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  1. The Power Of The Dog I do love a film that I have no idea where it’s going. 4/5
  2. How did you get on with it? Getting tempted myself to dip my toe in a bit of digital too tbh.
  3. I think its legit impossible not to love LL
  4. Unlocked Recon specialist Ji-Soo Paik and it’s like somebody turned the lights on! Started hunting people down at last.
  5. Update seems to be live...hope it fixes my inability to hit a barn door at 5 paces...
  6. Back to doodling big robot dudes…
  7. I watched the first episode and then went back to watching the anime - not sure I’ll go back to the live action once I’m through tbh unless I get really desperate for a show to binge. The anime is excellent! We’re doing the comic at work, based on the live action tho so hoping that turns out ok…licensed comics are usually great, right..?
  8. I thought it killed the nearby star, drawing its power from it, no? Starsucker base would have made more sense...
  9. Well I thought the latest episode was great fun. I'm not sure it was worth keeping the alien off screen for the 30 episodes or whatever it's been leading up to it mind you...but yeah, this one was good stuff.
  10. All This Mayhem (Amazon Prime) 4/5 Doc about two Australian brothers who become professional skateboards, who then follow a very different path to Tony Hawk. Finch (Apple+) 4/5 This one kicked me firmly in the dog want!
  11. couple of brush pen sketches. I’ve been watching a few skateboard documentaries on Prime, the best one being All This Mayhem about two brothers from Australia that competed against Tony Hawk. I needed to draw something more hopeful and sweet after that dark stuff.
  12. I made a birthday card for a mate who’s a big fan of 80’s video nasties, like Street Trash. We were going to be on the lash all weekend so thought it would be appropriate to have him melting after drinking some Viper! I’ve just found out he’s got Covid so not only is the weekend messed up I’m not sure this card is gonna make him feel any better! It was fun getting the marker pens out again tho.
  13. Not a Bond fan (really like Casino Royale tho), but thought the first hour of this was great. The rest was rather tedious and overly signposted everything.
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