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  1. I think you should stop now.

    Sounds like a damn good idea!!!

    Too be fair I actually like The Streets (haven't got the new album though) but they certainly ain't hiphop. Also its one bloke not a fucking band! ;):unsure:

  2. It didn't make me laugh...at all.

    Perhaps you just don't have a sense of humour?! ;)

    Its weird but I found it highly amusing but its not my type of humour at all! :unsure:

    The Essex Boys track seems to sum the place up very well. White escorts/Novas and stilettos everywhere!! :D

  3. I've recently got quite big into Uk hiphop (the last year) and a mate of mine has introduced me to some quality shit.

    Particular faves are probably Braintax, Ironbridge, Blade and Aspects.

    Currently listening to Aspects - Mystery theatre which is top quality bristol hip hop. their second album which definately looks to take them onto big things. Other recommendations has to be Ironbridge's debut LP - Toilet Humour. Its tunred into one of my favourite albums over the past year for genuinely funny lyrics and quality use of interesting beats.

    Looking forward to the finally released Skinnyman LP aswell. Saw him in Bristol a few weeks ago and he was quality. Especially when he gave a complete and utter twat in a crowd a kicking after the gig! ;)

  4. Ok heres mine:-

    1. Naughty By Nature - Hip Hop Hooray. Classic 90s party tune.

    2. De La Soul - Till The Fat Lady Plays The Demo. funny as skit from De La Soul Is Dead Album.

    3. DJ Shadow - The Number Song - Only put on this week, haven't heard as yet!

    4. Pigeon John - Emily - Hilarious track from the hip hop weirdo.

    5. Ju Ju from Beatnuts - Punch You In The Face. What can i say the title says it all!

    6. Dido - Who Makes You Feel. Chilled out track from the lovely Dido.

    7. Bernard Herrman - Twisted Nerve. that weird whistle song from KillBill vol.1

    8. 808 State - Cobra Bora. Top dance track from back in the day.

    9. Braintax - Peace - Lovely summer tune from one of the best producers in the UK.

    10. Method Man - The Motto. Again a new track for me. Sounding good though.

    Those 10 out of a possible 1140. Perhaps i listen to too much hiphop?!! :D

  5. Is this worth getting?? I remember someone talking about it a while back on this forum but can't remember what they said about it and what it was like. Just remember them saying its good! <_<


    Any help appreicated. :blink:

    Oh and Cal I'm just checking the Les Fleurs track by Minnie Ripperton, you can't fault it! :angry:

  6. In case the madvillainy thread disappears I've put this in here for continuity.

    Just found this


    Does this man ever let up with his album releases?? <_<

    that sounds absolutely superb and he truelly continues to push the boundaries.

    Can't wait till August now although I'm still looking to get Special Herbs & Spices with Dooms beat's and Grimm's lyrics before then. Anyone got it?

  7. Still, was well worth it...RJD2 was the bomb...smooth, solid mixing, nice cuts & constantly interesting track selection made for a wicked gig.

    I was there too and fully agree the bloke was awesome! :angry:

    Fucking quality and mate you deserve the headache after boshing the stella back so freely! ;)

    I was driving :angry:

  8. Went to see him at Fiddlers last night in Bristol. Fucking awesome! ;):angry:

    The bloke was on 4 decks, scratching,cutting,mixing running his arse off for nearly 2hours.!

    Really really impressed and some of the tunes from Deadringer sound superb live. Definately have to pop out to buy the new one now.

    Damn good night and i recommend you go see him if hes at a club near you!

  9. Without wanting to get into yet another argument (read: let's argue) J5 fuckin rock :P

    I really don't think their sound is bland. It's energetic, it's fun, it's cool. Well head-nod inducing. UD are dull. That's true. They have 0 talent. J5's MCs at least have nice flows and get that old skool harmonising thing perfectly right. UD just seem "try-too-hard."

    I don't see the faux-old skool acts, as you call them, as being a bad thing so long as they get it right. I think it's cool for a few bands to keep that old sound going. It'd be a shame if that kinda hip-hop died.

    Agree with the J5 rocks call disagree with UD being dull! :D

    They are anything but dull.

    Anyway like you said in the hiphop thread (not long ago) dismissing certain acts for the sake of it seems a little stupid........soooooooo........... Fair enough you don't like Ugly Duckling but to say they have "0 talent" is not just harsh but a little short sighted. Theres hiphop out there that i ain't keen on but i TRY to keep an open mind......take Jay-Z for example.

    Anyhow, not looking for an arguement just hate all these haters!! ;)

    Oh and if hiphop was all the same it wouldn't be hiphop would it?! :lol:

  10. You did say accessible tracks! I like 'Can I kick it?' myself, though there are many many Tribe tunes I'd pick over it of course (Scenario being one).

    Im with ya on the Can I kick It? vibe although the extended boilerhouse mix is much much better than the original. To be fair though i can see why people won't like it.

    The Tribe tune for me if ya want something different from Scenario would be Award Tour. Just can't get enough of that. Fucking ace!

    On another note after reading the 3pages of this thread theres far too much hating going on for Jurassic 5. Just cause its what people like to call "accesible hiphop" it don't mean its not good! ;)

  11. Just thought I'd say that i bought this (ebay 5quid!) after Calashnikov mentioned it last month , its quality.


    A great album of scratching through the ages!

    Also I've been listening to the back catalogue of Gang Starr tonight while i've been attempting to put my hiphop collection on my new 20Gb MP3. :o Fucking hard work in this heat I'll have ya know!! :blink:

    Having not grown up as a hiphop boy I was given the albums to listen to recently for my "education" (from a fellow forumite) Really loving them especially Hard To Earn.


    Just wished I had enough money to go see them next wednesday in Bristol. :(

    Ahh well its RJD2 tomorrow night. :(

  12. First...another shameless plug. If anyone's in Bristol tomorrow night, come down the Thekla & I'll buy you a beer.



    On Friday 28th May 2004

    Keepin’ it UK, with...




    And, our residents...

    SIR BEANS OBE (Down & Out)


    GRADE A (Slim Pickin’)

    Upstairs in the café, with drum ’n’ bass and various breaks & beats:

    DJ RAM




    @ Thekla, East Mud Dock, The Grove, Bristol.

    Doors – 10pm to 3am. Price - £7.00 / £6.00 NUS.

    i might make it down.....it depends if i'm on the guestlist and that beer is cold! :D:huh:

    Looking forward to seeing what Skinnyman is like live and also hearing All Live Dynamics.

  13. you aint mussing much. it's crap. but they seem to like it, as do mtv, so its all good.

    just downloaded it.......Your too harsh on yourself, its quality and works brilliant with the tune.!

    Nuff respect!

    Really loving the whole album.

  14. Is there anywhere I can catch your video for Impact in the near future?

    Its on www.antidoterecords.co.uk.

    Haven't seen it yet cause of my slow ass connection. :huh:

    tried downloading David Heaths mix earlier........7hours!!

    Fucking wank 56k.


    Time to move into the present and get broadband i think.

  15. Where does this leave the current games market though where people generally don't have the time to invest in the completion of a 30hour game like GTA:VC let alone something of this scale.

    I know what your saying but theres something about GTA games that keep you coming back for more. These days i would class myself as one of the people you are talking about but Vice City and GTA3 before it, kept me hooked for months. Infact i noticed a while back on my saves that i actually played GTA3 for over a year.(from time to time).

    Its games that need constant input day after day so that you don't lose the thread of whats going on that i generally don't play anymore....such as RPGs.

    Anyway Im muchly looking forward to it and thank fuck that conversation about racism as stopped.

  16. I saw Aspects last night. They were good. I'm still drunk.


    Fairplay you must have had some beer if your still drunk now!!

    I wish i was. ;)

    The most boring day of work ever but still at least i've got good hip hop to keep me company.

    Alcohol and hiphop would be better though.


  17. In other news...I been listening to the new Aspects album, and I'm loving it. They really have progressed as a group and made an excellent slab of music...it's very diverse in styles, and a lot darker that the last one, while having some summery tunes and b-boy bangers too (lots of great beatboxing from Monkey Moo as well :rolleyes: ). Reminds me a bit of when De La came out with '...Is Dead'. Anyway, I'd pick it up when it comes out if I was you. And I mean that sincerely, not cos I may be slightly biased.

    What he said! :D

    It truelly is a step up for the boys and its hard to be believe this is Aspects.(in a good way)

    I think slimming the group down and introducing Monkey Moo has really worked wonders for them. Make sure you pick up a copy as soon as its out as its definately one for the summer.

    Favourite tracks at the moment are:

    Impact - The beat on is superb.

    Off The Lip - The track of the summer.

  18. Personally i skip Unfinished Sympathy these days.. i don't think it fits very well with the rest of the album and its ubiquity means i find it pretty dull to listen too.


    You skip the greatest Massive Attack song and personally one of my favourite ever tunes!

    That is absolutely disgraceful!

    On another note Blue Line and Protection are great albums but i found Mezzazine a bit too "deep and dark" after listening to the other ones. Ive gone back to it many times to listen again but I don't feel it enough. Teardrop of course is a classic.

  19. 17cm long?

    That's pretty fucking big in my book!

    Do you have any concept of how long 17cm actually is?!!

    Its hardly any bigger than my NeoGeo pocket was. For godsake people moan about the stupidist things.

    Perhaps its your weedy arms that won't be able to lift it that your worried about! :(

    Don't want to look like a fool in front of your mates now!

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