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  1. Yay! Did not know about the DLC. What a nice (free) surprise!
  2. Yeah strange enough, but Probably is not your fault but my provider is not giving the right NAT this morning, exactly the turnip morning...
  3. I was trying to visit your island and I had three comms error...
  4. Thanks for the heads up, me too I had the wrong time this morning!
  5. Cool mate! Add me if you like SW-0356-6301-6238
  6. Am I the only one to think that at least on the Hype section recently we have too many PC games? I mean in the last three issues the 60% of the games were PC exclusives, probably the post Christmas drought is to blame but I do not buy PC magazine for a reason...
  7. Throughout those immense teeth? Anyway I do not remember the nose, it humanizes the Nemesis and I do not think it is an appropriate way of depicting the Terror himself. Mind you, we won’t have that much time to keep staring at its nose btw...
  8. Ok man thanks for the heads up! Seen the (too short) trailer. Maybe on the Paris Games Week we will have more gameplay shown.
  9. The Tomorrow Children and Bloodborne DLC...
  10. Yep calling for help would be a solution, but I managed to get two cooperators twice but both of them in every session were erased by EtDOC during the fight, so I left alone, my mind was blank and I stared at the screen blinded by rage and maybe that's the reason I was beaten once again.
  11. currently struggling with EtDoC.... first boss that seems impossible to overcome alone. EtDoC keeps oneshotting me during last part of the fight, when E reaches 1/2 of its heath...even if I'm level 100 and not properly a noob.. Suggestions anyone?
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