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  1. What? The fact he was offside annoys you?
  2. Maybe you are right there.
  3. I was negging your point about it does the difference between us and City. It doesn't. We beat Norwich, they lost to them. Does that suddenly show the difference? Nope, it doesn't either. We drew playing badly, I don't see this as a huge problem. Again, VAR got it wrong IMO so perhaps we shouldn't have drawn.
  4. So yeah, we played shit, but you know, we didn't lose and we only drew through a dodgy decision. All this Man City would get a hatful against this man u side etc etc, what bollocks, they've lost twice this season already. No need for doom and gloom. Utd always up their game against us and even then they couldn't beat a side that looked like they were still on holiday.
  5. So, we've been crap the first half, but losing because of a system brought in to stop critical mistakes being made not actually been used correctly. A foul is a fucking foul. Interesting they said the VAR ref is inexperienced compared to Atkinson.
  6. Mane to be at his best today and grab a brace in a 1-4 demolition!
  7. Great result for the boys, but they sure made hard work of it in the second half. Two Lovell taken goals from Firmino and TAA, but what on earth was the team doing for that Kante goal just letting him walzt through like he was Messi. Trying not to be n negative here but I'm worried about Trent's defensive form. He gave the ball away alot today, was out of position often, and generally looked scared when Chelsea attacked. Against better players he'd of been found out. He is a great player but I worry we have no experienced back up for him (Gomez is not good at right back).
  8. Nonsense mate and you know it. From first glance I was waiting for VAR to say no goal as I saw it from the same angle you showed,but then you see it from the other side and it's clear who is doing the fouling, and it isn't VVD. So don't bother coming in here chatting shit when you no full well it was yet more rubbish defending from Arsenal.
  9. Sorry, what? How the fuck can that work? Bayern surely don't have any right to buy him back now from an old deal with Leverkusen??
  10. Awesome win but the boys this Saturday....
  11. He clearly and obviously dived!
  12. I think you can blame Matip and Gomez for the first half as much as the midfield. Both looked poor, especially Matip. Firmino is just Extra time...booooo!
  13. Matip is having one of those games when he looks bloody useless.
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