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  1. I’m trying to pick up stuff to teach myself, like drawing a circle with a triangle under it and some lines through it to get an idea of proportions for faces. My first scribbled attempts and a go at trying to get a likeness. Im avoiding using a rubber as much as possible to force me to keep doing new pics (rather than spending time on one and going crazy - not that I get much time). I can see that the mouth is wrong and the hat is pulled down too low, so as long as I’m realising this stuff hopefully I’ll improve. I don’t think ultimately it really matters if you think you’re rubbish, I enjoy the momentary peace of focusing on something and having a go at bringing it to life on the page. Wish I’d started years ago tbh. I expect I’ll buy a ‘how to draw’ book one day and discover all the secrets (I love the technical side of art) - that’s always felt weirdly like cheating before, I’m all for it these days.
  2. Yeah, before this trailer I was picturing Maverick riding a drone Dr Strangelove style but now it’s up there with most anticipated movies!
  3. I feel the need...the need for IMAX tickets!
  4. Why is Kevin Smith in blackface at the end of that trailer?
  5. I picked up CODA Vol.2 instead (which was excellent) and scratched my Sophie Campbell itch with the Leo macro issue on ComiXology. Can feel the pull back into being a Turtle fan again.
  6. I binged all three seasons over the last couple of weeks. Absolutely loved every minute of it, really grew to love the crew of the Rosi.
  7. I usually read trades these days, but the addition of a female turtle has me heading down the local comic shop in the hope of getting TMNT #95. Heard it’s going to second print so may have to wait for the trade after all.
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