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  1. Yea, I believe they’ve changed the trophies. From what I gather the new ones are more interesting to do, although maybe not so easy...
  2. Man 4-1 is driving me nuts. I can see paths on the right hand side of the map but I can’t figure out how to get there. I know the path loops around from the left but I’m pretty sure not everything is accessible from that way. In the process I have become intimate with the Skeletons and actually think they’re a very clever design. They teach you all about the importance of blocking. You can block their rolls and they recoil when their attack hits your shield, which gives you a chance to attack. Also, as they roll at you it helps give you a better telegraph of par
  3. This might have been asked before but is anyone sometimes having problems with their controller not charging when the system is in rest mode? I’ve turn on USBs in rest mode but I’ve just put the system into rest mode now and I can see the controller isn’t charging.
  4. I finished 3-1 today. After a few goes on the boss I had her figured and absolutely wasted her. Slightly annoying that you can’t jump to the 2nd archstone in this level and double back to the boss door for summons, but it’s not a killer. Decided to level myself up as I’d been sitting on level 17 for a while. Boosted myself right up to 25 where I’ll sit for a while. I’m trying to decide where the best level to sit is for cooping bosses. I didn’t realise this game had character tendency as well as world tendency. I know some people don’t like it but the more I l
  5. Ha! TBH I don’t think these games are as much about getting good (as fabled as that is) it’s more about getting smart. 99% of all other games make you brain dead. They’re too scared to challenge you and all that happens is you become lazy and expect it all on a plate These games are like fuck that, we’re going to fucking kill you until you figure out how to deal with. Everything is manageable though.
  6. For me, if you’ve got to go farm to get health back then you’re being too liberal with your healing items and not monitoring your survival. You need to decide where you are, what you’ve achieved and what you intend to do before chugging health. There’s nothing wrong with bugging out and cashing in what you have. Your complaint about nasty gameplay is all self inflicted. You worked yourself into a hole and now you’re complaining that you’re in a hole. It’s also good to think about buying items when you DON’T need them. I was jolly cooping at the 2-1 boss and
  7. Grabbed a black eye stone this morning and started invading... It was super active but unfortunately seemed a bit broken to me. Possibly because of the games I was going into but the lag made it pretty unplayable, and that was every invasion. Like people would be no where near me when they swung and I would take the hit, likewise I would obviously hit someone and it wouldn’t register. Also, I didn’t realise a successful invasion returned you to human form! It’s the ultimate perpetual system; you invade, become human, get invaded. After this I went into 3-1 and de
  8. I’ve never played this, but I really dislike it when a game puts you in this tense situation, and then makes you repeat it over and over if you fail. Just completely kills anything the game was trying to achieve and basically turns it into a chore. Resi Evil 3 suffered from this all over the place and it’s the reason I sacked that game off.
  9. I spent a good couple of hours being summoned into the 2-1 boss fight. When he does his big move it looks absolutely stunning and I always find it funny seeing how some people react to it. It’s like ‘Wait, what’s this?’ ‘Hold up it’s not stopping!’ ‘Fuuuuuuuuuuuck!’ This is one of the main reasons I wanted to be here at the start. When the online is super active and just adds another level to the experience.
  10. The boss is actually weak to them, you could have killed him twice over with that many. You shouldn’t ever rush. As dood mentioned, spend some time figuring things out it can be a huge help, or you can come here and get pointed in the right direction. It can seem insurmountable at first but when you treat every, including death, as learning, then it’s all becomes very doable.
  11. Watching you now, @skittles you’ve got to lessen your armour, you’re fat rolling and it’s getting you killed. Also you missed a path when you went through the fog door
  12. Have to say I’m loving this Royal Class. As well as magic, you start with the Rapier and the Buckler. I’ve just wandered into 4-1, the enemies in there and the way they attack are prime for riposting. Also, having the Rapier is super handy for 2-1 and the enemies in there. Managed some jolly coop on the stage 2-1 boss, which was cool. I tried a couple of times with no luck so levelled myself a couple of levels and I got in. I feel like it’s harder to join games in this. I can’t remember the original that well but I don’t feel like there is not a lot
  13. I’m rapier’ing the hell out of these guys...when I say that, I mean I’m riposting the hell out of these guys and then it’s a rapier straight out the top of their head skewer style!
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