their old iterations.
  15. Not sure I like the idea that these 4 have been lumped in together for reveal in 1 trailer, which is also about a load of other things too. Feels like they don’t consider these characters strong enough on their own. Still I think they look great (Blanka’s face aside) Dhalsim especially looks really cool!
  16. More self glorification from me in this thread… I’ve finally managed to get the 1CC on Strider, which I’m pretty chuffed with. It’s only actually put me 9th on the leader board, which surprised me slightly. I was expecting a big hit of points for beating the last boss but it didn’t come and there’s no loop 2 to continue your score. With this in mind people must be grinding points at enemy respawn spots as the top score is over double mine. Now that I’ve finished this it actually makes sense to me to grind locations and take intentional deaths to do so. I didn’t realise but the game has the dreaded dynamic difficulty (shudders) and in the last stage there is an insanely tough section which is made a lot easier if you’ve died multiple times (dumb). So my run had me getting to the tough section without dying and then losing 3 lives at the tough section, the difficulty dropped, and I continued on to the end. If you paced this better I imagine you could really improve your score. The other thing this session has made me realise is that the game is janky as ****! 99% of my death are due to jank, I’m talking glitching through the environment, wonky collisions etc. which is quite frustrating as it’s not your fault. I’ve actually been jumping between the Arcade and Megadrive versions and I was impressed with how close the Megadrive version is. The entirety of the game is there, layout, enemies etc. it’s like a carbon copy and what’s especially crazy is that it was reprogrammed by Sega and they kept the same jank! The only real issue is that the MD version slows down a lot more. I don’t think I’ll be trying to improve my score, was just happy to have 1CCed another game
  17. OMG! It’s from Rygar! Thank you, it was driving me crazy! Did you get it straight away or did you need to sit with it for a bit? Oops, it’s because I changed the title last minute after I wrote the body of the msg and must have had a brain fart, I’ve changed it round now.
  18. Everyone knows Megaman 2 is the best NES Megaman… But actually, Megaman 5 is the best NES Megaman.
  19. There's times where I'm watching a YT and I hear a piece of music from a game and I can't remember for the life of me what game it's from. Said music then sits in my head like an ear worm driving me nuts! So I thought I'd start a thread for people to ask the question 'What games is this music from?' Here's mine from this morning:
  20. Wow, Turtles Tournament Fighters on the Megadrive is the most broken pile of shit I think I’ve ever seen. I think it might be the worst game I’ve ever played. There’s lots of dodgy fighters out there but that’s mainly just jank. This thing is fundamentally bust beyond all recognition. The game literally has its own rules, I’m talking the game killing you in 3 seconds by throwing you multiple times before you’ve even gotten up. Completely inescapable (holding up on wake-up doesn’t work). Hitting you and then grabbing you while you’re still in (airborne) hit stun. Dizzying you in 1 hit! Hitting you with 2 different special moves within like 10 frames of each other. I’m stunned this was A. Allowed to be released like this and B. Made by Konami
  21. Ah that’s an interesting link but no, I don’t think they’re related. I’d actually say Eliminate Down is a bit more like R-Type, mainly because of the set pieces but it’s much faster paced and very much it’s own game.
  22. Currently playing Eliminate Down on the Megadrive. As suspected it has instantly jumped into one of my top games on the system. The game is full, and I mean FULL, of intense action, set pieces, varying pace and quality touches that all come together to give an experience that just gets you completely enthralled. Level 1 for example has starting in a multi-paralaxed space war before taking you down to a planet surface through a hail of missiles and finally whipping you along the planet’s surface before squaring off against the boss. It keeps the weapons simple with a forward shot, a vertical shot and a backwards shot as standard (which all get powered up as you collect Ps) but what makes it interesting is how you need to switch between them constantly as you move through a level. Each one is an essential requirement based on what’s happening. The game itself is super tough, there’s plenty of learning to be had and 8 chunky stages to power through. You get plenty on lives and continues but you really need to keep yourself at max level otherwise you can pretty much forget it. You’ll only use these live/continues to get yourself versed where you died for when you return on you’re next run. And what’s crazy is that this game came out of no where, from a team that no one ever heard of and was never seen again! Yet it’s easily one of the top shooters on the system IMO. If you love shooters you have to give the game a shot. It’s really great.
  23. It’s a great game, and number 2 is even better! Important skills to buy are Ki pulse on dodge and Ki pulse on stance switch. Retaining Ki is super important as you can block anything without taking damage but it will take a big chunk on Ki. Getting these skills helps you to keep your Ki bolstered as you fight so you’re not caught out with zero Ki when you need it.
  24. They’re not required to complete the level they’re more gatekeepers to the progress through it. They’re usually before some kind of shortcut/required item and can’t be bypassed (most of the time) without initiating them. You can just run of course but you really want to get the shortcut/item and it’s dangerous to try with a strong Yokai right there. They’re also the only enemies (apart from bosses) that don’t respawn on death. So if you manage to kill them and then die you’re not forced to fight them again as part of the progression of the level. Also, if you’re a trophy hunter there’s one for beating all fog Yokai’s the game.
  25. One that always sticks in my mind is Onimusha. The series spawned 4 iterations on PS2 so it must have been popular but then was never seen again.
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