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  1. iceman_ex


    Surely someone's noticed the similarity? (Still immensely stoked though)
  2. Agree with most of the above. But you cannot miss God of War. Dur-DUR-DUR-DURRRRRRRRR-Dur DUR!
  3. Dude, she got stabbed by Sephiroth. With the Masamune. Which totally pwns. I don't think Phoenix Downs work when you've been pwned.
  4. Some new ones. Intergalactic Space Defence Force Spartan- Ringu Gaiden: Super Strategic Battle Supreme God and Pet Colossus Hey Hey! Let's be a football manager! Super Harry Potter Q-league Perfect Winning 6
  5. Fair enough... was hoping the Castlevania (Akumajou Dracula) connection would work. How about Hyper Mud Racer Go! Go! Satsujin-Ken: Ultimate Fighters (Satsu-murder) Super Stealth Shadow Soldier Fisher Tiberium Get!
  6. Akumajou- Evil Demon Bushin- Martial Arts God God of War.
  7. Shoot! Steal! Let's Become A criminal! Gaiden Shoot! Steal! Let's Become A criminal! Gaiden Neo For the PSP incarnations.... Battle Skater EX Plus One Alpha Turbo: Hyper Grinding- 3rd Revert (Tony Hawk's Project
  8. Imagine an alternate reality where the big name Western developed games were done in Japan. Dynamite Task Force Gearranger Akumajou Bushin Shoot! Steal! Let's become a Criminal! Onechan Explorer Lara And my personal fave, Intergalactic Space Defence Force Spartan. Any other suggestions?
  9. I personally think this is a much better video comparison:PS3 vs Wii
  10. Seconded. However... Zelda revolution with fully interactive swordfights...
  11. I would have to agree. You reach a certain point within a videogame where you realise how un-fun it is and how much you'd rather be doing something else, but you know that a few more hours will allow you to see the end sequence. Closure on your guilt, if you will. I'll be heading for that lovely wilderness.... Once I've gained the Final Aeon and defeated Sin. Curse you, Squeenix.
  12. I'd love to just watch... some of the skills on display are truly outstanding. They perform combos the likes of which I've never seen... check out Tekken Zaibatsu for a taster video on the front page.
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