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  1. Taking advantage of the ridiculously cheap Prime Day offer on this I stumped up the £15.99 and my unit arrived on Friday. I found this video gave me all the information I needed to install new games on a 16gig USB stick I had kicking around; Once I'd discovered the hidden menu (start and triangle) where you could apply a filter and scan lines, I was over the moon with how the visuals looked. I have found that you can set a game with these settings, but sometimes when you return to it the scan lines are all corrupt. To fix thus you have to switch them off and then back on again. Other observations are jerky scrolling on the Puzzle Fighter menus and occasional sound glitches on Final Fantasy 7. For £15.99 this is an absolute bargain.
  2. I'm currently having yet another go at trying to play through Secret of Mana on the SNES. Amazingly, the battery back up still works. I've already had to dip into a walk through as on several occasions I found myself having absolutely no idea where I was meant to be going or what I was doing next. How gamers managed to play this back in the day I'll never know. I think this was why I'd given up on it on several occasions in the past. I'm enjoying playing it but I've already had to spend a good hour grinding just to get enough money to add several fairie walnuts to my inventory.
  3. The only system I sort of collect for is the humble Spectrum, but as I have the majority of titles in the collection I yearned for as a child new additions are very infrequent purchases. Spectrum games look great on a book shelf. You can get loads of games on display in a small amount of space as the cases are so small. Even the "big box" games don't take up much room. In contrast, I'm a massive Amiga fan, but have been slowly selling the games off over the past couple of years. The boxes are massive, so take up ridiculous amounts of shelf space. Since moving house and having a daughter the Amiga games were created up and stored under a double bed. There were so many games that not all could fit under it. The problem with Amiga disks and the floppy drives is that they're so unreliable. Couple that with loads of the games not being compatible with anything but a bog standard A500, and WHDLOAD being so good, there's just no reason for me to keep these in the collection, so off they go. For the SNES and Megadrive I've bought the games I lived back in the day and if I want to try other titles out I use my Everdrives. I've got numerous other systems and libraries of games in the collection but currently have no plans to downsize these. As they're on cartridge or CD/DVD they take up little space and the media is fairly robust.
  4. I’m a member of Amibay. I don’t recall encountering sign up issues but have seen others recently comment that they’ve had the same problem as you. I’ve not seen a solution posted, unfortunately.
  5. We held our 9th South West Amiga Group meeting last weekend, and what an event it was. We were up to almost 50 attendees, and had two speakers. The next meet is on 7th September.
  6. I've a couple of questions I'm hoping one of you kind people can answer: Neo Geo emulation - I'm finding that sound volume is all over the place and randomly goes up and down. Is this s known issue and if so, is there a fix? I've got Street Fighter Alpha 2 up and running in final burn and would like to map my wired Xbox 360 Street Fighter pad to the correct buttons. Is there any way to do this? If I go through the Pi set up menu set the controller up through that the buttons are mapped incorrectly on SFA2 Msny thanks for any help you can give.
  7. Over the bank holiday weekend I unearthed my Pi 3 from the garage and decided to give RetroPie another go. I’d tried it a few years back and thought the games looked terrible on screen. A bit of tinkering later and scanlines enabled on MAME and Final Burn and I was blown away. It looks absolutely gorgeous. Ninja Warriors looks particularly impressive on a large wide screen TV.
  8. I loved Mad Harry's. Back in the late eighties my friends' Mum gave him birthday money to take him, myself and another friend to the cinema in town. We ended up spending the afternoon on Double Dragon in Mad Harry's instead. Years later I picked up an Out Run arcade cab from students living on the outskirts of Bristol. I got it home and started cleaning it up to discover a Mad Harry's sticker on the back of it. It's very likely I played on that machine when it was installed there back in the day.
  9. Definitely an explorer. I'll spend ages wandering off the beaten track in games just to see if the developers have hidden something imaginative. I also like going off piste to see if I can get to areas I'm not supposed to reach in the hope I can bring the game engine to its knees. It's an odd thing I've enjoyed since I my earliest Spectrum days.
  10. Seriously?! 2 blu rays?! My god! I'm hoping for Red Dead Redemption 2 and the latest Tomb Raider. The chance of me being able to get access to the main TV on Christmas and Boxing Day is minimal at best. Thankfully my brother got me some excellent Switch games for my birthday back in October so I'll be getting stuck into those (Dead Cells and Axiom Verge).
  11. That is without doubt the greatest stamp I have ever seen!
  12. My copy came through the door the other day. It’s my first issue since my sub was moved over from GamesTM following its closure. I’ve only read a couple of bits so far and I’ve enjoyed those. What’s happened to the layout, though? It’s been almost 20 years since I read Edge. It looks so drab; pages and pages of text with nothing to break it up.
  13. How about Overcooked? It’s bonkers on single player. I can imagine it’s absolute chaos with others.
  14. Picked up Enter the Gungeon after waiting months for it to drop in price. Can't wait to get stuck in. I can heartily recommend The Way if you're into your Flashback style games. It looks like an Amiga game and features some beautiful music. The puzzles are a bit obscure in places so you may find you have to reference a walk through once or twice as you'll have no idea what you're meant to be doing. Check it out!
  15. PGA European Tour Golf on the Amiga 1200 is an absolute gem of a game. Zany Golf is also a lot of fun if a bit daft.
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