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  1. Hey man, do you wanna let me know your address so I can post your raffle prize out to you?

  2. You gots to be one stupid motherfucker to get banned from rllmuk.

  3. Whats up big hommie?

  4. What? I had a PM with you last night you drunken fool, tis me Spaggles...

  5. Thought I would add some blue to all this pink, you pussy hound!!

  6. Don't make me get MOOSE in here!!1

  7. Everybody's favorite Uncle...

  8. I pop in too look at the Creative Forum when I'm super bored - dont tend to post here tho...

  9. Can't get into teh forum man >_

  10. If I ever catch you outside of Wales I'm gonna take some clippers to that hair BOY!

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