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  1. It shouldn't do that unless it's some special mode they've brought in. I'd say that's a bug I'm getting pretty bored with this to be honest, my main gripes are that the TTK is way too quick in normal mode and there aren't enough maps. Ground war and Invasion just turn into tedious sniper duels after the first few minutes, and the maps aren't very well suited for those game modes IMO. To be fair though I am levelling the guns up as fast as I can, so I know when I go back to assault rifles it will be more fun again, but at the moment I'm not really feeling this.
  2. If I go into co-op it resets all my keybinds, so I just avoid it now
  3. This just crashed twice in a row, and now won't scan and repair. Blizzard's jokey error message is pissing me off 'Whoops! Looks like something broke. Give it another shot.' I've done it several times and as admin and not, and it just won't repair. I guess I'm going to have to download this again. What a load of shit.
  4. I like the new shoot house, it feels smaller somehow than the original but I'm sure it's exactly the same. I really wish they'd sort out the crashing though, it's ridiculous. I'm on the latest drivers and sometimes it's every other game. It's rare I get more than 3 or 4 matches without a crash.
  5. I might need to resize these a bit, bit it's Morrissey and Marr as space pirates
  6. Shipment is great for grinding camos, but otherwise it's pretty frustrating most of the time. I do quite like shoothouse though.
  7. I'm glad that's going, I don't think it's a very good map at all. Do you think we'll have any maps left by Christmas?
  8. Mine has stopped showing me weapon xp and attachment unlocks at the end of the match, but they are unlocking. I've noticed the same thing with operator xp, it often lags when it's showing the xp progress and shows 0 xp in the box at the end, but as it's a countdown it's showing the number after it was applied. I can imagine how infuriating it must be to genuinely get zero xp, and I hope it's just the way it's displayed on screen
  9. This game has crashed 5 times so far tonight, I really hope they sort this out. In other news, as mentioned above, it's really easy to break a gun by putting too many attachments on it. I literally couldn't hit a thing with the MP7, or Vel 46 and I was losing literally every gunfight with it. I've taken every attachement off it except for a laser and the sharkfin underbarrel, and now it's fine. I was despairing about ever levelling it up but now it's quite good.
  10. EDIT : I've quoted the wrong person here, it was meant for @IainGamer Is it worth hopping into your router and checking the settings? Previously I've had to forward ports to get battlefield 3 running properly, might be worth a quick google for router settings that might be causing your issue? I'm on PC and the menus are laggy, but the game itself is mostly fine. I wish there were more maps, but that's another issue!
  11. The 762 AK absolutely slaps up to medium range, it's great. I'm working my way through levelling the other ones, and the 762 was a nice highlight. I'll probably go back to it once everything is gold/platinum, assuming it doesn't get nerfed.
  12. I watched this video last night and I think I broadly agree with him, it's not as bad as Vanguard but I do get the impression that this game is incomplete. I just hope this improves with the first season. As it stands I'm mostly enjoying the game but it seems a bit bare bones at the moment.
  13. It's not great, I really hate having to scroll across to select a loadout that's off screen, same with killstreaks and considering that's never been an issue since I started playing this game, it does seem a strange thing to introduce. The menus in general are counterintuitive and they aren't consistent in terms of behaviour. The game itself is pretty fun, but I think a lot of the groundwar maps are way to big and there isn't enough cover between the cap points on some of them. In invasion there doesn't seem to be any drawback to just sitting on a rooftop sniping, and calling in big killstreaks. The unlock system for the guns is bizarre, but it does seem like a good way of pushing people to try all of the guns.
  14. If you scroll down from quick play, it's underneath there with invasion
  15. Apparently there's a toggle for this, you can still use the the 3rd person aiming mode. It's somewhere in the menus according to an ExclusiveAce video I watched last night.
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