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  1. Ajax had the first 20mins and then Liverpool came back into it. I was still surprised though when the stats came up at 35mins of 50% - 50% possession Liverpool having passed the ball more. (Something like 184 -163). I thought Ajax had more of the ball.
  2. Lovely goal from Mo. Then Darwin misses a sitter!
  3. How the hell did Man City not get a penalty for the goalies studs catching Haaland but then get a penalty for Silva dangling his foot out so it collides with the Brighton defender? What's the point of VAR.
  4. Well, he has to get his funny little jibes in doesn't he.🙄
  5. I didn't see a lack of effort or desire, what I saw was a lack of creativity and ability to think out side the box a bit. We miss Thiago desperately when he doesn't play but to negate that a bit we can cope if Fabinho and Henderson play together. When we lose 2 out of the 3 it all goes to shit. Elliott was energetic and tidy today but it looked like he was being asked to do too much with Mo not out on the right. Jones was poor and for him to play the whole game was pretty shocking to be fair. Salah upfront was anonymous. To have both him and Firmino playing through the middle was a mistake in my book, especially as Forest were so tight through the middle. Even when changes were made we continued with Salah in the middle and first Jones then what seemed like Oxlade-Chamberlain on the right. We lacked movement all game. Our defence in general was fine, until of course Gomez fucked up for the free kick. Milner didn't play badly at all but it was crying out for TAA down the right all game. It's annoying because we had won 2 on the trot and this was a game we'd expect to win. I expect us to do what's necessary in Amsterdam, but that will be with Nunez, Thiago and Henderson back in. To end this on a positive, Allison Becker is a phenomenal keeper and the best I've probably ever seen for Liverpool.
  6. Leave Firmino in the middle and switch it round. You can't just leave your best player not seeing the ball for all of the game
  7. Why hasn't Salah gone out wide? He's literally done fuck all where he is.
  8. It's that kit, the boys can't see each other to pass the ball properly. Even Klopp can't see as he's just taken Firmino off and not Jones.
  9. Gomez has lost his head hasn't he? He was literally just head down running back there with no idea where the ball was.
  10. Well, that was lacking. I'm afraid Curtis Jones is bringing nothing to the game apart from dawdling on the ball too much. We are very much lacking one of Mo or TAA down the right as we have to play wide due to the middle being so packed.
  11. 🤣 But you are right, he is a lovely player.
  12. Curtis Jones currently being far too sloppy on the ball and Carvalho needs composure.
  13. Anyone elses BT feed now permanently out of sync? It started about a month or so ago and it's still the same.
  14. No, let's be positive, 3 wins in a row coming up, 0-3. No Nunez, the irreplaceable Thiago, Diaz, TAA, Henderson and of course, the ever broken Keita, but we've got this!
  15. Having watched both episodes last night, I have to say I really enjoyed it. It gave me Watchdog vibes the way the first part played out. I found the characters likeable, intriguing and having not read the book(s) I have no idea where its going. Im looking forward to the next episode, anyone know when it's out and will they be weekly?
  16. 🤣 ok, that made me chuckle! Really though, the "you're shit" chant was the main one that came through with all the Gerrard chants on TV. Totally didn't hear the Thomas Frank ones!
  17. @disperse and recoagulate thanks but I already do one.
  18. Did you see the similar Liverpool one at Arsenal? Not given. The handball rule is just fucked.
  19. Oh yes, you are right there. You were never in the game. Gerrard currently looks tactically naive. I thought the Cash penalty was harsh.
  20. Having watched the game on the TV it was very obvious what the supporters thought! Was quite bemusing that Luiz getting himself sent off and Matt Cash giving a penalty away meant the crowd immediately started singing Gerrard out chants! Thought the Fulham crowd was very basic too. Never heard so many "you're shit ahhhh" chants since going to watch Bath City play in the 90s!
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