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  1. Ah, must have missed that! What a shame, I really liked it!
  2. I was really excited in the opening laps with the front 3 all so close together, and I know there was loads of exciting racing further down the field, but I was gutted to see first place being traded by pit stops and strategy instead of a real battle (like Hamilton Rosberg at Bahrain). I don't really care who wins, I just want to see exciting racing for the championship! Also been a bit frustrated with the coverage this year. I liked the new mini sector timing screens from the first race and they seem to have been ditched? And there seems to be a lot less focus on the battle up front and more coverage of back markers? Maybe just me, I noticed it quite a bit yesterday when there was actually stuff going on I really wanted to see. 3 races in, we have two competitive rival cars and two similarly skilled drivers in them, which is amazing, but we have seen no real action between them on track!! Keep seeing people say this year is great, what am I missing?!
  3. I'd love to do a race some time, only things that have stopped me the last few years are the expense - it's certainly not the cheapest sport to want to attend - and the fact that it seems like really bad odds that the race will be exciting. Fingers crossed this year changes my mind on the latter point!
  4. Really great game, can imagine it would appeal to those who aren't necessarily fans of F1 too, really hope the sales do well and this becomes a yearly release like Football Manager. I've seen a few posts on reddit and steam saying this is buggy/broken and folk are stuck with a car that resets every year after it being massively improved, any word on a patch for this? https://www.reddit.com/r/MotorsportManagerPC/comments/5ch8or/proof_of_the_preseason_part_nerf_bug/ http://steamcommunity.com/app/415200/discussions/0/217691032427110448/ Edit: reading that Reddit post, someone has added a new comment suggesting that the parts worsened because they swapped out their lead mechanic (something I did after year 1 too), is that the reason why?
  5. Whoops, kind of dropped a grenade in here and left, didn't realise my comment was controversial! At the end of the day, there's not a single driver that is universally adored. Some of it is driving style and ability, some of it is personality and how they come across in interviews and on social media etc. I'm not a massive fan of either of them, I just think Rosberg is boring to listen to and boring to watch race (and at the very least sometimes unconvincing at race craft), but it's just an opinion, I'm no F1 expert or anything. I'm not claiming Hamilton to be the second coming either, would much rather watch Ricciardo and Verstappen battle for P1 every week than let The Ego and The Bore have temper tantrums every other week, but alas that is not within my power. Just out of the two of the Merc drivers, I am more entertained watching Hamilton, maybe it's due to the UK media bias, maybe just because he wears his heart on his sleeve. I do understand some folk thinking Rosberg gets an unfair doing from the media and commentators though. Sometimes he is equal or better to Hamilton and doesn't get much recognition for it. Thing is, this year he's been in the right car, he's been reliable and in the Japanese GP he got a better start and didn't make mistakes. Compared to Hamilton's race where he was the only person to blame for his drop in places, Rosberg performed better and deserved to win, simple as that (but it was still really boring if you're interested in watching people scrap over P1, sorry!). Over the course of the season he's had some good luck, but he's also been pretty reliable when given the opportunity, he's in the top spot of Championship due to a mixture of merit and bad luck for Hamilton I think. If he hadn't been so reliable this year, he would probably be P2 and if Hamilton had encountered less bad luck, I also think Rosberg would be P2, but Rosberg can only deal with what he gets handed so can't grudge him his lead at the moment. In terms of driving ability, I don't think Rosberg is anything particularly special, but I do think he's a good driver and a pretty steady option. Someone said earlier on, he's similar to Button where he's good but not great, have to say I would agree with that. For me Hamilton is in the same class as Alonso. Vettel is close, if he can do well in Ferrari then I think he'll earn that reputation. Ricciardo and Verstappen still to prove they're to be considered greats, but on the right path as of right now. Hopefully next year shakes things up and we can see folk fighting for P1, I think that's what is really missing (not that it's a recent problem).
  6. Can't stand Snoreberg, but fair enough to him, been steady this year, championship is surely his. But still, can't help feel this was more due to Hamilton making errors rather than Rosberg doing anything specifically brilliant, plus a dash of good/bad luck thrown into the mix. I know that's just part of the sport, but christ does it make it boring! Not a massive Hamilton fan, but out of the two of them he at least has a personality and raw racing talent, tends to make things interesting at least! Some decent racing today, shame it wasn't ever anywhere near P1, wish I'd stayed in bed I think...!
  7. totov

    EGX 2016

    For anyone else who was interested: Looks like I may have been stupid by preordering before seeing the minimum specs, I have a Mac with an Intel Iris Pro which I believe is the integrated graphics they mention
  8. totov

    EGX 2016

    I've been binging on YouTube watching people's video of the pre-release of this, looks absolutely amazing (bar a few expected pre-release bugs), I pre-ordered on Steam already, gutted it'll be November before it's out - any idea on a firm release date so I can take a few days off?
  9. The undercut works well at the end of the first stint if you pit early (lap 16/17) and go full power for a few laps, of course you have to conserve fuel a little bit after that, but it's a lot easier to defend a lead than make an overtake. Also didn't realise at first but they have markers on the track for where your car is estimated to come out after a pitstop which is pretty cool. Bit of a shame no other tyre strategy really works other than a two stop, but I thought it was a great little demo so far!
  10. I know this probably isn't strictly the right place to post this, but I've been keeping an eye on an F1 management game that's on Steam Greenlight and they've recently released a free demo which is seriously fun: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=334059290 (Demo is in the announcements section)
  11. Perfect, cheers Spacehost, exactly the info I needed! Much appreciated!
  12. Does your WWW services wrapper handle game data (like player positions etc) or just results data? I tried to build something for game data around WWW but couldn't figure out a friendly way to send/receive data. Thought about using JSON as a nice format to transport data in, but couldn't get any of the JSON assets to work (been using JS in Unity 5, seems most things are easier if you know C# though). HTTP also didn't seem like the best protocol layer to be relaying this data, but the game I'm building isn't commercial, just a promo for our company. (And thanks for the info!)
  13. Having a mess about with Unity - anyone had any dealings with networking a game? I get the whole peer to peer thing via their (unity's) server, but I want to code queuing and a leaderboard etc, so I was going to code the server in NodeJS or something, but this doesn't seem feasible at all. Surely there must be a simple networking solution with a bit of flexibility? I've seen Forge, but it looks quite complex and running an instance of Unity on the server seems seriously overkill. I've seen GameMaker mentioned here too, how's networking with it? Is GML a bit like Javascript? Any other recommendations out there? I'd like to work with a game engine that takes care of a lot of the nitty gritty and just lets me build the game, and also want to be able to build web/desktop versions of the game.
  14. totov


    Struggled through the end of season 4 and watched episode 1 of the new series last night, spoilers since it's not been on in the UK: Needless to say, I will continue watching for the few good moments this show does throw up
  15. totov


    Just re watching this with the wife (she didn't watch it the first time round). She loved the first 2 series and didn't mind the third, but I can tell the fourth is losing her. Such a shame, they go from being gladiators to always being 1 step behind and making the best of a bad situation. What happened to Harvey's wit, charm and expertise? And how exactly is Jessica meant to be a good lawyer (never mind a great one) - where is the evidence for this? Hardman was obviously portrayed as evil, but at least he came across strategic and competent! And 100% this. The guy constantly demands to be treated differently and trusted with information that others aren't just because he's involved with Jessica - surely this is the polar opposite of how to deal with such a workplace romance? Mike Ross and Rachel (names for emphasis) are so cliche and boring, I'd much rather watch the same show without them I think that'd really improve it. They're both just irritating and don't invoke any empathy - all either of them ever do is go OTT about something then they both brood for a while before apologising (and the apology always triggers something in Mike's brain about how to fix a case... Yawn!). Last thing, the dialogue was really original and funny in the first few series - they write arrogant and confident characters really well - but it feels like in the last 2 series they've let that writing spread across every character. With new characters like Jeff Malone (Jessica's love interest), it became too obvious and really jarred. In summary: Donna and Louis - yes Harvey and Jessica - meh Mike, Rachel, Jeff - just no Office walking - HELL NO!
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