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  1. Not much nudity as far as I can remember, but it’s often crude and has modern language so not really a show for the prudish I’d say. It’s all done for the lols however...often dark humour at the expense of our heroine who is struggling to bring enlightenment to Russia. Hoult’s character is a proper arsehole, but he channels Blackadder* enough to get away with it. You don’t normally see these types of characters on TV these days, it strikes an interesting balance. *The twats on that show rather than the Blackadder character itself.
  2. Watching The Great staring Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult. It's a bit like a TV version of Sophia Coppola's Marie Antoinette via Blackadder, but set in Russia. Not essential viewing by any means, but I'm enjoying have a weekly show that leaves me satisfied each week.
  3. Possessor Do you think that Brandon Cronenberg, Panos Cosmatos and Jonathan Glazer all hang out together? 4.5/5
  4. This continues to be a naff and mildly irritating watch, I’ve come this far with Marvel tho so...
  5. Just a comment about the game being broken - tho I think that is the only bug not in the game... anyways more doodles!
  6. Nobody tell him it’s actually 50 minutes of setup...
  7. They're very sensitive to spoilers in here tbh - I got a death threat ffs!
  8. I had to take a body to a car and must have gone out of the building through a sneaky route, got myself lost spending ages running around the city with this body. Eventually I figured I could just drop it over the side of the raised up freeway down to the car waiting below...body went splat and the fixer called me up congratulating me.
  9. MAJOR ENDING SPOILERS I’ll probably do a couple of the other options just to see them but happy with that tbh. What a ride it’s been.
  10. I fucked up the Joshua mission by accidentally picking the text option to bail on it - wish they had an option to make sure you are defo ditching a mission. The abrupt way they just walked out of the house, got in their van and sped away was at least comical.
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