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  1. This looks rad, but I’ve no idea about Apple Arcade - I assume it’s mobile gaming which I’m not down with...
  2. Tried my hand it masking off some of the Sazabi pieces but used old masking tape I found in the shed - mixed results but some bits have awful bleed. Have ordered some Tamiya tape as I want to mask a lot of this model. May get a scribing tool and etch in some new panel lines too.
  3. I had to googled that. The funny thing is I’ve no idea about Gundam, I just like the robot designs I’ve seen. My friends keep sending me links about the new live action movie and manga to read - but I just like the kits... I should probably at least watch the anime my two models are in - so disrespectfully!
  4. Think I’m done with the RX-93 now, it’s been awesome fun. Now I need to decide which higher grade kit to go full custom on or if I should keep practicing and paint up the Sazabi kit. Probably the latter.
  5. Using a white primer on the chest pieces looks to have given me a truer orange than the grey primer - enjoying the trial and error process. Should be interesting to see how the two tones work together when reassembled. Im gonna have to paint that backpack too aren’t I?
  6. This game is ruining gaming for me at the moment - every time I switch on the Xbox I think just a quick go and then I'll play something from my Game Pass list of shame - then its bedtime. Problem is I'm so shit at it and just keep playing the beginner 3 levels of journey over and over and over trying to get a better score than A. However, that video up page with the T-Spins, man I wish I'd not seen that. Now thats all I'm gonna be trying to do and it looks like a mind fuck. Wah wah wah videgames!
  7. Yes, grey primer was obviously a mistake, I’ve got chocolate orangey brown which wasn’t my plan. Looking forward to clipping it back together tho and seeing how it looks. Gonna use white primer on the chest pieces and see how they contrast. I should really have done this on plastic spoons first!
  8. I cleared a space in the shed and had a go at airbrushing. Took longer than I thought, started to get thumb cramp after a bit. The orange isn’t coming out as bright as I wanted and got a bit of an orange peel effect which makes me think I got the paint to thinner ratio a bit off. I’ve got some clear paint which I guess is for top coat afterwards, hopefully that will help give the pieces a bit of shine. But lots to learn here and loving this new hobby.
  9. What Had Happened Was podcast season two is EL-P
  10. Good to see that lass off The Vow is back for this.
  11. This guy is a beast just straight out of the box!
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