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  1. SpagMasterSwift

    NFL and NCAA Football 2018

  2. SpagMasterSwift

    What is spinning on your turntable?

  3. Following the events of Ghostbusters 2, Ray Stantz has not only retired but also settled down, married and had children within an Amish community. His kids have grown up unaware of their father's legacy when one day they discover a secret hidden away in a barn...
  4. SpagMasterSwift

    This is Hip-Hop.

  5. It’s gonna be kids - because Stranger Things
  6. He was Garfield ffs
  7. Oh the shit one with the wimmin in that made some men as furious as they are about a Gillette advert.
  8. Whats Answer the Call?
  9. Ghostbusters 2 wasn’t that bad...
  10. SpagMasterSwift

    True Detective - Season 3

    I was disheartened when they brought in the storyline, seems like that’s the big bad in every drama show recently. Hoping True Detective is aware enough to make it a red herring. Dorff is turning out to be very good in this, some great subtleties in his friendship with the main cop, liked the racial tension scene in the car in epi 2 and how he was the outsider during the interview with the trash man. Very refreshing stuff.
  11. SpagMasterSwift

    True Detective - Season 3

    Watched the first episode, feeling it. Like the three time periods and the overlap technique, hoping I adjust to the main guys mumble as the show goes on. Getting more season one vibes than season two, which is a good thing. Music is very atmospheric. Not sure all the smoking is good for my New Years resolution.
  12. SpagMasterSwift

    Amazon Prime Video

    I guess some people stand in the darkness afraid to step into the light.
  13. SpagMasterSwift

    Amazon Prime Video

    Sorry to jump in on your question @Chadruharazzeb but just wanted to post this list of films which people may not know are up on Prime (read notes for links) which my mate Dave made. https://boxd.it/2daoi
  14. SpagMasterSwift

    Mandy - Panos Cosmatos

    Better get it while you can then...

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