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  1. I'll say that the MS's back pedalling and ongoing marketing clusterfuck has caused some major publishers to seriously re-evaluate their sales figures for launch titles, for that platform at least. it's not the best start.
  2. Another toecurling hollywood fuckup approaches!
  3. Loved the arcade coverage they used to do.. I would always look forward to my next visit to the beach so I could hunt down all the mysterious games they showed at the arcades..
  4. PM me - I am in the process of fully refurbishing a batch.
  5. The Book Off gods smiled upon me today! I return to the backwoods of Tokyo for a multi-warehouse raid this weekend! Stay tuned..
  6. Gique


    Kill la Kill ep 1 was jaw droppingly kinetic - so much energy to it!!.. a lot more wacky than I anticipated but holy crap, the DNA of Gurren Lagann is definitely there... Got the feeling that this is gonna be epic..
  7. VHS2 was exceptionally shite apart from the cult one..
  8. Cave aren't a very smart company business wise..I think they more concerned about chasing the japanese social game thing nowadays anyways.. the company is a bit topsy turvy right now.
  9. I'm very happy about Ikaruga finding its way to steam, however I suspect its just the 360 version - I'd love to see them do a new IP on the PC woth some sexy high powered graphics.. voted from me tho, in the hope they see it as a viable platform..
  10. Yeah, thats REALLY keeping in with the character that...
  11. for a 2D game , The money they`ve gotten from this KS, for a small japanese dev house is more than they would get had they gone with a publisher, I hope they deliver in spades, and hopefully more japanese devs will start looking to kickstarter to reboot other franchises, as opposed to low skilled US fan devs gunning for the licences.. Considering a common publisher tactic is to withhold payments to force a new company near bankruptcy to buy them out and claim the new IP for themselves, its actually more profitable and less risk for the devs this way.. I jsut hope its fucking spectacular...
  12. Yeah, I always get embarrassed when my friends see I can't afford the pocket change to support a small developer too...
  13. I believe ad appearances are based on how much the company paid.. I'm really sorry about the ads, but it was the only way to bypass piracy and get a teenyweeny bit of revenue from people that just play it briefly - the minimum IAP will kill them all and you can play it as normal.. I wanted to just sell it at 99p or so, but the programmer who did it all and designed some incredible art and animation tools for potential profit share alone was fiercely F2P and I couldn't argue for all the amazing work he put in for potentially nothing, considering you can kill them for less than a quid is as fair as we could get... hope you find that a fair compromise...
  14. you should download the free version of reflector and get some proper video grabs - get some tunes in there too! - can give you a 2 minute puzzly mellow detroit style techno track for free if ya like....
  15. Edge Online just reviewed the lil' monkey!!
  16. because social games it`s a nintendo published / part owned game, ain`t gonna happen. Feel so sad about squares pricing policy on Demon`s, they shoukdn`t be charging a premium for basically a demo that requires tons more (increasingly expensive) Iap`s to get the full game.. The story is pretty bonkers and rather tongue in cheek although lacking the musical charm for most. (unless your` a J-game music nerd) The Ninja demon stage is pretty cool..
  17. Glad I gave up not long after it became a tequila commecial with ridiculous exposition for the hard of thinking...
  18. Anyone with an ipod touch having trouble with ookibloks?
  19. that is one ridiculously well crafted model.. the mouth and skin texture is pretty astounding (if not a just a well lit photo)
  20. well, its not even a design problem, just an added feature.. as I found out this year, the Famicom Disk System game Otokky did something almost the same back in the 80's
  21. what was missing from that video concept art mockups love emotion creative staff proof they can do it what they had too much of utterly unnecessary management.
  22. heres an ipad ooki lockscreen / wallpaper as a thankyou for all o' yalls' support http://bit.ly/152pORF
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