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  1. I definitely agree that SF6 needs to stay 1 on 1. If you lose that then it becomes something else, not necessarily bad, but something else. All I remember about SFxT was Inflitration LP’ing everyone to death with Rolento.
  2. Interesting rumour/leak from someone who has been correct on other Capcom insider information. "The most basic gist of it is Street Fighter 6 was supposed to release next year, but it was not received well internally or with testers, there's this team mechanic the game was too focused on, the director (who was Ono) got demoted again and someone else put in charge to 'fix' Street Fighter 6 with an additional year in development, and the new season pass is to buy time for that." Problems with SF6 is a good shout as to why this new season has appeared. I’m not sure about the Ono info, as I’m not sure how you go from Exec Producer to Director. They’re pretty different roles and there’s no way you can do both, but who knows the internal workings of the company. One thing I do know is that Ono is the face of Street Fighter so it would be dangerous to ditch him.
  3. Interesting, does this mean he uses the turtle to do things or does he need to move it out of the way (ie tossing it in the air) before doing moves. Assuming he retains his original move set of course.
  4. I’m thinking the last character is going to be a new boss antagonist. I don’t think there’s anyone else they could add that would give that wow factor other than another someone like that Dan’s VSs have to be linked to his taunt, don’t they? Looks like one can be done cancelling normals and the other can be done cancelling specials! Possibly the cancelling specials is one of his VTs. While it’s cool that more characters are coming I can’t help but feel it’s a waste. Obviously it depends when SF6 lands but the potential that you could have some of these characters for less than a year before SF6 comes out is a shame. Oro was on my list of characters to main but I won’t be bothering if SF6 is imminent.
  5. Thanks for the info. Part of my goal was to have it running inside an arcade stick, so the unit needed to be small. I see most places are using the pi3 in the bar top types but I’m not interested in running all the console stuff I’m only interested in arcade stuff. Is there a list somewhere that gives an simple summary of how each game runs? Do you know if memory is the main contributing factor? I see the pi4s have optional memory sizes.
  6. Can anyone tell me how well a raspberry pi runs arcade games? I’ve been messing around with a few setups but running the games at the intended FPS always seems to be a hurdle. Can for example a Raspberry pi run CPS3 without dropping frames? Also, what emulator does retro pi use? Does it allow you to run things like the later Cave games?
  7. Ah, so juggle combos ARE possible in this game...
  8. Few suggestions from me. Always thought these didn’t get a lot of attention and I really enjoyed each one. The Club Alice: Madness Returns El Shaddai Space Marine Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Transformers: War for Cybertron Mini Ninjas Lollipop Chainsaw
  9. I was ready for that bear. I let him out of the cage, then legged it to the safety of a ladder. I then chucked a wind chime to draw the enemies out of the room and watched the carnage unfold.
  10. Isn’t this just a picture from Big Trouble in Little China?
  11. Had another session on this, this morning. I’m wondering if some the skill unlocking is a bit lopsided or specifically a missed opportunity on stances. You have to defeat like 7 Mongol leaders to unlock wind stance, which is specialised for fighting spear enemies. I’ve been playing about 10 hours now, I’ve fought and beaten a hundred spear guys already! I’ve also fought a number of brutes too (I think) and I can’t even see the requirements to unlock moon stance for fighting them. The stances should have been the first things you unlock, or at least you should have the option to do so as part of ‘normal’ unlocks. I also think there should have been more emphasis on needing to be in the correct stance for the enemy you’re tackling. Kinda like, if you’re in the wrong stance you still take some damage when blocking or you can’t parry an enemy if you’re in the wrong stance. Hopefully the stance thing becomes a bit more essential later on but at the minute, as I understand it, I’ve killed all enemy types (sword, shield, spear and brute) just sitting in stone stance. I’ve started switching to water for the shield guys but I don’t feel like I’ve seen a noticeable difference switching. I need to investigate this a bit more though. Still really enjoying the game. I’ve started trying to not use the map too much, and instead just wander around and see what I run into. The birds and foxes seem obsolete when you’re using the map to set locations constantly. I personally find it more satisfying to be heading towards something that’s caught my eye only for a bird to come swooping in and take me to a nearby hot spring.
  12. Few hours into this now and it’s finally starting to take hold. I had a pretty bad start to the game... Basically one line from Jim Sterling convinced me to get the game. He mentioned the you can play full on Samurai/honour or full on Assassin/rogue or somewhere in between. This was compounded watching early story and the conflict of honour vs rogue I have no real interest in the assassin side, that’s been done to death in countless games. For me it was all about honour, I want to bowl into a camp and say ‘come on, let’s have it’ then down everyone face to face. So I stumbled onto a fort very early on, and with honour firmly in mind, proceeded to try and take on the entire camp...and I failed for like 45 mins straight (I’m playing on hard too). In the end I gave up and started assassinating multiple guys before finishing off the stragglers. I then instantly stumbled on a mission with a load of archers and was getting pissed at their AI aiming and ended up sneaking around again. At this point I wasn’t convinced the Samurai route existed. Fast forward a few hours. I’ve done some wandering around, and more importantly, got a few upgrades and I’m finally starting to see the Samurai potential. I can now parry enemy arrows, parry unblockables, take out more guys at stand off, roll away when things get hairy and have a stance for dealing with shielded enemies. Couple this with the fact that I’ve got a bit better armour, a bit more health and I’m thinking ‘Yes! This is what I was hoping for.’ I’m now wandering around craving more encounters to up my status and get more juicy moves!
  13. Devil May Cry X Monster Hunter World Take DMC fighting/action and put it in a Monster Hunter World with it’s multiplayer, levelling, crafting etc.
  14. Yea, I always liked Gremlins 2. The password for the last level has stuck with me for the past 30 years, I’ve never forgotten it. No idea why, but it’s never left my brain. Balloons are the key. You get a couple and you can skip massive chunks of a level. Pretty sure it’s how I cleared one of the later levels after many attempts.
  15. Actually I’d say a true Samurai’s Locks is a consumable item, which can be used to gain buffs and effects that can be used in and out of battle.
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