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  1. So much wrong, but probably right in the rule book about that whole thing. Yellow card for taking off your top - please for fucksake just get rid of this dumb rule. The offside because the player "went" for the ball even though the goalie is already watching it go in from the initial header. The goalie didn't imo react to the second attempted header at all. Dumbass VAR.
  2. Started season 5 tonight and got up to episode 4, it's frankly far too easy to watch these back to back. But.....what the fuck was that episode (4) I just watched? One of those ones when you want to reach into the TV and just smack heads. Annoying. I'll probably end up watching the rest tomorrow!😂
  3. Phew indeed, I needed a laugh after last night.
  4. Diaz is such an enjoyable player to watch. Quality and never gives up.
  5. Well yeah, but he ain't the guy on the pitch that is playing absolutely horrifically (along with a lot of em). I see Gomez is off.
  6. Klopp needs to literally walk on the pitch and tell Gomez to get the fuck off the pitch.
  7. Only one thing for it....Klopp out!
  8. Is it just me or does there seem to be a hell of a lot of films now "buy or rent" rather than included with Prime? It's a bit of a joke. Spiderman into the spiderverse is yet again being taken off Prime, which seems to happen every couple of months. Bit crap really.
  9. Ahhh man, that brings back great memories! That film sounded awesome through my old speaker system, the bamboo forest fighting was just sooo good. Needs a rewatch.
  10. Fair enough, but I was sort of trying to agree with you in the end. Keita hasn't looked up for it and AOC is a crock, I'm surprised they are still here this season and last. But there must be a reason why they are still here.
  11. Can't get rid of the @SMD so sorry about that. For some reason the club has chosen to keep Keita and AOC, so by doing that it means buying more midfielders could be an issue to the squad size. Personally, I'd of got rid of them both, but they either think they can get game time out of them or they were unable to sell them for anything more than a bag of crisps and a Yorkie. Ideally, I'd of wanted a back up to Fabs, but it hasn't happened. Rregarding the comparison with The Glazers. I thought the issue with them was that they don't put their own money in and haven't developed the stadium etc. I don't think you can hold that against FSG. But anyhow, I really don't care about that, I care about us not ending up like we did under Hicks&Gillett. I see it as Luis Diaz was the replacement for Mane, not Nunez. So there was forward planning as he came on before Mane left. Nunez as @SMD said is rough round the edges, he hasn't hit the ground running like a fair few of our signings, but then I remember Fabinho didn't either. I like what I see though. I get the frustration, I just think going all the way back to my original post, there is a lot of doom and gloom in here when I really think it's a little OTT. We're 5 points behind our main rivals currently, let's see what happens in the next 5 games.
  12. So what you are both saying to some degree is we shouldn't have injury prone players? Was Keita injury prone before he got to us? (I don't think he was). @SMD I understand an alternative to Fabinho is/was needed, perhaps that will be addressed in January? I do think this is a problem. But @Gabe seems to be suggesting is that because Matip, Konate, Henderson, Keita, Thiago and Jota have had injuries since being with Liverpool, we should be buying because of this? So we basically have to either get rid of those players OR buy to cover those injuries. All well and good doubling the wages we pay by buying a new defender, midfielder or two and striker but then what happens when they are fit? You've then got too many players in the squad and players like Elliott, Carvalho, Jones and Gomez won't ever see the light of day. I'm not a massive fan of Gomez but look how much better he's been since having a run of games under his belt. He was excellent yesterday. Could we have won more, perhaps, although with City around it's hard to see, but I don't think we have stood still. The other teams behind us have improved because they were so far behind us, they couldn't not. Man City in my eyes have not pulled away at all. They have brought in probably the best striker in the world yes, but also lost some of their squad and may find later in the season they might pay for it. Anyhow, I'm not trying to start a fight with fellow reds, I just think from what we were a few years ago we are spoilt in what we've achieved and the way we play.
  13. The doom and gloom in this thread is breathtaking. So, we've had a bad start to the season. Weve lost one game. We aren't playing well, big players like Salah and Van Dijk are not at their best. Yup, this happens. We've got a load of injuries, that also happens. But you know what, we've been the 2nd best team in the premier league for the best part of 5 years, behind a club that has had literally tons of money chucked at it for fun. We've won the league (which I never thought I'd see happen again in my life time), FA Cup, Champs league in our recent history. We've been in multiple Champs league finals. I think people's expectations have gone through the roof and now we just expect to be winning all games. This idea we have been standing still for years is bollocks too. Mane gone, Diaz came in (early). Nunez arrived, along with Carvalho. Along with this, our bench today without injuries would include Matip, Konate, Jota, Thiago, Firmino, Henderson and Keita. Is that a bad bench? Fuck no. It's a very strong bench. A well run club cannot just buy 4 extra players because of injuries. A business doesn't run like that, where will the money come from? In the last 3 seasons we've bought Konate, Jota, Nunez, Diaz, Thiago and Carvalho. We've built on a championship winning side, not stood still. 2018/19 - 97 points (2nd) 2019/20 - 99 points (won it) 2020/21 - 69 points (3rd) 2021/22 - 92 points (2nd) We are spoilt.
  14. Haha, maybe. I think he needs decent competition and no, I don't think Williams was it. Infact, selling him for £17m was a great bit of business.
  15. TAA is so out of form. What has happened to him? He hits nothing balls and panics like Glen Johnson used to.
  16. I think he's just trying too hard.
  17. A very bitty game so far. Lots of fouls, not much else.
  18. Maybe. I can understand anything between 60-70 but under 60 mins surely means one team is slowing the game down to ridiculous degrees. Anyhow, I'm looking forward to this. Interesting line up!
  19. That's a decent idea to be fair.
  20. It's weird, suddenly this seems to be a thing. Of course there has always been time wasting and you know if you play someone like Atletico Madrid it's a definite, but the beginning of this season loads of teams are doing it much more than usual. Refs don't deal with it quick enough. Book goalies early on for wasting time, don't 'token' book them at the end of the game. Stop all the pretend cramping up by simply telling them to play on. It's such a frustrating watch. 59 minutes the ball was in play for in the Newcastle match. That's just plain wrong.
  21. Nunez off again? Ouch, that won't go down well! Lampard to be sent off.
  22. 1-3. We'll give Everton a goal, as per usual, then go on to hammer them before it gets testy and 2 red cards are dished out. Also....Trent will be skinned by their winger time and time again, although is it really his fault the way Klopp wants him to push forward so much🤔
  23. How strange, I also watched this last night with my son! It's one of our go to films to watch together.
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