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  1. Don't worry, it's better in places but it still has those Walking Dead episodes where you want to kill yourself.
  2. I'm in division 5 and managed 3 wins. It so reminds me of FIFA 20 Weekender which I found a battle nearly every game. How I got round that, and what I will try next time is to play a slower, calmer game. I've got so used to trying to blitz teams in the first 20 minutes which is how I played FIFA 21, that I need to physically stop myself doing that. Don't give up yet, you'll find a way, maybe a conservative 4-4-2 will help.
  3. I've done two qualifiers and lost them both (3wins in each). I've not found it 'play to win' to be honest ive just found a lot of what I used to call 'the Friday night cunt fest' that was in previous Weekend leagues. So really good, annoying players with decent teams. I have also smashed a few teams too and not spent a penny on it. What's with the lag issues though, I had none in 21 and I get loads in this.
  4. Fekir is an absolute cunt to play against.
  5. Cheers for this, think I'll buy him later today.
  6. GangStarr and A Tribe Called Quest
  7. Does anyone know whether Road To Knockout Team 1 cards leave packs today and am I better off buying while in packs or when out? I'm looking at Robertson.
  8. Excellent. I've had to tell Fabinho he is on the bench!
  9. Haha, I did this last night. Put together a squad of silvers with 60chem and had a great time! That 74 TOTW looks decent. Oh and I finally got a walkout, untradeable but still, Kante. Hope he isn't as shit as he was last year.
  10. Gone down far too easily. Contact doesn't mean foul does it.
  11. That challenge for the penalty was hilarious!
  12. Did it? It was a while back, maybe I had my blinkers on!
  13. Similar but Mane didn't catch him quite as badly as Greizmann did. That's a lot of studs to the side of his head. Madrid trying to get it down to 10 for Liverpool too.
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