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  1. I'd like to see Curtis back for Sunday. He's been excellent for us, a real highlight of the season, and deserves to be in that central 3. That being said, I think we will miss Gini if and when he goes.
  2. You are right it gives the opposition a chance to go down. I think, if he hadn't given it, it wouldn't have been oveturned either.
  3. I know it's your opinion but that's a load of trash. How can you say there is little competition for places especially with injuries? So many players are injured or have been injured it's unreal. Competition wise, take out all the injuries and every spot apart from Right Back and Centre Forward has good competition. We are depleted by injuries and that's why the team now look sparse. It would be and is the same for other teams. Don't start on Henderson again, he wasn't even on the pitch. Our midfield tonight was Gini, Thiago and Ox. That's nothing like pit usual midf
  4. Na, he gets a bit of a hand on him and he goes down very easily, as Barnes does all the time. Such a horrible player.
  5. Every team now turns up and sticks every behind the ball then hopes for a breakaway attack. It's so tiring to watch when we've become so incompetent in breaking teams down. Oh and that free kick, that's soooooo Liverpool lately, overdoing shit and not keeping things simple.
  6. I just saw the table and noticed the 7 draws. Took me back to a Benitez season. We must win, Man U have a relatively easy run until about April and Man City are on a run where they also have the luck with them. Must win, no excuses, get it done and get back in the mix.
  7. Woah, don't diss the legend that is Divock!
  8. I couldn't really disagree more with you to be fair! These last few episodes have been great and I'll definitely miss the show. Overall it's had it's ups and downs, the first couple of seasons being the best imo.
  9. Give the 'admission of defeat' a rest boys, we'll put Utd back in their place on Sunday.
  10. We aren't getting a hiding from Utd! That's proper defeatist talk, it'll be close but certainly no hiding from them.
  11. Hey all. I've currently got a PS4 and likely to get a PS5 later this year. I've got an old old set of wireless headphones which I'm not sure what they are called but are specifically for the PS4 by Sony. They've always given me a bit of brain ache after an hour or so usage, I think they are a tad small for me. So I'm after some new ones, nothing fancy at all, up to £60 budget, I'm a casual gamer and mainly use them for FIFA co op and FPS. Any ideas?
  12. Wow! Seeing them all back to back is pretty damming.
  13. That could be the same for a lot of games in the premier league though. It's not just Southampton that press. Also, with a stronger midfield with our captain in it, that could have helped. Quite a lot of the time Hendo drops back to pick the ball up. Fabinho is also excellent at distribution. Stating that he doesn't want to play only one of the new kids over the other then playing a midfielder instead, is odd. We lost as well, had most of the possession, so it didn't work.
  14. Which is why I said .....but putting Henderson in there was one of the oddest decisions I've seen him make.
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