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  1. Bingo! I wonder if, like @JamesC says, a lot of people give up on level 2 and it’s because you’re underground and you need to use the shafts of light to keep your mech powered otherwise you WILL run out of power and die. I’m not sure what the manual tells you about this so it could be like a puzzle they want you to figure out, as it was a right light bulb moment for me when I realised.
  2. Pacing is important. The levels aren’t long and it’s more about taking your time to tackle things
  3. Chalk up another who loves Ranger X, it’s one of my favourites on the system. It has loads of ideas that are well executed. One that I didn’t realise for a while, is that the mech is solar powered. Doesn’t sound like much but they do use it, for example one level being in bright sunshine above the tree line and fully shaded below it. You’re forced into the shadows to destroy things but have to come up to recharge. Also has some amazing graphics and music, I was listening to the OST just yesterday. Only negative I would say is that it’s possibly a bit short. TBH I haven’t had a chance to play it yet,
  4. The Cursed Knight is already out, I have my copy sitting right here I guess they sold their initial batch and are producing more.
  5. Interesting take from Vesperarcade on why perfect parry has 50% scaling on damage. I didn’t like the idea of it at first but watching this it actually makes a lot of sense. They’ve essentially created a whole meta/mind game around being minus on your normals but having the threat of perfect parry when it becomes the opponents turn. I really feel they’ve looked at things carefully with this game, I think it’s going to be amazing.
  6. This is ultimately what it comes to. Manipulating the AI to win, which in some cases can be a simple as (as @Superfamifreak mentions) neutral jumping and pressing hard kick. But is this fun? Do people feel accomplished by doing this? What are people learning by being forced to fight in this way? I feel like the answers to all these questions are reasons NOT to play the game any more. I’m probably asking too much as the people who made these old games didn’t have the knowledge that is known now for how a fight should play out. Still, I feel if fighting game AI he been made fairer/better it might have led to more people getting into fighting games.
  7. My tastes have actually changed due to a lot of modern games being far too long. I like to finish stuff but it’s rare that a game will hold my attention for longer than around 10 - 15 hours. So in 50-60 hour games I will normally stop playing before the end and it’s to the point now where I don’t buy a lot of modern games because I know I won’t stick it out. I’d sooner play something retro or indie, where I know the time to finish is acceptable (to me) or I know and love the series. I actually use www.howlongtobeat.com to get an idea on how long something is. So my finish rate is pretty high but it’s only because I’ve essentially stopped buying stuff that I likely won’t finish.
  8. Neo Geo fighting games are the worst! LOL! Relentless input reading. I’ve played fighting games for 35 years, played online for 20 of those….and I can’t beat the first character in the likes of AoF2 or FFSpecial because the AI is so bollox.
  9. It depends what is considered cheating. A lot of games will do a bit of input reading but ultimately they are following a set of decisions within the rules of the game. I’m not an expert in the likes of sports games, so I’m not sure what they get up to but I do know that SF2 (and other fighting games) literally play by their own rules that fall outside of the game. I’m not even talking about the obvious stuff like not charging moves that require it or reading inputs, it’s the more sinister stuff like making the AI invincible when it shouldn’t be, or stopping you from blocking to make you take a hit. This stuff is really cheap and can cause you to lose the game when it’s not your fault. This is fair enough. What I’m getting at is the people that say they’re ‘no good at fighting games’ when all they had to play was cheating AI, which has basically gave them a warped, unrealistic view of the genre. Fighting games are like a chess match of decisions, reads and reactions and when you can get into them, they’re amazing and have no limit of playability. This was the crux of my potential thread, which basically led to the controversial opinion ‘fighting games, 1 player, are unplayable nonsense.’
  10. Goemon

    NIOH 2

    I haven’t played for ages but yes, there’s plenty to do end game. It becomes about upping your gear as the legendary equipment unlocks when you finish it and the system for how you upgrade completely changes. After this there’s the urethral gear, which TBH ‘I never even got to. I did enjoy messing with my legendary gear and would send ages obsessing over it, especially the moveable stats. There’s also 2 lots of DLC to go through, which has plenty of new stuff as well as a new top difficulty. The other thing is actually the coop, which is great fun too. I actually did another play through for like 100 hours basically jolly cooping the whole game with a new system/built set. So glad you say it’s your top video game, it’s in my top games ever for sure. What kills me is the fact that the thread isn’t even 20 pages long
  11. I’ve been very tempted to start a whole thread on the general topic of fighting game AI. The main reason being @acidbearboy’s comment “admittedly I’m not the best SF2 player around” and the countless other similar comments from people saying they’re not great at the game. What people need to know is - the AI cheats, plain and simple. What I find disheartening about this is the fact that people likely don’t play fighting games as much as they possibly should down to the simple fact that the AI is BS.
  12. Port of Final Fight being worked on for the MD, have to say it looks really nice
  13. One of my biggest concerns based on what I’ve seen was the fact that the safest option becomes “doing nothing” in footies. This move coupled with getting extra damage on a whiffed moves from a punish counter makes it VERY dangerous to stick something out. Everything else you’ve said makes it sound amazing though! When I watch it, it’s really what I was expecting SFV to be. It looks like it’s built on the subtleties of what made SFIV so appealing, so I’m pretty hopeful it’s gonna great. Just as a slight link, I’m starting to wonder how grapplers are going to fair in the game. The only original character not shown is Zangief and I’m starting to think it’s because they’re struggling (a bit) to balance him. Parry, Drive Impact, Drive Rush AND a ranged command throw make it sound like Zangief will be a nightmare to try and keep at bay.
  14. Interesting information on frame data here. It seems now that most normals are negative on block, which is a huge change from SFV. No more sitting in lockdown while the opponent sits there spamming their +3, now you’ve got limited options or you’ve got to spend drive meter to get your plus.
  15. Data mining of the PC version has started. People have been using the recorded commentary to get an idea of what the new characters are about as move names and kinda what they do are mentioned.
  16. So where does CT sit in your list of top JRPGs?
  17. This is a pretty interesting statement. That you’re a JRPG fan but you don’t love Chrono Trigger. Chrono Trigger is considered the most revered RPGs ever (based on my VERY limited knowledge) so I wonder if it’s popularity transcended RPG fans, which is why it’s so recognised but in reality, as an RPG, it’s only middle of the road? Interested to know why you don’t love it. As a contrast I pretty much dislike all JRPGs but I’ve finished and enjoyed Chrono Trigger.
  18. But this is the nature of an auction. An auction is whatever you’re prepared to pay so ‘overpaying’ is subjective. I think it’s about the opportunity. You can put in what you’re prepared to pay, get outbid and then you can decide if you want to bid more. You don’t get this option with eBay.
  19. Yea, I’m surprised eBay has never employed the same system as Yahoo Actions. It stops sniper bid (to a certain extent) by resetting the timer to 5 mins if someone bids within that last 5 mins of the auction. This allows someone the opportunity to come back with another bid if they want it.
  20. I personally think this is warming. This is the original reason for the 2nd hand gaming market. You had a love/desire for the stuff when you were younger, you’re not breaking the bank and it makes you smile to see them sitting there.
  21. Just finished Gleylancer on the MD. I feel like this game has quite a legend tied to it, which unfortunately is greater (for me anyways) than the game itself. It’s fabled as a classic, has a hefty price tag and has had reissues made for it (which also appear to be going up in price!) I think this slightly conflicts with reviews of the game back in the day, which were a bit of mixed bag. UK mags reviews ranged from 48% to 89% although I have to say, some of the negatives I’ve read are absolute nonsense…but that’s a whole other topic The game boasts 11 stages, which is a lot of a shooter from back in the day. However, some stages are quite short and just a bit forgettable TBH. I’d sooner not have them and use the assets/ideas to flush out some of the better levels. This also kinda ties to the game feeling a bit unbalanced. Stage 4 has some tricky sections, where you’ll likely die (I did multiple times in learning it) yet I consistently did stages 5 and 6 without even dying. Again this ties to 4 being a more flushed out level, with more going on. Production wise, it’s great with a neat scene setting story at the start and also interspersed between levels with the penultimate one including a protect mission as the boss, which was very cool. Graphics and sound are generally very good, although again, I feel like some bits were afterthoughts. Stage 1 for example has multi-parallax meteor shower scrolling by with a huge plant scape, it all looks great! Yet, stage 8 has a single, flat backdrop of varying grades of orange and looks bland as hell. It’s definitely a good game, but having finished it, it’s not the dizzy heights of the top shooters on the system.
  22. Graded stuff is a whole other ball game of poison shit. Rife with corruption, it’s all in aid of trying to fleece rich non-gamers out of lots of money.
  23. Interesting subtle gameplay information from some testing at EGX. Obviously it’s all subject to change for the final game.
  24. I was thinking about this, this morning. I was generally in full agreement with the age bracket idea but thinking about it now, I’m not so sure. I’m a self confessed Bargain Hunt addict and watch it regularly. When you look at ‘antiques’ the people buying them have no nostalgia for the item. They’re buying them due to rarity, condition, popularity, maker etc. no one is buying a Victorian silver tea spoon for £100 because they’re nostalgic for it. If the same happens with games, and there’s no reason why not, then it won’t matter if you have nostalgia for the item or not. I still think it will affect prices but there will still be a value there. They also have things like ‘made in the style of’, which I guess you could link to remakes, reproductions etc. which again have a value but not as much as the original.
  25. edit: didn’t read the full thread, beaten to the gag Have to say I really hope this is true. I did love ER but you don’t get the same intimacy of a specifically designed area compared to an open world. Ditch the horse, limit jumping so I can explore at a snails pace and drink it all in. The idea of expanding on the Finishing Hamlet as a basis for a world could be amazing, I’d almost prefer they don’t associate with Dark Souls and have another new IP (although using the name does help give it weight).
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