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  1. You could see he wanted to say "we will have the diving, cheating bastards"...but Virgil's presence just kept him under control!
  2. Robbo telling it how it is in the post match interview!!
  3. The worst thing that could happen tonight was them getting an early goal, they literally love to defend all game! But it's only half time, and that ref won't be coming to England thank fuck! Let's destroy them at Anfield.
  4. In my life time I really don't remember the last time we won the league. Over the years I've always dreamed of us winning it, but can't actually believe it's going to happen!! I've waited until yesterdays result to really let myself fully believe it is now our year. Potentially as well this will be a record breaking win as well! Now, I might stop myself dreaming of the double, and back to back Champs leagues!
  5. So, my PS plus membership is up in 7 days, I'm fed up of renewing before Christmas so gonna get a 3 month sub for now. Is this https://www.cdkeys.com/playstation-network-psn/playstation-plus/playstation-plus-3-month-subscription-uae ok to use, or does it have to be a UK sub?
  6. I was hoping it would be half and half, give some of the big boys a few days at home.
  7. What? The fact he was offside annoys you?
  8. I was negging your point about it does the difference between us and City. It doesn't. We beat Norwich, they lost to them. Does that suddenly show the difference? Nope, it doesn't either. We drew playing badly, I don't see this as a huge problem. Again, VAR got it wrong IMO so perhaps we shouldn't have drawn.
  9. So yeah, we played shit, but you know, we didn't lose and we only drew through a dodgy decision. All this Man City would get a hatful against this man u side etc etc, what bollocks, they've lost twice this season already. No need for doom and gloom. Utd always up their game against us and even then they couldn't beat a side that looked like they were still on holiday.
  10. So, we've been crap the first half, but losing because of a system brought in to stop critical mistakes being made not actually been used correctly. A foul is a fucking foul. Interesting they said the VAR ref is inexperienced compared to Atkinson.
  11. Mane to be at his best today and grab a brace in a 1-4 demolition!
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