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  1. I was thinking about this just yesterday. I’m starting to wonder if they haven’t maybe damaged the first year’s competitive and online scenes by allowing a PC beta to get ‘out there’. It’s basically giving some people around 9 month head start in learning the game. Nuances aside of course. I guess the first thing I thought was newbies going online and getting frustrated by regularly running into people who are smashing them out of sight because they’re already well versed with the game. Nothing stops people playing a game faster than thinking ‘what’s the point?’ Hopefully I’m overreacting.
  2. Oooh, thanks for the heads up! I was eyeing FFIV as a potential based on this experience. Also FFV (with an English patch) as I figured they were so close by, they were likely to be very similar. Another question…I know it’s considered this by a lot of people but is FFVII the best FF game? Not to gush too much about retro gaming but I love the fact that there’s still so much out there (for me anyways) that I’ve not played that when I do, they jump into some of my favourite games for a system.
  3. Finished Final Fantasy 6 on the SNES. So, so impressed with the game. I mentioned that I’m not a fan of JRPGs or more importantly, random battles and turned based combat but I have to say this all fell to the way side due to the amazing setting, character building, adult themes, exploration, music etc. I always remember people talking about Bloodborne, and how crazy it was that Castle Cainhurst was a completely optional area. It’s actually one thing I love about the From games, and I actually considered it quite unique to their games. Playing this I’ve realised that it isn’t just their games and FF6 has it to the max! I felt that the entire 2nd half of the game was optional where you’re left to do what you want, when you want and how you want. It made me realise something about the random battle system, which is, I don’t actually mind them apart from one scenario; the dungeon type area where you’re trying to figure out where to go. Some of the dungeons are quite puzzling and I did find myself getting annoyed when I was flicking switches, moving/changing environments trying to understand my way through and I would get constantly pulled into a battle and away from the puzzle itself. Still, it’s hardly a deal breaker. I think I ground myself too far at the end as I was pretty OP for the final boss, but TBH I don’t mind as I liked the planning behind levelling my characters to take on the final area and it did all work like a charm! I’ve finished it and I already feel like I’d like to play it again as there was so much I didn’t experiment with. What a tremendous game!
  4. Goemon

    NIOH 2

    Feral is probably best to use as it moves you quite far forward, so in scenarios where it’s mistimed you can regularly move out of the way of the attack.
  5. I personally consider this an absolute bargain. Arcade Archive games are near £6 a shot and half of them aren’t as good as Capcom games.
  6. Yuzo Kushiro and Ancient working on a new shooter for the MD
  7. How are you supposed to read that!? It’s blurry as hell.
  8. Is this your first time playing PoP? The animation blew everyone’s mind back in the day but the system comes with some restrictions. An animation has to play out before you can do something else, which can give the appearance of lag, but it’s not really. This can lead to scenarios where you’ll run to make a jump and even though you press the button as you get to the edge, the button input won’t happen until the run animation has hit its end point and ultimately make you fall to your death. The way round this is to move to the edge of the jump you want to make, turn around run back (kinda like a longer jump preparing to hit the board), turn around and run at the gap and you should be in the right place for an animation to be at the end and you jump at the right point. Oh and you ALWAYS have to use the step animation when on thin platforms as to guarantee that you don’t fall off. This can all be a bit fiddly but it is something that you get used to as you play and something I would consider inherent to the game. If it’s something you can’t get past then the game’s not for you but I will say that the system’s design does allow for you to do everything you need to, it’s just about learning and getting used to it.
  9. What do you find annoying about it?
  10. I feel it’s testament to how addictive a game is by how cold your tea is when you remember it’s there.
  11. I watch a lot of Bargain Hunt and I think Tim Weeks will probably the closest thing to this position. He’s the one who seems most clued in with toy auctions and games fall into this bracket. Here he is talking about toys. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p07r39r8 like I say when you look at a toy auction it will include games and consoles.
  12. Currently playing Final Fantasy 6 on the SNES. I’ve never been a massive JRPG fan but some of my favourite SNES music is from the likes of Secret of Mana and Chrono Trigger, so the idea that I’m missing out on a load of great music has always kept me wanting to play more of these games. I had tried to play this a number of years ago but I bailed at the Banen Falls boss. I got to that point and the boss could basically 1 shot me and after numerous attempts I finally beat him…basically because he never did the 1 shot move. This made me really annoyed that I was waiting for a game of chance to roll my way so I immediately stopped. So when I started again this week I said to myself that I would take my time, explore a bit, grind a bit and get into the move sets of the characters. I just got to the Banen Falls boss…and I wiped it out in 2 hits! I can’t quite get my head around this. I don’t feel like I’ve done anything extraordinary to what I probably would have done when I last played and I’ve half convinced myself that it must have been something else that tripped me up! Still, I’m really chuffed that I made it through this section with relative ease as I now feel a bit more confident that I will see the game out. One thing I find a bit jarring is the super deformed main character sprites vs the realistic enemies sprites in the battle sections. Why it’s it like this? In the over world the enemies as super deformed and then move to realistic, so why don’t the main characters? I’m really enjoying the music too and have the main overworld theme well and truly stuck in my head. Was also quite shocked by Cyan’s story (so far). Was a real tear jerker!
  13. Oh wow, that’s more than I thought. Just looking at the Ewbanks sites you’re probably looking at paying 35% on top of your purchase price. So the person who bought Mario for £75 is gonna be paying another £25 on top, that’s £100! I’m REALLY surprised that with a commission so high, people bid to the prices they do. I wonder how strict they get with people bailing on paying. It actually adds a whole new curve ball to the price of items. If someone sells something at an auction for £100 then it’s actually worth a decent chunk more than £100 if you were trying to sell the same item privately.
  14. Thanks for this! As a gamer and an avid watcher of bargain hunt this was a pretty intense watch. Super interesting to see the pace of the auctions, literally like 30s and there’s one down. I actually live bid of a few too was great fun but was outbid. It was soooooooo easy to bid. One touch of the button and your bid is there. No entering prices, waiting for auctions to finish etc. it’s just press, bid, press, bid, done. Looking at the prices that some stuff went for, I think some people got caught up in the moment for sure! (JPN Mario 64 with guide - £75!) I’m wondering how common gaming auctions like this are.
  15. Nice! I love this kinda stuff coming out of the woodwork and fans working together to bring it to the masses. There was a video of the prototype uploaded 9 years ago (!) so work to bring this may well have been going on for a while.
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