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  1. Goemon

    Shenmue 1 and 2 coming to PS4,XB,PC

    I thought I read that they implemented new and original controls Just got a dispatch email for this, hopefully it lands tomorrow!
  2. I ALWAYS get really annoyed by people and shops that treat stuff badly. Especially when they're trying to charge you a lot of money for it. Hey guys, top tip. If you want £70 for the cart only turtles in time, might want to clean all the shit off it first! Saw someone else PSPs at the recent NERG. Just had them piled on top of each other, one looked like someone had sneezed all over it, it was minging. Just shows that these people don't give a shit about the item, it's just about the money.
  3. Goemon


    Looks like it’s getting a physical release too https://www.play-asia.com/ketsui-deathtiny-kizuna-jigoku-tachi/13/70c0yh
  4. Goemon

    N64 Appreciation Thread

    Battery issue on the memory paks? could be worth trying to open one up and replacing it.
  5. Saw the most amazing thing in this game this morning... Played a guy called EvilRyu78, I’ve played him a number of times, which I usually win. He never rematches though. So I win the first game, select rematch but then remember this and get up to make a drink. I’m in the kitchen, I hear fighting and I realise he’s actually selected rematch. So I run through just in time to find him tea bagging my dizzied character. He didn’t even realise I wasn’t playing and was essentially tea bagging a training dummy. I couldn’t stop laughing
  6. No time for that, you have a top 8 synopsis to write!
  7. Not sure why this is in here but okay....
  8. Man, they have to do something about Cammy. So many Cammy players and you literally can’t tell any one them apart. It’s just the same relentless BS with each one. People say this game is more exciting to watch but watching Cammy is like watching paint dry. If you have no invincible reversal it’s even worse.
  9. Was looking at the top like 200 of Evo and it’s crazy how many killers who fell so early. At the same time though I wonder if Capcom is actually happy with this. They made a game for the many, not the few (TM) which ultimately was their goal. Watching the pools of day one was a real eye opener. I swear some of the fights I watched were like rookie level skill. People jumping constantly, not punishing things, random moves in the middle of nowhere, etc. It was all over the place. but again this is allowing people with less skill to get into the mix, so is it actually good? It will be interesting to see where they go with SF6, if there is one. As they now they have the knowledge of making things difficult and making things easy. So we’ll see what their preference is. I really want them to have a different methodology to releasing characters though. I feel that characters coming out years after the original release just don’t stand a chance of becoming viable. How would characters like Sakura, Blanka or Falke fair if they’d been there since the start? I’m sure we’d be seeing more of them for sure. I know myself that I try a new character and I’m like they seem quite cool but then think about the learning and practice I have to do and then go back to my 2y old FANG.
  10. Goemon

    The Emulator Thread

    You advertising stuff here first or going straight to eBay?
  11. Goemon

    Shenmue III - PS4/PC | 2019

  12. Goemon

    NERG 2018: 14th & 15th July

    I still think there was plenty going on. For example I don’t think I saw a single CPS2 game there. There is a massive catalogue of CPS 1, 2 and 3 games which I think would go down great! Street Fighter 2 was a revolution in the arcades and there wasn’t a single version there.
  13. Goemon

    NERG 2018: 14th & 15th July

    Did anyone go to this? I think I would prefer them to try and get more 90s arcades in there. I nice row of Astro Cities with some 90s classics in there would be great.

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