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  1. I guess he just hates his job but doesn't want to give up the money.
  2. That's him on the Rashford goal posted on the last page, isn't it? A cracking goal and he still somehow sounded bored.
  3. Isnt this the emoji for when a win between two sides has nothing to do with you?
  4. Just before Christmas I decided to cash in on it and sold it on eBay for £285. It then got stuck in the post due to the strikes for 5 days and I spent the time worried it wasn't going to work by the time it got to Derby! Ebay finally handed my money over on Christmas day, which was a nice present!
  5. Keita is so bog-standard it's unreal!
  6. I take it everyone was busy tonight and they wanted Ince in the box so told Shearer go bore everyone out in the cold.
  7. Keita scores a double tonight. Good to see Kelleher back in too.
  8. Refs never set the bar properly in Derby games, there is some odd idea that you should be allowed to put leg breakers in on the opposition if they are rivals. So often it ends with some really stupid decisions in the second half from refs.
  9. Sorry to hear this. When my life went to shit just over 2 years ago, it was rllmuk, this thread and football that was a great distraction for me, something that couldn't be associated with the crap that was happening. Obviously I don't know your circumstances but just hope things are starting to get better for you, we rarely see eye to eye on football matters but a fellow red suffering is not what any of us want.
  10. Also, the linesman ruled it (wolves goal) offside. Surely you have to go with the officials verdict if there is no clear footage. It would be much worse if they overuled the decision of the ref/linesman with no VAR verdict possible.
  11. The guy coming back from taking the corner and receiving the ball again.
  12. It was a lovely, calm finish.It was a lovely, calm finish.
  13. Fabs is having such a poor season it's unreal.
  14. What a dumb fucking decision.
  15. Anyone got a stream for the game today?
  16. I'm not convinced that "nobody at that level wanted him" TBF. More like, as this signing suggests, it is about money. Only him and his agent know though.
  17. However, all we heard these last few months was, Ronaldo was still good enough to be playing a high standard of football, not Ronaldo is happy to play anywhere as long as he gets paid zillions! It's just pure greed.
  18. It was only said, tongue in cheek. I'm just one of those people who only believes it when I see the shirt being held up. Media/paper are fully of bollocks a lot of the time. I must admit, I didn't expect us to sign him.
  19. If you rely on paper rumours for our signings, we'd song the whole damn world!😅 From what I just heard on the radio, it's pretty much done. Looks like another exciting signing, great news.
  20. The Netherlands are playing like they don't know they are losing and going out. It's really rather odd.
  21. I'm on 'Extra' now with different commentators
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