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  1. 4 episodes in and I’m enjoying it, a show with so many different races all trying to communicate with each other during moments of baffling befuddlement on a boat is at least a new concept for me. It has some Triangle vibes too (yeah, I said it!)
  2. I don't have much time to draw, but I do really look forward to it. Should get am hour or so on Thursday or Friday. Doubt I'd feel the same if it was a job tho.
  3. More inking practice, not sure drawing headless people is good for my mental health.
  4. This is on Netflix now! First episode is creepy and weird! Im all in. End of episode 2
  5. It was the first episode where I didn’t get that better than the last one feeling, but it was still good (and the last one was incredible). The Mon Mothma scene seemed really strangely out of place for this show as it seemed to only recap stuff we already knew, unless I missed some subtle subtext to it.
  6. I can see me going in that direction at some point - but for now the Pentel Brush Pen is just more contained for want of a better word for the area and set-up I have (very limited space). If I had more room I'd be hitting up watercolour paints too...eventually.
  7. Hey PK, I’m mostly using the Faber-Castell PITT XS pen, but breakout the thick Stylefile Marker for fills and the Pentel Brush Pen when feeling brave. I had been using a PIGMA MICRON 003 pen, but trying to get away from that as it’s way to fine a nib which I tend to damage easily. Faber-Castell are worth a look in my (absolute amateur) opinion.
  8. Stuff like that did stick out a bit
  9. I started watching this last night, lovely stuff. For some reason the main guys voice sounds so much like Josh Brolin its distracting me.
  10. This had some nice moments, but the Marvel way of everybody having to fight is soooooo played out for me at this point.
  11. Studying superhero anatomy (it’s more fun than regular anatomy), negative space, hatching and that with a page of torsos.
  12. The Watch podcast has a great couple of interviews with Tony Gilroy - the first discussing the first 4 episodes and the latest one talking about up to episode 10. Well worth a listen.
  13. When they lean into the Star Wars vibes it has so much power.
  14. Am I the only one who can’t jump onto that truck during the convoy bit of the campaign. I rage quit yesterday…not done that in a long time. Am enjoying Kill Confirmed tho.
  15. The Batman is a study of a drawing by David Finch, I tried to apply what I learned about line weights, hatching, fills from drawing it to the Bane behind him. My hatching lines are too long and not controlled enough, but really enjoyed the process. Ink on tan toned paper is a joy.
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