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  1. The pub I'm in I can't hear him, just the cackles of some women behind me!
  2. You couldn't make this shit up.🤣
  3. Chewylegs

    The Man Utd Thread

    Kiss goodbye to the League Cup, Karius is a shot stopping god! 😉
  4. Didn't Dubravaka go on loan to....Utd?
  5. That was funny as fuck but shame he misses the final though. Don't want to give Man U any help.
  6. Think positive. Just need to work out way into the game. The confidence in the side ain't there though ...oooh goal!
  7. I know, too many to list.😪
  8. Let's hope he's fully fit. Gomez hasn't looked bad on the left , it seems the right centre back is always the issue with us.
  9. What a goal from Villa! 😲
  10. Still love this track to this day. Two legendary emcees down, how many more will we lose too soon?
  11. Came in here to see what has been said about Trugoy passing and read all the January posts of them getting close to releasing their music on streaming. That's made me feel real sad on a Wednesday morning.☹️ RIP an absolute legend, 54 years old is no age at all.
  12. Not seen Henderson and Thiago on the pitch together in ages, so not sure Thiago is the issue, more the midfield isn't settled. Glad to hear Hendo back though.😎
  13. Champions League final report Just read the frankly shocking independent report article of what happened at the Real Madrid v Liverpool final last year. Lies after lies to blame the fans instead of the French police and UEFA taking responsibility.
  14. With the way the results went this weekend, a win is a must. Only issue is I can't see our defence not letting at least one in and I can't see our attacking line scoring! 1-1?
  15. Cheers guys. So it's a toss up between Severance and Tehran then. To be honest I've probably only got time for one.
  16. Just finished Blackbird, really really enjoyed it. I've not really made the most of my 5 months free, with only that and Ted Lasso watched. What one series would you suggest to watch in the next couple of weeks?
  17. Pep stays and I think City will dominate for another 5 years. He goes any time soon and I can see it being a couple of seasons of it could be anyone's and then Newcastle start spending big and take over for a bit.
  18. If the Pep era is 57% currently, 4% off the most dominant teams English football have ever seen, I'd personally say that is very dominant indeed (taking in account he is still in charge). Manchester Utd winning era felt like it would never end, just hope that isn't the same for Man City.
  19. That's an interesting article. I didn't know a whole lot about the back room staff being so decimated and that definitely will have an effect on how the squad is prioritised. Definitely writing at the moment, just hope some key performers can get back in the team and we can go on a bit of a run. Getting rid of klopp would be a very stupid move indeed.
  20. I guess he just hates his job but doesn't want to give up the money.
  21. That's him on the Rashford goal posted on the last page, isn't it? A cracking goal and he still somehow sounded bored.
  22. Isnt this the emoji for when a win between two sides has nothing to do with you?
  23. Just before Christmas I decided to cash in on it and sold it on eBay for £285. It then got stuck in the post due to the strikes for 5 days and I spent the time worried it wasn't going to work by the time it got to Derby! Ebay finally handed my money over on Christmas day, which was a nice present!
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