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  1. And I woke up this morning and thought 'yey', Game of Thrones tonight, that'll make up from coming home from holiday.
  2. I did enjoy it but it was a bit stupid.
  3. Chewylegs

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Manchester City have had to be some team this year to beat THIS Liverpool team. This team that in 35 years of supporting them is the best I've ever seen. We've got our second Champs league final in 2 years to look forward to, something Man City's billions haven't got them too. It's all good, I've loved this season.
  4. Chewylegs

    Football Thread 2018/19

    How come the final is so late this year?
  5. Chewylegs

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Well done Spurs brilliant comeback, the Ajax kids had no idea what to do. Please god don't wear that godawful strip in the final though!!!
  6. Chewylegs

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    As you are all saying, I'd rather have Ajax. Mainly down to the 'derby' type atmosphere playing Spurs will create. It will be more tense, less attractive, Kane will be back etc etc. I have to say though, both teams have fought their way to the final and neither really deserve to lose it. Divock off the bench to score the winner and confirm his legendary status with the club.
  7. Chewylegs

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    The grass isn't always greener now, is it.
  8. Chewylegs

    FUT Swap April 2019

    Dougie is good, stuck him upfront and he's all over it but no where near as fast as the 99 suggests. This month need an icon for the Gerrard sbc
  9. Chewylegs

    FUT Swap May

    That's not a swap one though?
  10. Chewylegs

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

  11. Chewylegs

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    This is crazy. One goal for them and we have no chance, 1 for us and this could be a hell of a result!
  12. Chewylegs

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Absolutely nothing to lose tonight, I cannot see us doing it though without Salah and Firmino. Another great game is what I want. Then Sunday, who knows, as long as we do our bit I'll be happy. At no point in the summer did I think we had a chance this year,we've proved the doubters wrong. The rest of them have been dire and hate it we haven't, fuck em I say. Pep is rattled, his team have struggled to score recently, but I expect them to do enough to see them over the line. What a season it's been though.
  13. Chewylegs

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Is that Andy fucking Gray sat next him emotionless?

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