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  1. JPickford

    SNES Mini

    It's not SNES hardware it's a general purpose computer running an emulator. If it's powerful (fast) enough it could emulate any machine.
  2. JPickford

    The Kid Who Would Be King from Joe Cornish

    As a non-driver I suspect the vast majority of my 'driving' experience is from Mario Kart.
  3. JPickford

    Doctor Who

    This feels like Doctor Who without the Doctor. It's not Whitaker's fault I think, more the writing or lack of it. There's no wit or cleverness - just inane lines like "brains beat bullets" because she pressed the first button she found. That might have been great if she'd done something clever. I hope the other writers are better.
  4. JPickford

    A movie watchers blog

    A fair chunk of the concept and twist seemed to be influenced by O Lucky Man (one of my favourite films). I thought this started great but became a bit of a confused mess. Didn't live up to the trailer for me. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/O_Lucky_Man!
  5. JPickford

    Microsoft’s xCloud Game Streaming Service

    Just as people are fond of saying the casual audience doesn't care about responsiveness, we know the casual audience doesn't care so much about visuals. Their phones will run great looking games locally so streaming is redundant. There is no problem to solve and no need for streaming with its millions of local-ish servers.
  6. JPickford

    The Haunting of Hill House

    Bailed halfway through the second ep. Dreadful.
  7. JPickford

    Better Call Saul!

    Isn't that pretty much every TV show ever?
  8. JPickford

    Best WWII Movie

    Ice Cold in Alex
  9. JPickford

    Doctor Who

    Shat lass.
  10. JPickford

    Microsoft’s xCloud Game Streaming Service

    I remember when they were going to conquer the living room.
  11. JPickford

    Microsoft’s xCloud Game Streaming Service

    Also phones are catching up fast. The gulf in capability between mobile devices and consoles isn't enough to justify the downsides of streaming.
  12. JPickford

    Fallout 76 - Prepare Your GaaS Masks


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