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  1. Finished Chelnov (Atomic Runner) Have to say I’m super impressed by the game. I feel like if you wrote everything about this game on a bit of paper the person reading would be like WTF, this will never work (you’re telling me you can’t walk backwards!?) but put it all together and the game is a triumph of originality. One thing I love about the game is that it’s levels are fixed, which allows you to learn what’s coming, when and structure how you’ll tackle things. I used multiple save states to practice sections and where I needed to be. This helped me fast track the completion but man, you would have had weeks and weeks of learning from this game back in the day. The only bit I wasn’t sure about was the last boss as after a lot of practice the only way I could get him even remotely consistently had very strict manipulation of his positioning otherwise it makes him nigh on impossible or you have to be really lucky. (At least with my attempts) As @JamesC mentions the tunes are great too, where that magazine comment came from I have no idea. The best I can figure is that they literally played the game for 10 mins and then gave up. Playability - 2/10! WTF! It also takes a while to notice how nice it is graphically too (mainly because you’re focusing on staying alive!) but some sections have like 5 layers of parallax, which make it look gorgeous! It also lovely touches like the fact the stage 2 boss is standing atop of a pyramid in the stage 1 background as you run by I definitely feel this is a game that not a lot of people know about, which is criminal really. It’s up there in the mix with the top shooters on the system and deserves a place in everyone MD collection.
  2. Glad to hear it finally clicked @Davros sock drawer it really is an excellent game. Such a shame quality indie games like this don’t really get the buzz they deserve so everyone plays them at the same time. This thread is like 3 years and people finding and loving this game.
  3. 10 Arcade ports being worked on for the MD
  4. Megadrive Advanced Gaming Magazine said it. Like the way they thank the company that supplied them their review copy that they just shit all over.
  5. I’ve just started playing Chelnov (Atomic Runner) on the MD. I remember reading the MMS review who loved it but I never really liked the look of the aesthetic myself so have never played it. Wow, what a great game! I ditched the default controls pretty quickly and moved to buttons shooting directions over having a shoot button and a change direction button and it’s all instantly fallen into place. I assumed that it was positivity across the board for this game but it seems to not be the case. Magazine scores on Sega Retro range from 40% to 91%! Literally opposite comments! Sound is great/sound is poor, gameplay is fresh/seen it all before etc. Bizarre. From what I’ve played so far (got to stage 4) I’m really enjoying it and can’t wait for my next session.
  6. I really enjoyed this game. Basically Chase HQ with Ridge Racer style arcade handling.
  7. Yea, this is how I understood it. Sega reversed engineered Capcom games themselves to release on the MD as Capcom didn’t want to do it but from what I’ve read when they were doing it for SF2 and Capcom weren’t happy with what had been produced and so brought the game in house to do it themselves. There’s Beta versions of the Sega made ones out there and in some cases look quite different (I’m thinking of the black bar at the top of the screen where the hud was)
  8. Just finished Thunderforce 4 on the Megadrive. I bought this back in the day and somehow managed to finish it the same weekend, so instantly returned it and got something else. This makes my mind super hazy on the game. Playing it now I’m not sure how I managed to do it in a weekend TBH, I must have been really lucky! It’s a great game, with some lovely bits. I particularly like the end of stage 5 where a later boss turns up and wipes out your team, and then a new special weapon becomes accessible. There is some RnG bits in there though, which can turn things on its head really fast and can feel a bit harsh. It also has dynamic difficulty, which I’m never a fan of. These are offset by the game chucking lives at you pretty regularly. The game has some crazy slow down too. In fact I feel like the game is constantly running in slow motion (at least while you have claw and you’re shooting) as it can change dramatically when you lose this. There’s a lot of levels too, 10 in total The first 4 can be chosen in any order, the 5th you get your new weapon and the rest play out in order, it’s all really nicely done. Until now I think I would have said that 3 was better than 4 but having played it, I think 4 is the better game. It just has more going on to make it a bit more interesting.
  9. The crux for me is that in my young head I assumed that there were no restrictions and the devs were always working to there full potential. Talks like budget, timelines, dev size etc, which are common chat now weren’t really discussed back then, so when I saw a port of a game, I thought everything was being done to make sure it was the best it could be, which wasn’t the case. Looking at some of the new indie games make me realise how much potential was in these older systems, had the situation been different. I guess we’re lucky that people still choose to make games for these old systems. Also makes me realise that Ancient working on this new shooter really has the chance to be something special.
  10. I did it at the time (it was a while ago now ><) I remember a bit of messing around but I think this was maybe because it was very early stages of the emu (so I had to do things things like updating the .ini file to point to correct file locations etc.) I have no idea where it is there days though! They had 99% of Neo Geo running (everything you would want to play), then did a massive change and started using retroarch and making loads of other arcade games playable such as all the CPS stuff. I tried this version but I didn’t like it as the system struggled running numerous games well, possibly due to required optimisations but also possibly due to the system not having the specs to do it efficiently. As I say I have no idea where it is these days, there may well have much better versions running (the original vid was over 2 years ago) so have a look around and you’re struggling send me a msg and I may be able to help.
  11. 10 upcoming indie MD games
  12. Ek! Only just spotted this was coming to PS and Xbox. I bought the original but I just don’t play the Switch (is my daughter”s, really) so I’m really glad I’ve have a chance to get into this! Just a couple of weeks away too! Edit: is it worth updating the title to highlight that it’s now also on PS and Xbox
  13. Just wanted to highlight @dvdx2 that there’s a Elemental Master on eBay for £48, no bids and only a few hours left. Might be a good chance for you to to grab this game. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/165855221241
  14. Goemon

    Crap Maps

    Why would you make a map intentially bad?
  15. Apart from RR all the other games sold. Pretty sure Magical Pop’n and Power Rangers were both well over a grand too. One reason I think they’re more expensive is that they do trades. In theory you could have 300 £10 games and do a straight swap. I know this isn’t likely to happen but at this price, people are likely trade a decent chunk against it.
  16. Every shooter that doesn’t, should have an auto fire button. No one wants to sit and constantly mash a single button for 30-45 mins.
  17. I picked it up…although I wasn’t hyped for it. I went to my local import indie shop with my friend most weeks as they had a crazy trade system where you could get new games for £7 (as long as you had a previous receipt to the value of the game). That week Batman & Robin and Rise of the Robots had both come in on US import. After mooching around the shop I figured I would get Batman & Robin but on going to the counter I found out my friend had just got the last one. Slightly annoyed I decided to give Rise of the Robots a try as the other ‘new game out’ and picked it up. Needless to say I was back to the shop the very next week.
  18. Jesus of NazaBreath of Fire
  19. Yulekuza We 4 kings of New Londo are… Games with Gold, Frankincense and myrrh
  20. Good breakdown of what was seen in the new footage from the new characters.
  21. This is actually a fair point. A lot of console games give you a set amount of credits to finish something, which I’d consider the devs balanced it to. I think it’s going to be very much dependent on the game though. If you’re looking for the 1CC on an arcade game I would recommend Strider. I got the 1CC on this fairly easily with only the last stage taking a decent chunk understanding to get through. I also have some tips for certain sections if you’re struggling. Actually I forgot to mention another thing that I do… I’ll also go onto YouTube and look for 1CCs of games to see how other people handle certain sections if I’m struggling. This can be pretty interesting too as they may do something that you never thought of, even at sections that you’re confident with. I’ve stolen multiple techniques doing this. I actually completely rewrote my route through Bionic Commando stage 2 after watching a video and that wasn’t even the reason I was watching it!
  22. I’m a 1 credit guy, but I do it with a mix of save states too so I can practice certain sections. So if I get to a point where I always die, I’ll make a save state just before said point and then break it down by constantly reloading the save until I have it clear in my head how I’m gonna get through. I find this method allows you to beast games fairly quickly as there’s no replaying to get to said difficult part and you’re not just brute forcing your way through (so not figuring it out) either by chugging lives with multiple continues. The figuring out can be the most fun as you really get into the nitty gritty of what’s going on, how the game is trying to trip you up and how you can manipulate it to get past.
  23. Things like what? All questions can be answered in an understandable way. Everyone has to start somewhere and this game is shaping up to be the street fighter to play.
  24. Goemon

    NIOH 2

    Can you play underworld and depths multiplayer?
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