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  1. Ok, all finished. While the last two episodes are an improvement, they don't exonerate the others. I'm sure some will argue that my skipping three episodes shows a certain impatience, but I'm not averse to a slow burn (The Wire is probably my favourite TV series.) That is, I'm not averse to a slow burn when there's material to justify one, and that wasn't the case here. Admittedly, it must've been difficult to follow the previous three seasons having lost some of the original writers (and focusing on what is, apparently, the most mundane book in the series), but the difference betw
  2. It’s bad enough. I feel like the last five episodes could’ve been shrunk to two, if you drained them of much of the pointless gumph.
  3. No, it’s no good. I’ve just finished episode five and I can’t handle another three until I get to the payoff. Skipping to episode nine now. Thankfully, a friend has informed me of any details I might need to know.
  4. The first weeks of Splinter Cell’s ‘Spies VS Mercs’ are still the most gripped I’ve been by a multiplayer mode, and that was a good while ago now. I’ve enjoyed multiplayer in the meantime, such as Titanfall 2 and The Division, but nothing had really got its claws into me since. I think that’s because it’s all a bit too predictable, whereas something like Spies VS Mercs was a genuine surprise with how well considered and experimental it felt (especially considering it was a big AAA franchise.)
  5. Glad it’s not just me then. This only seems to happen on Amazon Prime. Tempted to torrent the episodes even though I can watch them from the source.
  6. Pleasantly surprised at the price point on PSN right now. £11.99 feels perfect for this.
  7. I don't like either of those games. I'm doomed.
  8. You're going a bit straw-man here. Having enjoyed, and sometimes suffered through, Greg Egan novels I can tell you that The Expanse TV series is not hard sci-fi (haven't read the books, however.) It's certainly smarter than most TV sci-fi, but never gets bogged down with really in-depth, beard stroking concepts, which is to be commended. More series' could benefit from walking that line. Those of us wishing for the unexpected/amazing following the opening of the gateways weren't wishing for something as on the nose and gauche as Pandora. Nobody who's gotten this far in the series would. So bru
  9. Hopefully not as lacklustre an adaptation as War of the Worlds. Not sure I could take two of them in a row.
  10. Lol, the old saw mill horde is gigantic. You can tackle it with a lot of planning and resources, but if you hold off a bit you’ll be given something later in the game that helps even the odds.
  11. Yes, exactly this. The end of season 3 felt like it was ramping up to something amazing, whereas this is ‘I can’t wait to see what...er....oh.’ Up to episode five and am finding it difficult to go back to. The grinding shift in gears makes it feel like a different writing team.
  12. Well, that doesn’t sound at all annoying. I’m sure the cinematographer will be out on Twitter, ranting at anyone who finds it pretentious and distracting; just like the tedious posteuring we endured over GOT’s ‘Battle of Winterfell’ episode.
  13. That’s exactly how it feels. No sense of stakes or real peril. It’s like Disney allowed them one genuinely surprising moment in the entire season, and we had that at the end of the first episode. This week’s episode was one of the better ones, but even then it’s just style over substance. I mean, fair enough if being like a Saturday morning cartoon was their goal, but if so it’s a disappointingly easy target to hit.
  14. I nearly choked on my tea when Oliver said to Barry ‘You are the best of us.’ Ollie, mate, I know you’re probably finding it difficult to think clearly, but the bloke’s a gormless disaster.
  15. Oh, absolutely. I’m interested to know if their as yet untitled new project is set in the same universe, as one of the devs said they certainly don’t feel like they’re done with that world yet. I do wonder what form that sequel should take, though. The biking and world of Days Gone are great, but it can’t just be more of the same for a sequel. Move into more urban areas and you kill the satisfying traversal of the countryside, but staying with the countryside would probably feel too familiar. Parts of the country further removed from Oregon which have their own natural beauty? I’m sure Sony Be
  16. I must confess, having now played it I am a bit baffled by the number of reviews on release saying Days Gone was mediocre. Certainly it has its faults, but the amount of love poured into this game is obvious. It has tedious open-world ingredients such as outposts, skill trees, and a multitude of collectibles, but those are not the whole. Tbh, I think while players have become weary of the open world genre, reviewers now tend towards outright hating it. The worst kind of game to try and critique on a deadline. Unfortunately that means that excellent efforts like Days Gone can end u
  17. Oh yeah, it’s a tricky balance but The Mandalorian does seem to lean into it more than most. I’ve been browsing the Star Wars reddit and some people love getting bonked over the head with a stream of nods and callbacks. I wouldn’t have as much of a problem with it if the series seemed to be going anywhere instead of behaving like it has 18-20 episodes to play with. In this case, the fan service feels like more of a distraction.
  18. I know you’re being pithy, but not really. Well, not to this extent. It goes a bit further than ‘oh hey, an X-Wing!’ and everyone in the Star Wars universe using the same pair of glitchy vid-binoculars. I guess they’re just picking up the baton that Abrams set down and running with it.
  19. Get yourself a U.S account for such situations. Surprisingly easy to do and then just purchase PSN $ cards from somewhere like CD Keys. You can download stuff to the U.S account then just play it on your domestic one.
  20. Meandering, nostalgia bingo that remains oddly unconcerned about getting to the main story considering there are so few episodes to play with.
  21. Having recently put a lot of time into it after purchasing for $20 (thank you, Black Friday), I’m inclined to agree. I avoided it on launch due to reports of technical hiccups, but while those have been improved on there was another, unforeseen benefit. Survival mode definitely feels like the way the game should be played, and having watched footage of the other difficulties I was aghast at the constant, ugly HUD in such an otherwise beautiful game. So while I wish I’d supported the game at launch, I’m also very glad I waited.
  22. If you’re talking the Telltale reimaginings then fair enough, but the original P.C game I’m less inclined to agree with.
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