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  1. Me too, took it in my lunch break at the Legal Graffiti Wall on the Thames Southbank, bunch of kids standing on bins just looked so damn old school and then them hoochies walked passed!!XD
  2. Its OK, you can't see it from the back...oh wait...
  3. Its people like you that killed Princess Diana!!
  4. http://nanospore.org/nsce/ I have the little spraycan sitting on my desk looking at me >_<
  5. Lighter. Just realised you can see my thumb on the left hand side >_<
  6. Its no secret. I put the camera on the dinner table (as I don't have a tripod yet) and set the Exposure to 30 seconds. Turned all the lights out and had my girly sit down with her hands open, told her to try and sit as still as possible. Hit the shutter button and flicked the lighter a few times in the areas I wanted to 'paint' - the slightest light gets picked up so most of the time it was just sparks from the lighter and no actual flame which stopped my girl from freaking out. Her palms must have reflected a lot of light as I hardly went near her hands >_< (you can see where my hands have been picked up at the sides of her, although I think it still looks pretty cool regardless). Its the only picture I've taken using a lighter so I'm finnin to play around with the effect more when I get a free evening...everybody should give it a go, its great fun and incredibly easy to do whether you use a torch, lighter, children's toy, remote control (anything that gives off a small amount of light) - just don't set fire to anything or anybody...think small effort = large results!!
  7. Same way I did this - only I used a lighter this time.
  8. He is pure entertainment, just watching him swaggering about while Raekwon was on the mic was cool. Be Easy was a highlight for me and the whole show was much more of a party than the GZA one, mixing in some Wu bangers helped keep things going - although I enjoyed the way Liguid Swords was performed as an album which was meant to be the point of these gigs, right? Graham, you only missed them dancing around to their new track, well Rae mimed over it and Ghost just swaggered over his part >_< The evening for me got off to a wicked start when I met Normski at a Hip Hop photography retrospective at the Vinyl Bar - was a low key version of this... http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=B9PHdcGsPSA
  9. An office scene with all the workers slumped on their desks with blood and bullet holes on the walls.
  10. Great thread this, I had a go while Corrie was on >_<
  11. Public Enemy - By The Time I Get To Arizona http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=39DJqI8puV0 About 03:30 that track goes into orbit. This must have been in here already, right? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IdClTnsHj2U
  12. Rubbish in the Thames reached an all time high when you start finding bins in it
  13. Don't make me get MOOSE in here!!1

  14. You lot seen the new Bobby Digital album cover art >_< I hope he didn't pay anybody to do that... http://www.pitchforkmedia.com/article/news...ulous-cover-art
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