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  1. This is only a view based on this game alone but Villa have no leadership on the pitch, they lack any sort of quality going forward and they are very very lightweight. Fulham have been very good and the red card (surprise surprise Mitrovic involved) and penalty decision (harsh) have helped but Villa have never looked like getting anything from this game.
  2. I'm just watching it and to be honest Fulham are playing like I saw them against Liverpool. They are a really good side. Villa look devoid of ideas going forward.
  3. They've lost us any control we did have. Fabs is so out of form it's ridiculous.
  4. 3 subs this early is a worry for me. Would have kept Thiago on especially.
  5. Mines very good. Someone in the Liverpool thread said turn it off and go back in, so you could try that.
  6. Just don't mention it in the main thread, all hell will break lose. 🤭 Edit- The penalty.
  7. I enjoyed that, first neutral game I've watched in ages and both teams were fully committed.
  8. Just came in to say that. Proper gutted for him. I really do think he offers us something different upfront too.
  9. Someone taking the piss out of Tyler's commentary followed by commentary that would actually get the watchers at home enthusiastic! Tyler Drury
  10. X A group of young filmmakers and actors hire a cabin to film a porno in the 1970s. Great little horror film with Mia Goth. 4/5
  11. 1. It should have been a Liverpool corner. 2. It was a foul on Fabinho (you can't grab sometimes shirt and pull them over) 3. They said on MOTD that a foul would have been given against Haaland on Alisson as well. So all in all, no way should that have been allowed😂
  12. Just finished it and loved it! I did think Roll on season 3.
  13. 0-0 at home isn't exactly anything to write home about and then watching their most hated rivals beat the team that battered them the other day is going to sting a little. It's the only thing I can think of that means he must spend so much time focusing on Liverpool so much.
  14. @ilpostinoIt's just a way to deflect from thinking about his own teams shit performance today.
  15. Great result! Who'd of thought Gomez and Milner in defence was the way forward!
  16. I don't think you are needing to or meant to sympathise with him. He's asked a question, he gave an answer and also said you already know the answer. He's not moaning, he's simply giving a very honest answer to a question that all football fans already know.
  17. Let's think positive, 4 goals today. 3 to one side and 1 to the other.
  18. He didn't really take over the show though did he? Jen was always the main focus
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