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  1. Oh, I thought she was grabbing ammo - I’m such a boy!
  2. I like the way this episode coloured Joel's character without him hardly in it.
  3. Sky UHD still not available yet for Epi3! Screw it, I’m going in.
  4. Three episodes into this and it’s great stuff so far, really well constructed.
  5. Mississippi Grind I came across this movie last night while flicking through the "leaving soon" section on Prime. I'd never heard of it before which surprised me as it stars Ben Mendelsohn and Ryan Reynolds. Went into it blind, which can often be a risky proposition with a film that clearly made little to no splash on its release back in 2015, but the gamble paid off! Both actors are on top form, Ben showing a very human side to addiction while Ryan oozes surface charm yet hints at hidden depths. The story is slight, as often road movies can be, but allows these actors plenty of space to work, they have great chemistry and I thoroughly enjoyed the time spent in their company. 4/5
  6. TÁR will win as I’ve not seen it…in a year when I’ve been able to catch most of the nominees.
  7. I've just been doing that bit and I'm a little worried that this is the point that people say the game stops being like the last one and goes up a gear?
  8. Only two episodes in, but this just isn't sitting right with me yet. I kinda wish they'd not included so much of the videogame stuff, or at least been more subtle about its inclusion, as it takes me out of it immediately. Worse still, they evoke the game so successfully that it's stopping me from buying into Bella as Ellie - who, no matter how good a performance she gives, just doesn't have the right face (yeah I said it!). I'm finding it jarring between the horror (which is decent but needs to go harder) and the comedy (stepping on the hand broke the tension of that scene), the sets looking fake, not because they don't have the budget, but they are trying to look like the game. The lighting in the room with the sandwich was a prime example of this. Its just starting to feel a little bit like a missed opportunity...but its early doors and I'm all for a standout episode that'll pull me all the way in.
  9. Babylon Not sold on the ending completely working, but this has so many great set piece scenes that I got pretty lost in it for most of its overlong runtime. Fantastic cinema experience. 4/5
  10. I’ve been drawing eyes. Did a few more…
  11. I've just realised you're not talking about 3rd Rock From The Sun...my brains has been going back over that show for the past hour trying to determine what was so offensive about it.
  12. I'd take Returnal directed by Panos Cosmatos. Starring Andrea Riseborough of course!
  13. Best things about that first episode was no adverts and the dog acting!
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