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  1. I was a big fan of the 360, I may well be heading back to Xbox with this announcement...been thinking of going all digital and no plans to go 4K in the spare room. Like the look, will go well with my Ikea units and the size is great. Cheap little gaming unit of joy, I mean it’s no GameCube but I’m gonna get one.
  2. Souls of MasterChief
  3. Masta Ace Attorney Kendrick Llamasoft
  4. Good one, if this is gonna be a random week by week adventure show with crazy scooby doo set ups mixed with brutal social commentary I’m sticking with it.
  5. I’ve started watching season 1 as a throwback curiosity nostalgia thing and it has turned into a legit tv show in its own right now. I think I love it!
  6. Sorry to hear about the break up of your marriage.
  7. If Bruce Wayne was a Frank Lloyd Wright fan...
  8. Gave this a go today, it is bloody gorgeous! Not much else to say really, utterly charming. Cheap as chips on the PS4 at the moment too.
  9. Get Duked! Some great visual comedy that had my laughing before it happened and again when it happened and after it happened. Great soundtrack too! 4 rabbit droppings out of 5
  10. Set in the same universe as Year of the Rabbit? I’m in!
  11. Yeah, that didn’t add up for me either. Hopefully they cover it on the podcast, if I can make it past the presenter’s annoying voice.
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