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  1. And that’s Act 3 finished! Absolutely loved this from start to finish! I guess there are still the daily challenges to try and some glyphs to hunt down, but yeah. Well done game! ***END GAME STORY SPOILERS***
  2. It was mostly the water squids firing as they explode while two giant squids fired out blue bullet waves and red rings. I had a portal going so it got rather hectic. Lost my astronaut and then died on the last boss because I had the parasite that heals you as you damage enemies, but stops you picking up health resins. It was super close tho, next run…
  3. I got hit with a malfunction during a fight that causes enemies to counter when hit, was a new level of bullet hell!
  4. Astronaut always revives in my experience, are you sure it didn’t revive you during the fight?
  5. The tentacles which grab you and pull you up are your friends in the early game.
  6. Go into the settings and turn on the always running function once you feel ready for the quicker pace. My initial experience of the game was as a Lovecraft survival horror game, but that eventually transformed into a fast paced bullet hell shooter. You’ll be running around the place like crazy so you’ll be happy not to have to worry/think about a run button.
  7. How goes the post credit mission I hear you ask...
  8. Sam Jackson has been in a fair few I'd wager.
  9. Do they ever appear behind locked doors/hidden walls?
  10. Awesome, thanks! Just gonna chill my around the biomes then smacking fools up and taking pics. Shame there's no photo mode but understand why they'd leave it out.
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