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  1. What do people actually expect the manager of a football club that is paid by the club as an employee to say? I highly doubt you will hear what you want to hear.
  2. Just taken a look, West Ham have a fairly easy run but have to play Chelsea. Chelsea have a harder run and more games due to FA Cup and Champs league. Liverpool's run in includes Man U but they could be still be in the Thursday cup so might cause them a few problems if they face anyone hard. So I'd say with current league form we can get 4th but think we would need to win all games and Chelsea will need to beat West Ham.
  3. After the first leg I'm not surprised we didn't go through so it's not that painful really. The league has been gone for so long now that's also not a huge issue, so really 4th is what we have to aim for now. It's possible, 3 teams for one spot certainly makes it difficult though. What's our run in like, do we play Chelsea or West Ham at all?
  4. @spork, you really are a horrible little troll. You spend all your time in here talking about Liverpool, bating everyone ALL the time and then you turn it around and make yourself the victim. You've even managed to get another dig about Liverpool in within your last post regarding smashing windows. Absolutely vile piece of work you are.
  5. Our shooting is dreadful, everything else has been good but not outstanding. You just can't miss that amount of chances at this level.
  6. Fuck me, I forgot this was the MAIN Man U thread It's clutching at straws as to why your home form isn't the best. Stop being so tribal and get a grip.
  7. I don't know why but I'm gaining some faith about tonight's game and think we will win it! Whether we will go through or not is another matter! Surely we will test that makeshift defence more this time round.
  8. Following on from the mental Ole speech the other day about not feeding his Son, he's had this to say about too much red around Old Trafford:- Ole Gunnar Solskjær has stated Manchester United’s red shirts had merged with Old Trafford’s red surrounds and prevented players from seeing a teammate in the “split second” required during games, leading the club to introduce black banners in the stands. “You’ll see a change now – see the banners around the club [stadium] are not red any more,” the manager said. “We’ve looked into this. There shouldn’t be a reason, really [for i
  9. PSG are such a dislikeable side with all their diving and play acting. Surely Man City will hammer either of these sides next round?
  10. That's the weirdest fucking comeback. Man U have spent a fucking fortune, can't really be argued with.
  11. yeah, United have literally no money and Moyes, LVG, Mourinho and Ole could only afford penny sweets when they were in charge!
  12. I don't think Kabak has. I would be looking for someone better if possible. He's pretty slow too. We need a Bobby replacement, a centre back and sell Keita, Origi and Shaq. Maybe then bring in a midfielder if Gini goes. We will miss him badly.
  13. I'm struggling to decipher that as being written in English!
  14. Is this the Man United from Alex Ferguson era you are telling about here?!
  15. I just started watching this on Thursday and now up to date as of this morning. I came in thinking I don't particularly like either of these characters but have been pleasantly surprised it's held my attention. I like the fact it's put some meat on the bones of these two with some background stories and it's not always been just about fight scenes. I'm not sure if the villains of the programme are particularly interesting to be fair but they seem to have been worked in to give Bucky and Sam a reason to be together. I'm a Marvel fan, have been since being a kid but not to the point I know a
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