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  1. The more you use a weapon the more of its traits are unlocked and stay in the pool across runs.
  2. My advice is to use all the guns you can, try them all out and level them up because there will be a point where you get a certain weapon and you won’t go back. It’s a bit game breaking, but by that point it will feel very much like a reward.
  3. She was pretty handy in Kate recently so hopefully she gonna kick some arse in this.
  4. I get the initial feeling that it’s hard, mainly because it doesn’t tell you the controls until after a boss fight. I’m very early on but enjoy the Zelda vibe it’s giving me. The
  5. The thing that I struggle with most is the way he puts 'aaah' at the end of every single line delivery. I'm just listening out for it instead of listening to what he is actually saying most of the time aaah.
  6. Didn't he say he was double crossed rather than fucking up royally and ending up in the pit? Maybe he has amnesia about it all, or maybe I do...?
  7. I remember running straight to the portal gate at the entrance to the Biome 2 temple and searching every room over and over until one day I found the missing cipher at the start on the left of the open area. Basically look EVERYWHERE!
  8. I really admire the way the creator took their original film and reframed it, one of the more interesting reboots of recent years. Could have done with better Kung Fu, aside from one rather awesome move. A film I appreciated rather than felt emotionally invested in. Very glad I wasn’t put off watching it by all the negative reviews.
  9. Wow, that was great. I’m gonna have to read the books now aren’t I?!
  10. Yeah, I remember at the start that beating the first boss was the game for me. Just popped in to the game to check out the photo mode. It’s very nice.
  11. That trap door in Jabba’s palace everybody keeps falling through is too small to not be funny every time.
  12. First doodle of 2022.
  13. It was weird how much they talked about DC characters in it too...
  14. Then again Chewie did do that Tarzan call in RotJ...
  15. I’m glad I waited for this to come to Disney+ but wish I didn’t have Disney+ Proper rubbish from start to finish.
  16. Really enjoyed this. Great fun, funny and the kids were all really good too. Wish I’d gone to see it at the cinema now.
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