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  1. Just finished it and loved it! I did think Roll on season 3.
  2. 0-0 at home isn't exactly anything to write home about and then watching their most hated rivals beat the team that battered them the other day is going to sting a little. It's the only thing I can think of that means he must spend so much time focusing on Liverpool so much.
  3. @ilpostinoIt's just a way to deflect from thinking about his own teams shit performance today.
  4. Great result! Who'd of thought Gomez and Milner in defence was the way forward!
  5. I don't think you are needing to or meant to sympathise with him. He's asked a question, he gave an answer and also said you already know the answer. He's not moaning, he's simply giving a very honest answer to a question that all football fans already know.
  6. Let's think positive, 4 goals today. 3 to one side and 1 to the other.
  7. He didn't really take over the show though did he? Jen was always the main focus
  8. I've just watched the video "evidence" and he could have said all number of things, but it's easy for the Twitter gang to decide when it's a white guy and a black guy having an argument isn't it. I'm sure we will find out in due course.
  9. Sadly it'll be time at the end of the season to decide that Matip just can't stay anymore as he is constantly injured. He's like Daniel Agger MK2 Also, Robbo isn't even fit is he, so it'll be Tsimikas. 2 seasons in the last 3 we've had serious defence injury problems and we know how it went 2 seasons ago.
  10. Finished this last night and I really enjoyed it for the most but in the last few episodes for me it lost its way and the conclusion Meant overall I was left a bit disappointed.
  11. Nice to hear that from an Arsenal fan. To be honest I get fed up with the idea that a touch in the area means it's a penalty. There is so much grabbing and grappling that players get away with but a player going for the ball and tapping the back of a guys leg is a penalty? Makes no sense. Arsenal are still flying though so fair play to you guys, it's impressive and shows what happens if you give a manager time.
  12. It was a penalty because it was given as so, but contact does not mean a penalty should be given. It was very soft and if the ref hadn't given it I think VAR wouldn't have overturned it. The better team did win though. Im not sure it's down to them not working hard enough though, more as you said the system isn't working and the players looking like they have no confidence at all. Like you, I do fear for us against Man City though as we look all over the place at the back. A back 4 of Milner, Matip, VVD and Tsimikas (probably the only player in a bit of form at the mo) does not instill confidence against Haaland at the moment.
  13. If it's the decision I think you are talking about then that would be the stupidest decision ever made.
  14. First 3 episodes watched last night, it's a good watch and can be pretty dark on places. Flanagan loves a creepy old US house doesn't he!
  15. Ah I read this as young prospects not good @SMD
  16. Fair enough, I'm not going to answer all that as I'm pretty most of it isn't aimed at me but, isn't Carvalho an identified young prospect? Elliott too? Ramsey? Or are we talking younger?
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