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  1. Another cheat trying to con the ref for a penalty against Ghana, this time not given thankfully.
  2. Who is the commentator on the Germany match? He hasn't got a clue about the rules and didn't realise Fulkrueg was onside for the goal!
  3. Watched the finale last night. So it just, like, ended. Completely unsatisfying so perfect for Walking Dead as a whole.
  4. The Swiss are an awful side to watch. They have spent a lot of the second half falling over. Come on Cameroon!
  5. So that's currently.... Danny Murphy Ally McCoist Micah Richards Clive Tyldsley ....Someone in here doesn't like, who else is shit? Would we be happier with no Comms at all? Edit: Chris Sutton Mark Lawrence Jermaine Jenas
  6. Still probably more entertaining than England's 1-0 win over Iran tomorrow
  7. Exactly! They expected 25 year old game to be scratchless!
  8. Took some games to CEX, asked about the price they'd give me for Castlevania Symphony of the night and she said because it has a few scratches on the disc (nothing major in my eyes) they'd not offer anything for it. I found that quite bemusing but fuck em, I've seen them sell on eBay for about the same as there minimum with more scratches! Odd as well, they gave me full 'mint' price for one of my games which was no where near mint.
  9. I've enjoyed them much more. I initially gave up mid way in season 9.
  10. I told my brother this morning I'm on the last ever Walking Dead episode and he said to me, "Worth it?" My reply was if shouting at the TV for the last 10years at these dumb fucks is thought of as worth it, then yes!
  11. Do you think? What's he bitter about? I tend to listen to him on talksport rather than MOTD but when asked he gives an honest opinion and doesn't just phone it in like lots do. I do like when he talks about previous managers he played under as well and what it was like in the dressing room.
  12. I like Danny Murphy. He's honest and talks a fair bit of sense. He's not an exciting sounding pundit for sure.
  13. Maybe don't order a fucking Greek salad in Qatar?
  14. The writing in this half of the season seems slightly better than usual. I know I know, not saying much! How many more are there? just watched episode 22 and 23 back to back which is unusual in itself as watching one on its own is just about enough!
  15. It's a bit bullshitty from Southgate but both Maguire and Phillips have turned up for England consistently in the past, Abraham hasn't. I think if we had real quality to replace those two, you'd hope he would have.
  16. Yes, balance looks ok (still need another left back) but quality is what it's about. Our defence is very poor.
  17. 😅Henry then? Anyhow. The squad is pretty much as expected with a couple of minor surprises.
  18. Fair points @Fox but I think taking a right back as the only cover to a (not great) left back is risky. Toney not going leaves a injury prone Wilson to fill in for Kane if necessary. Again risky. I just think taking all 3 would have been a wiser choice and leaving Gallagher out
  19. It's not a surprise but I think not taking Toney is a bad idea. Not sure why we need Coady when another left back (Henry/Cresswell) would have been better. Surprised by Gallagher but happy Maddison is in.
  20. Danny Mills talking absolute nonsense on the radio as per usual. Spouting the old "He's never let England down" when talking about Maguire.....has he seen the last few times he's played for England in lesser games 🤔
  21. Outrun 2006 Coast 2 Coast is a weird one. Worth about £2 on PS2, more like £60 on Xbox.
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