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  1. I always thought that Avatar was the geeky sci-fi movie that the normals went to see because they were told they should due to Titanic. I'm not convinced they'll fall for the same shit again, but then they are pretty thick on the whole...
  2. Overall I'd say this was fine, but I did have some problems with it. The main actress whispering most of her dialogue got to the point that we had to switch on the subtitles, which really took away from some of the final episode with all the [Dramatic music plays] stuff you get with it. For some reason I hadn't realised its meant to be the first part of a series so ultimately it was all very unsatisfying as a result. I have faith that they know what they are doing from a plot point of view, but not convinced this was a strong enough opening to warrant a second series.
  3. I think I'll give Bumblebee a rewatch over Christmas, post Hawkeye and PeaceMaker I think I'll dig it even more.
  4. Yep, this was really enjoyable TV - if you need an escape to some beautiful sunny vistas in the company of some great characters you won't go far wrong with this. It certainly gets better as it reveals its hand, so stick with it!
  5. Didn’t get on with this at all, was kind of waiting for it to go up a couple of levels but it never did.
  6. It doesn’t suddenly get all fun, you may want to bail on it tbh if it’s a struggle.
  7. I maxed out the X12 pistol and added the Akimbo to the X13 Auto pistol for duel wielding and now everybody hates me. I'm usually the guy crouching at corners with a scoped assault rifle, but now I'm playing like an absolute lunatic...and having fun.
  8. Living in damp caves innit! I’d love a young Jyn Erso series set in this style, give me the Saw years.
  9. Framed #260 🎥 🟥 🟥 🟥 🟥 🟥 🟥 https://framed.wtf
  10. Andor It's a radical shift for Star Wars, a rebellious off shoot which sort of feels like it got away with existing some how. It asks what were the original ideas behind Star Wars and then takes them seriously. It makes the galaxy feel dangerous, the threats real and the cause worth fighting for. Plus its got a loveable droid in it. Don't expect any burping aliens tho... 5/5
  11. Problem with this show is that ultimately it’s all leading up to
  12. Quick question about Bix in the final episode.
  13. The warping/slowing down of the soundtrack is aces too, like a fucked recordplayer.
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