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  1. Top 5 John Cusack films (any film with John Cusack in it) 1. Say Anything 2. Hot Pursuit 3. Grosse Pointe Blank 4. Con Air 5. The Thin Red Line Top 5 John Hughes Films (any film written or directed by John Hughes) 1. The Breakfast Club 2. Weird Science 3. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off 4. Pretty in Pink 5. Some Kind Of Wonderful Top 5 Zombie Films (Any film with 'Zombies' in it be they traditional, fast or infected) 1. Shaun of the Dead 2. Dawn of the Dead 3. Train to Busan 4. One Cut Of The Dead 5. Zombeavers
  2. This was one of the best shows I’ve watched, so glad it all got wrapped up in a satisfying way too. Just brilliant!
  3. Freaks Good performance from the little girl, best watched with no prior knowledge of the story. 3/5
  4. Finished it and I don’t think I’ve ever played a game that was so successfully playing me. I’m pretty sure I fell for every one of ND’s manipulations hook, line and sinker! When the story switched back to Day One as Abby I was sceptical, actually that’s not true, I was borderline stroppy about it. The setup was so obvious, it annoyed me, even having Abby collect coins annoyed me - yes ND, I get it, different sides of the same coin, but fuck you if you think you’re going to make me like Abby! This lasted a while. I threw Abby into combat with a carefree attitude, almost like any damage was justified. On meeting the dog called Bear who I had a fond memory of dispatching as Ellie and the pleasure I took in hearing his owner’s grief, I threw Bear’s ball out of the cage area leaving him sad and whimpering. I had residual Ellie all over me, but to my amazement ND slowly peeled that away and by the time I was finally reunited with Ellie my feelings had become completely flipped. I’m not sure if ND’s approach to this can be called masterful or if I’m just incredibly easy to manipulate, but all I can say is that for me it worked and I applaud them for it. From an action point of view everything after Hillcrest was being judged against that high standard. That section was really something, but I’d say everything from the sky bridge to the hospital basement with Abby was absolutely fantastic. The tension literally froze me in places, there’s an evil magic spell ND manage to conjure when they mix certain elements together that took more of me than I’d have expected to break and push forward. We play a lot of video games but yep, this is one of the special ones.
  5. Oh, that’d be disappointing - unless the final third is awesome that is!
  6. I’m guessing I’m in the second half of the game.
  7. I’ve reached a bit where I’m considering trying to make a run for the exit rather than see what’s lurking in the darkness outside the room I’m currently cowering in. Sound design and lighting doing some heavy lifting, tension and atmosphere at maximum - I had to call it a night.
  8. Is it set in a hotel? Does it have somebody dressed as a bear in it?
  9. Thanks for the heads up, it’s not in direct sunlight but will keep that in mind if I move things about in the future.
  10. I’ll get back to it when it’s not 30 degrees! It’s a lovely game! Also need to finish Astrobot and Resident Evil (maybe not Resident Evil...) I got a charging stand the other day which is proving super useful!
  11. I love the way this game swings from you being the hunter to being the hunted to being the hunter etc. Day 2 was fucking hardcore! Can’t wait to replay that whole day (as just the hunter).
  12. The music in this is fantastic
  13. I’m not very far in as I’m methodically checking every...single...draw! But this is amazing. I got the LE headset (my first time getting one shocker) so experiencing this sound design directly into my earholes is a ‘treat’. The guttural throat clicking squawks are so disgusting, it’s such a relief when you clear a room and all you can hear are the creaking of near by trees or a far off woodpecker.
  14. Am I in the right thread?!
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