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  1. I maxed out the X12 pistol and added the Akimbo to the X13 Auto pistol for duel wielding and now everybody hates me. I'm usually the guy crouching at corners with a scoped assault rifle, but now I'm playing like an absolute lunatic...and having fun.
  2. Living in damp caves innit! I’d love a young Jyn Erso series set in this style, give me the Saw years.
  3. Andor It's a radical shift for Star Wars, a rebellious off shoot which sort of feels like it got away with existing some how. It asks what were the original ideas behind Star Wars and then takes them seriously. It makes the galaxy feel dangerous, the threats real and the cause worth fighting for. Plus its got a loveable droid in it. Don't expect any burping aliens tho... 5/5
  4. Problem with this show is that ultimately it’s all leading up to
  5. Quick question about Bix in the final episode.
  6. The warping/slowing down of the soundtrack is aces too, like a fucked recordplayer.
  7. 4 episodes in and I’m enjoying it, a show with so many different races all trying to communicate with each other during moments of baffling befuddlement on a boat is at least a new concept for me. It has some Triangle vibes too (yeah, I said it!)
  8. I don't have much time to draw, but I do really look forward to it. Should get am hour or so on Thursday or Friday. Doubt I'd feel the same if it was a job tho.
  9. More inking practice, not sure drawing headless people is good for my mental health.
  10. This is on Netflix now! First episode is creepy and weird! Im all in. End of episode 2
  11. It was the first episode where I didn’t get that better than the last one feeling, but it was still good (and the last one was incredible). The Mon Mothma scene seemed really strangely out of place for this show as it seemed to only recap stuff we already knew, unless I missed some subtle subtext to it.
  12. I can see me going in that direction at some point - but for now the Pentel Brush Pen is just more contained for want of a better word for the area and set-up I have (very limited space). If I had more room I'd be hitting up watercolour paints too...eventually.
  13. Hey PK, I’m mostly using the Faber-Castell PITT XS pen, but breakout the thick Stylefile Marker for fills and the Pentel Brush Pen when feeling brave. I had been using a PIGMA MICRON 003 pen, but trying to get away from that as it’s way to fine a nib which I tend to damage easily. Faber-Castell are worth a look in my (absolute amateur) opinion.
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