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  1. Do you think?  What's he bitter about?  I tend to listen to him on talksport rather than MOTD but when asked he gives an honest opinion and doesn't just phone it in like lots do.  I do like when he talks about previous managers he played under as well and what it was like in the dressing room.

  2. 2 hours ago, Art Vandelay said:

    I did have to laugh yesterday when Danny Murphy was asked on TalkSport if he’d have taken the offer of Beckham’s £10m. “100%”. Nice for Qatar to know they can fall back on that dour prick who couldn’t book a supermarket opening should it come to it.

    I like Danny Murphy.  He's honest and talks a fair bit of sense.  He's not an exciting sounding pundit for sure.

  3. The writing in this half of the season seems slightly better than usual.  I know I know, not saying much!

    How many more are there? just watched episode 22 and 23 back to back which is unusual in itself as watching one on its own is just about enough!

  4. Just now, ChewMagma said:


    You don't want Cresswell, trust me, not unless you fancy seeing someone get recklessly sent off in the quarter final.

    😅Henry then?


    Anyhow.  The squad is pretty much as expected with a couple of minor surprises. 


  5. Fair points @Fox but I think taking a right back as the only cover to a (not great) left back is risky.



    Toney not going leaves a injury prone Wilson to fill in for Kane if necessary.  Again risky.  I just think taking all 3 would have been a wiser choice and leaving Gallagher out

  6. 11 hours ago, dumpster said:

    I believe the Japanese release is nowhere near as rare but comes with the same art book.  If you can find one, pop it in your box and the value goes up.


    Someone told me the whole CEX system is based on sellability of stock.  So for example, they get Castlevania traded in and they sell it for £50.  Every copy that gets traded in sells really quickly and the system notices and puts the price up. This keeps going until the sales slow down but don't stop. Likewise if the stock sticks to the shelves the price comes down until it shifts.  I think it means that Castlevania in CEX is £500 because it actually does sell in CEX stores for that.



    That's interesting, thanks for this.  Might be worth selling now then while the price is high.

  7. Hi guys.


    I've recently been going through my old games and found a few interesting ones like Vib-Ribbon, Ray Tracers, Bishi Bashi Special and Castlevania Symphony of the Night.

    Am I right in thinking Castlevania is rare and worth a fair bit?  It's the Limited edition PAL version, with the CD soundtrack but without the art book (I don't remember ever having it).


    I've got a fair few other games (PS1,PS2,SNES) too, is it worth trying to sell on rllmuk or am I better just getting them on Facebook?

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