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  1. Another question I wanted to ask… Are people switching their weapon types depending on what they’re fighting? When I fought the Rajang, I felt like the glaive wasn’t a good weapon for the fight as the monster was pretty small and agile so a lot of my aerial hits were missing. Just made me think that I maybe need at least a 2nd weapon type for certain monsters.
  2. I think it might be that you’re both used to the game. I was just in a 4* mission with some guy and watched him get carted 3 times and essentially fail the mission single handed. I’ve been carted a fair few times myself but TBH I haven’t been paying close attention to my gear in the lower levels and rushing through, which has been catching me out. Now I’ve hit 7* missions I’m starting to dig into it. Some of the monsters are really aggressive (Rajang’s are scary as hell!) so I need to start figuring out my gear, decorations etc.
  3. This is one I’ve started multiple times in the past but have always got to the point where I’m I’m under levelled and can’t beat the enemies so stop playing. Now I’ve got myself past the idea of grinding as a chore I may be able to try it again.
  4. Do you have a disc skimmer? If you do I’ve got a question…Can you tell the disc has been skimmed? I’ve read about these machines leaving buff marks and wondered if a disc was only lightly scratched, was it worth doing?
  5. There’s another one of these coming up on the 17th Feb. https://www.ewbankauctions.co.uk/Retro-Video-Games-Consoles/2023-02-17?arr=&bidded_lots=0&box_filter=&category=&category_by=&currency=&department_id=&exclude_keyword=&export_issue=&filter_360=&high_estimate=&image_filter=&keyword=&list_type=&lot_no_from=&lot_no_to=&lots_per_page=&low_estimate=&month=&page_no=1&paper_filter=&search_type=&sort_by=&view=bidders&year= It’s an interesting watch, more for the speed and price of the sales than the potential of buying something.
  6. Surely all he has to say is that isn’t the machine that he did the record on, there was another one the event (not pictured) and it goes back to his word against theirs. His cronies would back him up that there was another machine and then you’re scratting around for witness to testify that there was only one machine at the event. I think he just wants to be in a place where you can’t justify it either way, at which point he can’t ‘officially’ be declared a cheater and he salvages some kind of reputation. The ironic thing is that he might have officially got the score (admittedly on an emu) but he’s dug himself such a hole one it’s interested him giving him that credibility.
  7. Ha! This is the weapon I’m using too. I used Hammer on World and wanted to try something different for this game…and you can’t get more different than the Insect Glaive! Like you say the mobility of the weapon is insane and you can ping around like a jumping jack! There is a big commitment to attacking though that can get you regularly clipped but it is hella fun! I would definitely suggest this weapon for anyone that feels the game is too slow paced.
  8. Just had to do another Rampage at the end of 3*, even with 4 of us in there it took 30 mins! If I’d failed right at the end of that I wouldn’t have been happy. Moved onto 4*, which has started the High Rank fights but haven’t ventured too far with this. Do you need to up the gear of my support characters? It’s something I’ve not looked into at all (along with 90% of the game TBH) and I’m starting to see some crazy stuff on other player’s support characters. Have to say, I’m preferring the variation on Monsters in this compared to World. Also can’t believe no one is talking about this. I guess most people played the Switch version.
  9. That’s how I understand it. This is the latest title in the "R-Type" franchise, a milestone in the shooter game genre. Based on the side-view shooter "R-Type Final 2" released in April 2021, the game offers an overwhelming package for a side-view shooter: enhanced expression technology taking advantage of the PlayStation 5's features, over 100 player aircraft and more than 20 stages with those from the PlayStation 4 version plus seven new ones. This title will also feature a metaverse lobby set in the world of R-Type for the "Competition Mode," a multiplayer mode allowing up to 6 players to compete for scores.
  10. Really looking forward to this. I bought Final 2, played it for like an hour and then got side tracked by something else and never went back. I watched shumpjunkie’s review like a week or 2 ago and was like I really have to go back and play this game. Then the trailer drops drops for Final 3, which looks to be like a Uber Director’s Cut of Final 2 so I’ve held off in prep for this coming out.
  11. The middle line, left side is Sword of Mana. That’s probably quite playable with a little support from a Gamefaqs guide to give you the gist.
  12. On PS unfortunately. Luckily people joined my game on the 3rd attempt so I was able to finish it otherwise I would have been 100% screwed. Not a fan of that mode. Moved onto 3* missions and holy moly, what a shock to the system! The monster to move to 3* is brutal, I was carted loads! I hadn’t been paying too much attention to my armour as I figured I was in low rank, so it wasn’t a huge deal…Then I got my ass well and truly kicked! When I eventually did beat it (I say ‘I’) I was probably more a hinderance to the team than a help TBH and I doubt they even knew I was there! Think I need to take a step back. I was trying to fast track low rank a little bit, but I’m not sure I can beat 3* monsters until I actually look at my setup. This game seems like a real step up from World on that front.
  13. Am I seeing this right, they’ve gated MP progression behind completing shitty tower defence missions? I’ve completed all the 2* missions and now stuck on this BS ‘urgent task’, of tower defence, which I’ve now failed twice.
  14. There’s very deliberately no enemy lock on. Part of the game is understanding your moveset and how you need to manoeuvre (in conjunction with the monster’s movements) in order to try maximise your hits and damage. It teaches you to be patient and time your hits. All this would all go out the window if you could just auto target the monster.
  15. Looks like Capcom have now officially released the footage for everyone. Rooflemonger has redone his video with the cleaner footage.
  16. Ouch! Videos removed due to copyright…Capcom didn’t want us to see this?
  17. Good breakdown of the matches here. One scary thing he points out is that Blanka’s blocked Blanka Ball takes one entire drive bar off the opponent! If you’re a character that can’t punish this move you’re in for a world of hurt!
  18. So if you can’t do the village missions coop, what’s the point in going into someone’s lobby?
  19. I guess it kinda makes sense in that you have to have someone in your world (lobby) in order to play your story mission. Still, I would just personally expect everything to be on a big MP menu, whether it be story or general and leave it up to people to choose. I can’t see myself getting far in the village missions (unless I’m forced to, to progress) as I don’t want to play single player and playing them MP relies on someone coming into my lobby. When I was figuring things out I sat with an open lobby and no one joined. When I joined someone else’s they were just wandering around their village and I ended up quitting out, so I’m not hopeful on this front. I guess it may change as the game is still new, but I know searching in the MP hub put me in a full game almost instantly every time.
  20. Quick question for someone in the know… Is there separate single player missions and multiplayer missions? There seems to be a specific quest list in the MP area, that doesn’t seem to affect the missions in the village, at least as far as I can see and wondered if it was possible to play the village missions in MP
  21. The other thing you have to be aware of is the ‘sharpness’ of your weapon. You’ll notice a weapon meter that is yellow, orange and red. As you hit monsters this goes down, the weapon becomes less effective and as such it takes longer to kill things. You get round this by keeping the weapon sharp during the fight by using a whetstone. It’s on your R radial menu.
  22. You’re fine. I never even had a headset plugged in in all the hours I played. You should definitely give the MP a go.
  23. Any particular reason for solo? I started World solo and while it was okay as soon as I jumped into MP it was a real light bulb moment. The beautiful thing about these games (for the most part) is that there’s no requirement to have a ‘good team’ or list of buddies that you play with otherwise it’s just a bit of a chore. Jumping in with randoms is totally fine and makes the game so much more fun (IMO). I played World for 130 hours online and couldn’t tell you the name of a single person I played with. TBH I was largely playing solo, in that, I selected a monster I wanted to hunt and joined a game that was hunting it. Having the other people there just gives you the opportunity of a a bit of a breather when things get sketchy in the fight as the other players are also a focus for the monster.
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