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  1. I've been a subscriber of Amiga Addict since issue two, and it's been great to see it evolve. The first few issues were mainly retrospective in content, but it's really starting to cover a lot of current Amiga stuff now, with some of the articles getting quite technical, which is what interests me. I was tempted with Zzap Amiga, but already subscribe to Amiga Addict, Amiga Future, Retro Gamer and Crash. I can't justify yet another subscription.
  2. I watched this last night and now feel I need a Mister in my life. With arcade machines and PCBs becoming increasingly unreliable as they age this really interests me. Are there any U.K. stockists? The link to a stockist in the first post is overseas (unless I’m missing something). I don’t want to get hammered for Brexit inflicted import duty. Thank you.
  3. Thanks Sean and Mike for your helpful responses. @SeanR I did look at that device previously, but when you go to check out it says it’s out of stock. @mikejenkins this looks perfect and even more so with a recommendation. I’ve just ordered it. Thanks both!
  4. Evening all, The audio output on my OSSC has died so I’m trying to get around the issue by pumping the audio out from the SCART lead before it gets to the device. Has anyone here used the below? I want to plug the Saturn SCART into female connector and the male connector would go into the OSSC. I’d then take the L and R audio and put it through my sound bar. I see that this also has a switch on it. Any idea what this does? If no one has used one of these I’ll ask the seller. I thought someone here would have a better idea as to whether these are any good or not. Many thanks!
  5. I see Netflix have a new series called “High Score” available. I’ve not watched it yet, but it’s getting very mixed reviews. Not retro gaming related, but it’ll likely interest many of you here is “Inside Bill’s Brain”; a three part Netflix series about Bill Gates. It’s a good mix of covering the past and what he’s doing now. I really, really enjoyed it.
  6. It's the Final Fantasy games for me. The random battles suck any kind of enjoyment out of the series. I'm not against a good RPG. I've sunk countless hours into Secret of Mana and am almost 60 hours into the latest Dragon Quest on the Switch. It's just random battles I fail to get any fun from at all.
  7. I thought the same. If the date wasn’t right I’d think it was an April fool. How can you play anything on something that small?
  8. Thanks for the heads up. Just bought this for the switch. What an amazing game. Thank you!
  9. I decided to set the GameCube up a week or so back and fired up Metroid Prime. I’d actually bought this off forumite. MrDo 10 or more years ago, but got so frustrated with the controls and dying at the ship explosion bit near the start I gave up on it. This time I decided to persevere. While I still find the controls an absolute abomination I’m starting to enjoy the game. It’s the first 3D Metroid game I’ve played so it’s all new to me. Hopefully I’ll keep at it.
  10. That Intellivision actually looks rather promising and a lot of fun. The games seem to be well priced. It’ll be interesting to see how much the system goes for.
  11. Just had a delivery confirmation. Looks like it's coming today!
  12. Still no delivery notification of mine yet. It's like waiting for Christmas as a child.
  13. Looks like you're in the same boat as me. I've backed the Accelerated model. Backer no. 512. No delivery email as yet.
  14. Santa was kind enough to bring me an OSSC for Christmas and I have to say that it's exceeded my expectations. While the 60hz output of my modded SNES and Megadrive systems were first rate, with gorgeous scan lines and silky smooth scrolling I didn't expect it to cope with 50hz output of a Spectrum +3 or an Amiga. How wrong I was. The Spectrum output looked amazingly crisp with no noticeable display issues. I am really picky when it comes to smooth scrolling, and the Amiga is one of the best retro systems for shunting stuff around the screen beautifully. I gave Shadow of the Beast a test and was blown away. No jerkiness, no duplicate frames and no screen tearing. It looked bloody gorgeous. I'm so impressed that the majority of CRTs I have in the collection are going to be consigned to the garage. The output of the OSSC is that good. If I had one complaint it's the audio. The audio via HDMI seems very poor. Playing Sonic the Hedgehog, if you have a loud inflame sound it causes the rest of the sound effects / music to really drop in volume for a second. It's very odd. Thankfully, it has a nice audio jack out, so I've hooked it up to a sound bar and it outputs the audio perfectly.
  15. This came through the door the other day. I've not had chance to read it yet but can't wait to read the JetSet Willy Guided Tour article. I can't remember if this was in a podcast I heard recently or was on Facebook, but someone commented that exploring Willy's mansion back in the day really felt like an open world experience. They weren't wrong. While I did try and beat my item collecting total each go on some play sessions I just used to explore. It's size just seemed mind blowing at the time. Brian Bloodaxe was another game where I just used to enjoy exploring and finding previously undiscovered rooms. That boasted 104 rooms. Underwurlde, by Ultimate was even larger - 256 rooms. That was amazing (and sometimes frustrating) to explore. Nonterraqueous on the other hand had over 1,000 rooms. It was a game I enjoyed playing, but as the rooms were all pretty similar looking and the sheer number of them was ridiculous it didn't have the same magic of exploration for me as the other games I've listed.
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