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  1. Cheers for this Pants, for some reason my brain was telling me Lucas was not Brazilian, so I've ignored the SBC even though I've had an all Brazilian team from the start!! I have to say though, my packs have come no where near making back the 40k...utter shit all the way. I just need a man to play alongside Texy the God!
  2. Chewylegs

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Not watching it but from what you are saying, they are talking shit.
  3. You just do it back to him when you score..and dab the fucker too! I like watching my good goals straight after I score, this pisses me off!
  4. Anybody else noticed that replays on goals can be ended by your opponent? Fucking annoying.
  5. Chewylegs

    The Walking Dead!

    Glad to see my town is ready for the new season!
  6. Chewylegs

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    That game really showed how well we have bought in the last couple of transfer windows. The defence (including) keeper was the old Liverpool and it really showed, it looked shaky. Keita and Shaqiri looked superb.
  7. Chewylegs

    FIFA 19

    Cheers.no, I don't want the ultimate edition but was wondering about digital this year, is there any pluses over disc version? I spent a tenner last year on packs, that worked ok for me, but don't usually.
  8. Chewylegs

    FIFA 19

    I'd be up for a 1v1 league! Is the ultimate edition the only one you can get digitally?
  9. Not if they use the new formation (quick tactics) thing for their preferred set up, they might just turn to 'attacking' and leave it at that.
  10. Chewylegs

    Football Thread 2018/19

    The Spurs thread is on fire at the moment.............. ...not one supporter commenting on a match day, not even Shimmy
  11. Chewylegs

    FIFA 19

    19 is much better for defending, players don't just stand and watch for great periods while strikers run at them. Definite improvements over 18, but also some worrying issues that I hope they will resolve before release (changing players being the main one).
  12. Having played FIFA 19 for a week I think we are going to have the same sort of moans and groans we always have for the new edition. Goalies are better, goalie kicks (all) are better, through ball is better, atmosphere etc is much improved. However, currently players feel like they are on ice and sometimes mud aswell, first touch is atrocious, even for top players, passing isn't great at the moment. Another thing, lots of deflections and blocks which I think make it more realistic but some might hate it. It doesn't seem so stilted as 18, I only noticed this when going back to 18. It's got a bit more to go before it's great but defending is better. Worse thing I found but probably easily solved, switching players was dreadful and slow.
  13. Chewylegs

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Great result last night. Solid performance again, the team is looking strong in all positions. Keita looks like he will be awesome for us, proper box to box player, Allison looks top drawer, really unusual not to be fearful when our goalie has it in tight positions! Mane, Salah and Firmino weren't firing on all cyclinders but it wasn't necessary last night as the rest of the team made up for it. Love how hendo comes on and just slots in and starts spraying forward passes everywhere. Job done.
  14. I'm currently playing fifa 19 beta, so I've given up on it too!
  15. Chewylegs

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Only really tbb and he's just trolling really. If/when he signs I think this really shows our intent. Fucking awesome summer signings, just like last year! I can't wait for the season to start.

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