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  1. I hope it holds up to the level of the first two episodes which were great. Top villains too.
  2. Bought a pack of toned tan paper with plans to do some shading stuff but ended up doing this. Tbh tho I expect I’d have got the same results out of drawing on the Amazon package. Still, nice to get to use the white pencil at last.
  3. I said the same about the compression, wasn’t sure if it was due to it being streamed but yes, very much regretting my choice of ditching Blu-rays because every thing is now on Disney+, Netflix, Prime, etc.
  4. Watched it on Prime last night, really liked it’s pace overall, great cast and lots to ponder. If it had been made before Game of Thrones I think my mind would have been more blown, but that impact has been lessened. Still good tho and full of striking imagery.
  5. Couple from a morning walk by the Estuary, caught a cockle boat coming in.
  6. Chaos Walking High concept stuck on top of a half baked story with two bland leads. 2/5
  7. Funnest thing to me about that Galvatrons video is the backing singer doing the same silly voice as the main singer.
  8. I’ve got into this with the last few episodes. I think the concept art style works very well in this context, certainly feels of the times. Voice acting is good, as you’d expect, and I laughed a few times in the latest episode. So yeah, pleasantly surprised by this.
  9. So I’m hyped for the Bayonetta ripoff and Spider-man 2 - roll on 2023…
  10. Just realised I drew the pentagram the wrong way up, I’d make a rubbish Satanist!
  11. I loved this show, great cast and setting - but the guy running the hotel was fantastic! Like a cross between Basil Fawlty and Thomas Magnum. He crushed it!
  12. Oooh I'm liking this shit right here! I grew up surrounded by guys into big hair metal and felt like I was the only one listening to hip hop. The first track I remember getting into was Just Buggin' by Whistle. I was walking around my town in a grey Nike tracksuit writing my tag BUG on stuff (obviously inspired by the video), watching Breakin'. I must have seemed like as much as a freak to my peers as they looked to me with their denim jackets with horror patches and studs on the back. Then I found a friend who passed me a tape - Master Ace Take A Look Around. Its full of bangers, but the last track blew my mind as it was talking about childhood memories of a time that was foreign but also weirdly familiar. When I got hold of Public Enemy tho it was a wrap. My mind was blown and my world view was forever changed by them. Can't express how important Fear Of A Black Planet album was for me back then and still is tbh. This forum has been awesome for turning me onto stuff I've missed over the years. Edan being a more recent discovery. I know I'm not really posting anything new here but this one is always worth a watch!
  13. SpagMasterSwift


    I Still have Faith In You was torturing me as to what it reminded me of, but oh my days, its Chenny and Me from the Commando Musical. I can't un-hear it now, especially that last note.
  14. Had a couple of crashes on the PS5 just now. Shame as I was enjoying being the overlord of my new settlement. Hopefully they patch it so it’s more stable soon.
  15. My Platinum Accumulated Suit Data wasn't too bad in the end: Total Suit Usage: 3 Days and 18 Hours Deaths: 114 (once I got passed the third Biome this slowed right down) Areas Explored 319 Hostiles Eliminated: 12,028 (they all had it coming, well, apart from those poor broken sentinels) Max Adrenaline Reached: 205 Successful Overloads: 3,121 Malfunctions: 97 Parasites: 164 (oh enemies leave behind a pool of acid on death do they...nope!!!!)
  16. I'm starting to really resent that last missing cipher. I'm getting to the point where I think I need to take a screen shot of all the 19 cipher locations that I've found just to work out which one is missing... Basically, madness has set in. EDIT: Guess what guys?!!! Best game I’ve played on the PS5…we’ll tbh it’s the only game I’ve played on the PS5, but damn son it’s soooo good!
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