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  1. Speaking to me Mars? If so I'll be more than happy to have your copy if in good conditions ;)))
  2. Just to add another voice to the desperation about the subs: I'm in Italy and I've been a subscriber to EDGE since ten years. Never had a problem with previous deliveries. As soon as the new "magazinesdirect" entered in the fray, I've only received 3 issues of the six I paid for, and the last one I received was the one with the Destiny 2 cover... go figure... a complete shame and shit and I've contacting thrice via email and once via telephone to a complete failure of a service. Now I'm without EDGE, without a sub, and the prices on Ebay for a fucking EDGE magazine soared to 14-16 pounds PLUS shipping in the order of 7-10 pounds... complete madness. vlad Any idea or help? Someone here kind enough to find at least the silksong issue and I'll cover the prices for the shipping plus the magazine? :)
  3. thanks mate, very appreciated, sorted then if we can turn it off! vlad
  4. Thanks Kryptonian: I'd like to know about the stuttering, and the blur effect on the serie S, unfortunately I can't play games with a lot of those effects, thanks to motion sickness malaise. Do you feel them while playing? and is it possible on the serie S to choose between Performance or Quality (or whatever those modalities are called....)?
  5. Someone playing Cyberpunk 2077 digital on Serie S? I'd like to by it for the S in order to preserve the ultragiga limited collector for PS4, but I fear it won't have such an impact graphically speaking.
  6. So wrong! I mean your wife Me too I have the Serie S, a top console, great choice my friend.
  7. Yay! Did not know about the DLC. What a nice (free) surprise!
  8. Yeah strange enough, but Probably is not your fault but my provider is not giving the right NAT this morning, exactly the turnip morning...
  9. I was trying to visit your island and I had three comms error...
  10. Thanks for the heads up, me too I had the wrong time this morning!
  11. Cool mate! Add me if you like SW-0356-6301-6238
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