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  1. When the fuck did Hunterlaar get to the age of 37?!
  2. Who is the commentator, I never remember his name? Bores me to death!
  3. If we were Barcelona id expect us to be able to sign who the fuck we wanted (see last season Braithwaite signing)
  4. I love how he looks round afterwards to sort of say..."you all saw that, right?"
  5. Arsenal's playing out from the back is mind boggling scary though!
  6. Just caught the goals. That Arsenal goal was comical stuff but great to see us reply emphatically. Should be a good second half.
  7. In Sportswear. It's not like he's trademarked his name against other people with that surname!
  8. I've just seen the highlights and I'd always take a fit Matip over Gomez. Gomez reminds me of TAA a season or so back. Looking really good but not quite there yet. Gomez shouldn't be a nailed on starter, he tends to lose concentration. My worry would be if we HAVE to rely on Gomez because of a Matip injury. Good to see Minamino, Jones, Elliott all looking good. Players that will be used much more this season. Going back to the conversation I had with Gabe the other day, I think Thiago coming in would offer something different but with Keita and Minamino starting to perform its no
  9. You say, we can't rely on Origi or Adrian, but both played an important part last season. Adrian had his issues but he covered for Allison in the early part of the season really well. To have real top class talent on the bench you either have to give them game time or pay them tons of money. We can only give them one of those options and that means changing a side that won the league by 18 points. It's difficult.
  10. I get that but it's hard to understand when I personally have waited 30 years to see us win the league and now some Liverpool fans are slating whats happening next. Yes I'd prefer two or 3 signings to come in to strengthen but I don't think this is Klopps fault. Perhaps we don't have enough money to buy proper players to strengthen a great side. We aren't City. We aren't Chelsea who are literally chucking money left right and centre in the hope they get it right (we've seen that before, it doesn't always work) There is still time to strengthen but Curtis Jones for a start should and wi
  11. I come into this thread for the first time in weeks, and all I see is negativity! Some people saying that we might finish 2nd or 3rd if lucky, others saying we'll finish outside the top 4 You do realise how far ahead we were last season, right? Chelsea will have to hit the ground running with half a new team to have any chance of getting close. Granted Man City will be there again with all their billions, but that's a given. Everyone else were waaaaaaaay behind! Cheer up lads, we are Champions after all!
  12. First game I properly remember was the 89 FA Cup final win against Everton when I was 10 years old. I remember the Michael Thomas game against us in 1989 very well too and the huge disappointment. Finally that's buried and having gone through the Fergie era of having to watch Man U win over and over, this feels like the start of something big! Klopp has really made us into an exceptional side, one that is amazing fun to watch!
  13. I've not been on here for sometime due to lockdown/isolation lethargy, thought this was gonna be a good day to get back to enjoying some Liverpool talk! After hammering Palace yesterday, this is the icing on the cake!
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