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  1. Finished Ys 1&2 for the PC Engine, have to say I ended up really enjoying them. Would say that 2 is better than 1. I guess you could say that’s to be expected but it was definitely felt more flushed out than the first. The only real downside of 2 was some of the areas are pretty confusing to navigate. It’s pretty easy to get lost or remember where something is. Another great feature of this was when you finish Ys 1 you literally get a big cutscene and move into Ys 2 with your same character stats. I thought it was cool that the game was able to do this without breaking
  2. How could you NOT play it straight away after what was the pant wetting cliffhanger to Shenmue 2?
  3. I don’t think the collecting was that bad, the main issue with DK64 for me is ‘Welcome to Bonus Stage’. Far too many bananas are collected this way. To me this was a ‘quick fix’ to fill the game due to the pressure they had to get it out for the holidays. I’m sure their initial designs would have had a lot more interesting ideas but alas they didn’t get the time to implement them.
  4. Exactly why I asked my question. 2 young kids means I need to be able to switch off at short notice. If I’m consistently losing stuff due to this fact then I won’t be playing the game unfortunately.
  5. Can I just be clear, there’s the potential to play the game for hours without the option of a save? If you chose to die at that point in order to ‘end the cycle’ but get a save what could you potentially lose?
  6. Currently playing Ys 1&2 on the PC Engine. I’ve heard a fondness for this series so I’ve always wanted to give it a shot. I bought one on steam many moons ago and when it told me to ‘walk into enemies’ to fight them I was like WTF! and quickly disregarded it. I’ve always had a nagging to return and wanted to start at the beginning having watched the intro to the PC Engine version and thinking it had great intrigue. I’m a few hours in and I have to say the fighting doesn’t bother me at all now, I actually quite like it! I’m not a big RPG fan so this quick fi
  7. Personally I’d pay it for something I’m confident I’d love. So if Elden Ring lands on PS5 and it’s £70 I’ll be in. However I won’t spend £70 taking a chance. Returnal us a prime example, I think it looks quite cool, and I’m quite interested but I’m not dropping £70 to find out.
  8. Well TBH, I think the idea is that you can do things in any order you want but essentially if you’re struggling with something you have options to visit other areas. So yea, you can’t hate until at least you’re stuck with no other options
  9. So invading as the Old Monk and killing the host will definitely send your Character Tendency Black. The only NPC I can think of in 3-2 is Yurt and he doesn’t affect it afaik. The other thing to mention is that it’s not always 1 point at a time. Doing certain things for example will drop you character tendency 3 points, not just 1. Anyway, likelihood is you’ve dropped at least one from your invasion and the probable reason why you’re not at pure white. One thing I will say is that the Character Tendency remains in to NG+, so it may be the case that you for
  10. Were you definitely at middle neutral when you started doing this? If you think about a scale from 1-10, 1 is PB, 2 is B, 3 - 8 are neutral, 9 if W and 10 is PW. This means you could kill the 5 named phantoms and change from 3 to 7 and you would remain ‘neutral’ the whole time. Have you done anything in invoke black character tendency? Killed any NPCs, Invaded anyone? (I can’t remember what else causes black character tendency)
  11. The only way to change character tendency is killing a “named” black phantom. There’s only 1 in each world, all the other black phantoms don’t affect your tendency. If you’re at neutral character tendency you have to kill all 5 to get your character to pure white. If you’re at pure black character tendency, then you’ve got to kill each one, twice (I know this because it’s what I had to do to get my character to pure white). Using magic does work, but it has to be your hit that kills them. So poison cloud doesn’t work because it’s the being poisoned that kills them, not
  12. Goemon

    Old Age Gamers

    Kenny RH is 73 and loves games, comics, movies and sci-fi. He collects all this stuff and has a a quite a few YT vids showing it. I think it’s great to see someone this age into this kind of thing. oh he loves destiny too.
  13. Loved this game back in the day but revisiting the PS4 release I was left a little deflated. My main beef was the AI characters getting themselves into trouble with enemies that a human player could avoid. In some cases you need to switch characters just so you can keep that character alive otherwise they’ll likely die. I do know that when I finished it back in the day I got a friend to help me, which made a world of difference. I also think you need to make sure you raise the girl’s ‘protect’ spell as I found it pretty crucial for the last boss.
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