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  1. What did Jack do? I’ve always seen David Lynch appearing on the screen as an absolute treat, but not only is he on top form in this crime short he’s managed to create a version of himself which quite possible improves on the original. It is sure weird, but I found it very funny too - amazingly it’s on Netflix! Best 15 minutes of your day/5
  2. Yeah, I’m not out it was just a big change probably partly due to the change in director (the actor who did the first two rocked it - I guess he learned a lot on Ozark) and the switch from it being from the perspective of the main guy to bringing in the wider story.
  3. Claire ultimately falling for Bender in The Breakfast club has taken a hit recently, especially from Molly. I still love it tho.
  4. Watched first two episodes and this is top TV so far, love how procedural it is. Feels like a new season of True Detective crossed with Making A Murderer. That guy off Rogue One is excellent!
  5. https://youtu.be/5L1LmiDR8g0
  6. I was actually really enjoying this, there were a few laugh out loud moments and the close up aliens rather well done - then half way through it became complete garbage. After last week I’m not sure I’m gonna make it through the rest of the series.
  7. Finished the main game - great fun! Now back exploring and basically just being a badarse Jedi!
  8. So last night was kinda cool. They put up the coordinates to 11 locations around the world for fans to go to. At these locations was a billboard image of the ice caps melting that when you used the AR from their Instagram story the picture came to life and revealed the word ‘Gigaton’. That may be the name of the new album, or read backwards a clue to tell fans not to expect a gig at these locations, or both or neither. Could just be the bands way of trying to bring attention to global warming having hung out with Chris Martin too much?! Whatever it is, the usual fan club letter didn’t happen yesterday so I expect I’m in for more of this stuff before an album is revealed properly. Still, well played Pearl Jam!
  9. Looks like new album is called Gigaton (lol)
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