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  1. I bought some watercolour paints to give myself something new to learn while on lockdown. Mixing colours is very satisfying but need to work on the ‘water’ part.
  2. Just watched Season 3 episode 7 “Pocket Full Of Rocks” - damn, next level shit! Love it when you get a stand out episode in a show!
  3. I expect there’s gonna be a lot more doodling in the coming months.
  4. Finished this today. Well I say ‘finished it’, but even after
  5. The Last Thing He Wanted Don't let the cast fool you, this is a real mess best avoided. 1/5
  6. Made a birthday card for a mate.
  7. Doctor Sleep There's a really good Netflix series in there, loved all the stuff with the knot gang (Rebecca Ferguson especially) - but when it went full The Shining it's probably an understatement to say it paled in comparison. 3 cans of steam out of 5
  8. The first half of the last episode was pretty good, and I loved the first two episodes but overall this really wasn't for me. I'd recommend watching those bits tho.
  9. I had a mild strop when
  10. Thar she blows! Finally got my space whale - was a bit more of an adventure than I was expecting. Well worth the effort tho as she’s an S Class.
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