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  1. Most Star Wars has had to exist in a ridged frame work, be it through reverence for its original iconography, fan bating consumerism or the narrow prism with which these stories have been told. But I’ve seen enough of this show now to have hope that this time things are different. Rather than wallowing in the riches that Star Wars has to offer, it’s using them on its audience incredibly sparingly. It’s restraint that we just aren’t used to and it gives these things power and meaning again. The tie-fighter fly past is probably the best example of this, but I’ve loved how they’ve handled the different troopers so far too, from the dehumanised nature of the Clones, to the out of focus Storm Troopers that you just don’t make eye contact with, to the beat cop arseholes patrolling tourist spots with their military grade assistants. That’s not to mention how even just a quick interaction with a mouse droid says so much about a character. I’m hopeful they will continue to wield these elements of Star Wars as a weapon rather than a comfort blanket as things ramp up. Man, it’s so refreshing!
  2. I think this show is actually getting better each week. It’s not just doing Star Wars, it’s doing all sorts of sci-fi that I’ve wanted to see on TV since reading 2000AD as a kid. The last 10 minutes were incredible.
  3. Made my first Ramen, over cooked the egg but was yummy!
  4. Just watched this, was lovely being back in Cronenberg’s world after so long away. Is it weird to feel nostalgic about body horror? Can’t help feeling this would have been better as a tv series.
  5. I reached a point with Marvel where each thing felt like a set up for the next thing and this show was that at its most extreme. They’ve become really fancy adverts for more adverts and I’m surprised people still give a shit. Putting characters in from other shows feels like when Donald Duck turns up in Street Fighter (or something).
  6. It did start to get a bit silly with everything Galadriel Couple of really good episodes this season, looking forward to the next.
  7. Just watched the second half of this again and its a banger!
  8. Too much life stuff going on to even attempt Inktober this year sadly, but it has got me using the old Pentel brush pen on tan tone paper again.
  9. Was a bit simpler than I was expecting, but a decent end to act 2.
  10. I watched it again recently at BAFTA, still holds up.
  11. Athena While it's obviously standing on the shoulders of such giants as La Haine, The Raid, Children of Men, Touch of Evil, etc the confidence with which it owns the 'oner' at the start of the film is incredibly impressive. It's such an immersive experience that only now and then does your brain question how a shot is being handled, how the camera is being passed around and where the cuts are happening. It has a real cocky swagger to it all that made me feel old rather than angry. I generally feel like that when I see kids doing wheelies on their motorbikes, the city is on fire and I'm like "that kid really shouldn't be doing that". 4/5 Licorice Pizza I seem to either love Paul Thomas Anderson's movies with a passion or just sort of shrug at them. This was an affectionate shrug for its two leads who were running around in a bunch of just whatever. 3/5
  12. I've read all your theories and hate to have to tell you that you are all
  13. I’ve also picked up some good stuff from Proko on YouTube. The rabbit hole is deep tho!
  14. I’ve realised that I have no idea what is going on now, who is in line for the throne and who should be, what the dream is about. Hopefully they’ll spell it out soon (not literally of course)…
  15. Maybe worth looking at some reference poses and breaking down some of the shapes/anatomy? I've been watching a fair bit of Ethan Becker recently, he's my sense of humour so I've really enjoyed his approach to art. He's mainly coming at it from an animation angle, but I've picked up lots from his vids.
  16. I guess the simple answer to that is
  17. That bit when the little shite says Awww kids….Daemon is like, I allow it.
  18. Wonder Woman 1984 I had incredibly low expectations going in but amazingly they weren't low enough. 1/5
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